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Do Festive Season Price Slashes Boost Brand Equity?

Do Festive Price Slashes boost brand equity for sustainability in brand building? You surely don’t like to create and build a brand that will die a slow and natural death due to short-term instant gratification profits. Do you? Anyway, the underlying principle to go about it and keep yourself on brand is to strive to make your products and services memorable, recognizable, superior in quality, and reliable to stand out in the market.   That will boost brand equity for sustainability in brand building. You can never rely on price slashes for brand building. It is not a long-term marketing strategy but a short-term one for instant results that compromises focus on maintaining brand value and stability to your customers. Here are the more human aspects that can keep yourself on brand for sustainable brand building without relying too much on price slashes. Brand Equity  Brand equity is the value of your brand based on brand awareness, brand image, perceived value, brand values, and brand

Black Friday as a Long-Term Marketing Strategy for Brand Building

  Do your advertising and marketing campaigns always come out as short-lived and fade away with the instant excitement of targeted moments? They shouldn't! Black Friday advertising and marketing campaigns are overwhelming for most marketers. It demands planning. Yet it is short-lived. So, as a marketer, that can be discouraging and disheartening in meeting your conversion target and ROI. However, there is a smart way around it. Think long-term in your planning and preparations for any instant targeted shopping moment.   Black Friday Advertising Campaigns Have you ever wondered why it is Black Friday ? Most retail brands in the ‘red’ that symbolizes losses finally moved into the ‘black’ to signify profits in the positive mood of using it as a marketing strategy to boost brand awareness for the long-time and busy festive season shopping mood. So, it is finally and loudly here with Christmas bells in the air after a long process of putting everything into place as preparations for th

How AI Content Creation Tools Improve Digital Marketing

  What a year in the Digital Marketing ecosystem! It was a year of ChatGPT and Generative AI tools competing for attention and consumption in the market. The marketing landscape suffered heavily from threats by AI Generative systems! And will continue complicating what to use and not use in digital marketing. However, you cannot build a digital brand with zero AI tech tools, especially in the present digital economy landscape where Generative AI tech tools and Large Language Models are fast dominating the whole business ecosystem with their capabilities in natural language processing, machine translation, and natural language generation. That means the way forward is to adopt, adapt, transition, assimilate, and change the traditional systems for sustainability in brand building. AI Tools in Digital Marketing It is a fact that digital marketing  should not be like traditional marketing, where you need heavy banners, ladders, and hammers to hang advertising banners on highways and st

How To Craft Holistic Marketing Campaigns for Solid Brand Building

As the Black Friday shopping mood slowly catches up with everyone, especially the marketing campaign managers and all digital marketers crafting their marketing campaign messages to kill it in the marketplace. It is imperative and helpful to remember that brand-building is not a one-sided affair. It is holistic for crafting wholesome marketing campaigns that enhance brand marketing efforts through blog marketing.   A marketing campaign is a long-term approach to promoting your brand products or services through multiple mediums on different types of media. Here, it is a matter of mixing the organic and paid strategies and establishing a synergy through relevant and engaging content that revolves around and highlights the purpose and value of your brand. Let’s dig in and explore the holistic views of how your marketing campaigns should enhance the big picture of your brand. Purpose Centered Purpose-centered marketing campaigns should align with your value proposition and provide direct