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How Blog Marketing Optimizes Brand Building in Digital Marketing

As the business landscape becomes oversaturated with AI tech generative marketing tools, your brand marketing strategies can seem outdated in digital marketing. The key, however, is to go classic and long-term. So, it is time you dive deep into blog marketing as your brand-building strategy. Blog marketing follows the same process as the Sales Funnel Strategy . Unlike social media and newsletters that are hyper, volatile, and short-lived, blog marketing is a long-term strategy that requires a thorough understanding of the business you are marketing and promoting. The starting point to crack into the crux of your client’s business or entrepreneurial venture is to divulge the purpose and value of their entrepreneurial business venture through the web content creation tool we use for data collection with our clients. Why Understanding the Purpose and Value is Necessary? The starting point of any marketing strategy is to have a big picture of the business. You can only understand that b

Social Media Marketing Hiccups in Brand Building

Do you ever wonder why social media platforms want to keep you caged and leashed to their funny and addictive packs of irrelevant dopamine in the name of marketing on their digital spaces? You are not alone. Most people, especially the Millenniums Gen Z, X, and tech-savvy Baby boomers, are slowly coming to the reality of the misrepresentation of marketing for brand building on most social media platforms.   Most creative and conscious entrepreneurs wonder whether Social Media Marketing is losing and giving in to the AI Tech algorithm intervention in Digital Marketing.   The intimate romance between social media handles and their addicted users seems to be cooling down with disruptions from the advent of AI chatbot generative machine learning and its drooling hunger pangs to take over and control search engine algorithms. Though responsive and interactive for networking, social media has never been quite a professional tool for brand marketing due to reported data manipulation on mos

Why You Need Confidence in Brand Building

Do you sometimes feel some imposter syndrome creeping in every time you work on your projects or find the whole brand-building process and journey confusing and frustrating? You are not alone, for having the confidence to figure out relevant marketing strategies in line with the purpose and value of your business venture does not always come easy, especially in the oversaturated global digital market. The imposter syndrome can curtail all your entrepreneurial dreams. And destroy your confidence in all your brand-building strategies. Confidence As Your Superpower Confidence is your superpower in maximizing productivity and quality value creation. You can be competent in anything, but without the confidence to believe in yourself and your brand, you might find questioning and discouraged each time you work on a new project. That can be overwhelming and crippling to everything you should work at to position and build your brand presence and influence in the market. Imposter syndrome c

How Blog Marketing Simplifies Digital Marketing for Brand Building

Do you agree that  technology  is created and developed to ease work? And better still, the internet pioneers developed the world wide web to reduce the world into a global village, right? So, should marketing be so complex and geographically exclusive in the Digital Economy? Pioneer platforms by subsequent visionary tech platform creators and innovators like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook [Meta] developed digital spaces to boost global business and social interaction through digital marketing strategies.  And more so, the Google founders created the platform with a global sense of making knowledge and information accessible and useable to everyone. Why complicate marketing now, which has become like a circus of jealous and competitive gymnastics that hardly promote and maintain professionalism and integrity in Digital Marketing ?   Here’s why and how the following elements in blog marketing make Digital Marketing easy for you, your brand, and everyone concerned. Why Blog