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Why You Need a Website as a Freelance Copywriter in a Digital Economy:

  In a world. Where businesses are no longer defined and limited by geographical location and borders. A website is a necessity, not a luxury. Especially as a freelance copywriter. The more personal it is, the better. Personal branding and self-promotion are more effective and enticing with a brand voice and tone. A website is a solid outlet for personality expression in your creative venture as a copywriter. In the copywriting industry, it can be a powerful networking tool. That can afford you an opportunity to connect with the outside world on a global scale.  A website is the most valuable and viable way of branding yourself. In the copywriting industry, it is necessary. In freelancing, a website gives room for flexibility and remote working. It will ensure the virtual management of your projects and the possibility of doing your work 100% remotely. In the middle of nowhere where you do not know anyone. Except for your services as long as there is connectivity on the internet.  So,