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Invest in Blog Marketing for Solid Brand Building:

                        As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, and small, medium, and large-sized business owner, investing in blog marketing for brand building is the wisest decision you can make for solid brand positioning and longevity in the market. Here is why and how;   It is interesting to observe and note that not all businesses are brands. Yet all brands are not just businesses but successful businesses. It is just as simple as if you are just a business; your drive is always to sell products and services to make money fast without investing in building long-term business relationships for longevity in the market. If you are a brand, you strategically market your business to provide solutions that will improve your value in the market and your client’s value in the same market, especially in B2B Marketing . That way, building long-term business relationships with your clients. Here are five aspects that will help you carve inroads into not just being a business; but a

Don’t Slash Your Prices! Build Your Brand!

  Brand Building through blog marketing is unbeatable. Price lashing is a yoyo game based on die-hard traditional principles in the industrial revolution that do not build brands of high value guided by their values and purpose in the market. As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, or startup company in the modern creative economy, the game of slashing prices does not promote solid brand building. But having your price questioned with an indication that it is expensive can be discouraging. However, you should never feel shaken and distracted from your brand-building and positioning guidelines and foothold, especially with clarity and confidence in the value of your brand and your principles in brand-building. Traditional Mindset of Price Perception Before Value Appreciation As a freelancer and solopreneur in a saturated market, I am learning to be proud of my brand and bold in defending the value I know it provides in my niche, industry, and the world. Here is my story and my bran

Five Basic Elements That Define Good Branding:

  As an entrepreneur, whether solopreneuring, freelancing, or startup company, your drive and desire are to build a valuable brand through good branding. So, how can you understand what it is and how to achieve it, like Canva , Google , Facebook , Apple , and Amazon ? I am not going to go into details about these brands. I only mentioned them for their global presence and value. And how valuable they are, and how they represent good branding. So, what is good branding? And what does it involve? Good branding should not be as complex and confusing due to any disruptive marketing apps rolled out now and again in the market. It should be creative and holistically based on the purpose and value of your business venture. Complexity clouds your brand purpose and value. Visual elements like logos and color palettes do not define the problem the brand solves in the market. Remember, brands don’t just happen. You create a brand around solving a clearly defined problem. Brands help simplify pe

Five Benefits of Defining Your Brand

  Is your business venture a haphazard pursuit of everything you see people doing online and offline? It shouldn’t be! That can be misleading and confusing. Whether it is a personal or business brand, defining your brand is a priority for positioning it in the market. You need to define your brand and have clarity and confidence in who you are, what you want to be, and where you want to go in what you are doing. The language of brand building is constantly changing, with digital marketing dominating and predominantly involving content creation on social media platforms and business websites. So, without a clear definition of your brand, brand marketing on any social media platform and your website comes to a halt and a haphazard affair. I hear someone saying, come on, is it necessary, and businesses have operated without brand building. Well, it is no longer the traditional mindset of starting a business that sweats blood and dies with its founder, but creative and holistic brands t