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Foundational Needs for a Solid Brand Strategy in Digital Marketing:

Whether newly stepping into your entrepreneurial business adventure or rebranding to expand and level up your brand, you must know where and how to start your brand-building process and journey. How best to go about your brand-building process and journey is one of the first questions that any entrepreneur, creator, freelancer, solopreneur, startup founder or CEO, and small business person asks themselves. So, where should you start and how? Let’s dig in and explore the main components of your brand strategy for solid brand building. Brand Building Brand building is critical in being an entrepreneur and starting a business . However, where to and how to begin your brand-building process and journey does not need rocket science like in Elon Musk’s Space X; nope, but brand-building sense in understanding digital marketing. All you can do is explore what is practical and functional in the digital marketing ecosystem, especially amid the frenzy of Generative AI tools and apps invading e

How to Perceive Brand Building in the Creator Economy - 2024

What a year of changing mindsets for solid brand building in an entrepreneurial world where the business landscape gets deeper into AGI [Artificial General Intelligence], with high tech vying to overshadow high touch in digital marketing. Are you still caught up in the clutches of practicing a hustling culture in the name of entrepreneurship for brand building? You shouldn’t! You have come a long way with us so far in all your brand-building strategies in 2023 . So, 2024 should see you with a better understanding of digital marketing and get deeper into your brand-building process and journey as an entrepreneur, creator, freelancer, and marketer. The creator economy is estimated to continue growing due to tech industry layoffs that cause a shift in how most of these top-tier tech creators choose to go it alone and be independent. According to Goldman Sachs, the creator economy will hit $480 billion in growth by 2027 , with creators worldwide joining the bandwagon of being more cre

How to Cultivate a Wealth Creation Mindset for Brand Building:

A new year means being more enlightened and aggressive with your mindset. Adopting a CEO mindset in your entrepreneurial approach means being more strategic and focused on achieving bigger goals in accomplishing the set vision and mission. Your mindset plays a crucial role in your entrepreneurial dreams and determining your  brand-building process and journey for sustainability and thriving in the oversaturated and volatile marketplace . Wealth is not about Net worth as publicized in media outlets to grab attention, living in penthouses or Caribbean Island condos, or having fat bank balances. Nope. What is Wealth Creation? Wealth creation is about value creation for the benefit all concerned and for generational heritage. It is the power to infuse your industry, niche, and community with new ideas and new ways of creating and generating value and benefit for the target market in your brand-building process and journey. You can never create and build a value-generating brand for wealth

How To Overcome Fear of Failure in Entrepreneurship:

The greatest fear in entrepreneurship is the fear of failure. As an entrepreneur, creator, freelancer, startup CEO, or marketer, you are a project leader and work in progress towards your dreams and aspirations in life and business. So, you are bound to have a lot of fear in your brand-building process and journey. However, you are not alone; we are all in that together as project managers, and work in progress for brand building is an ongoing process vulnerable to disruptive changes in the digital economy. Therefore, there is no need to fear trying to venture into the unknown and learn from your failure. Here is the key. There is no such thing as failure. It should be a work in progress in your entrepreneurial venture. So, never fear to fail. Otherwise, you will regret not having tried at all.   Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy. In the digital economy, entrepreneurship is evolving into an independent creator business model and becoming more clearly identified as creative e