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How To Brand Yourself as a Freelancer in the Digital Economy:

The freelance industry has become a crowded and noisy place. As a freelance copywriter, the competition is high. There is a lot of talent and claims from those who know what they are doing. And those who know a little. So, how best can you stand out? If anyone googles your name on the internet. How can you come out as someone who knows their game in this crowded and competitive industry?  In this blog, I will explore Personal branding and how it can help you be confident as a freelance copywriter or solopreneur. I will also explore how to find your right footing in the copywriting gig industry.  1.      What is Personal Branding? 2.      What does it involve in the copywriting industry? 3.      What is the role of Personal branding as a copywriter? 4.      How does Personal Branding help you as a freelance copywriter? 5.      The benefits of Personal Branding as a copywriter in the Gig-economy.   Personal Branding: The starting point in branding yourself should be how to position and p

Self-Promotion as a Freelancer in The Gig Economy - How To

         The intense competition in freelancing in the gig economy means you need to be at the top of your game. If you want any chance of success in any industry, self-promotion is the way to go. That is the best way to pave your way through copywriting and content marketing.   You cannot afford to fear competition from a creative, witty, and joyful copywriter. In this blog, I will show you how to promote yourself. It will inspire and empower anyone to stand out from the competition and get ahead in their industry.     Self-promotion is a powerful strategy. It has the creative power to position you in your industry for optimizing your online and offline presence. It will strengthen your footing and boost your confidence in exploring content creation and copywriting with no fear of competition.   That will help in establishing a solid online presence. In this competitive and forever-evolving industry, self-promotion helps. This blog post will inspire and empower you to have confidenc