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Rebranding - How To Be a Hero & Heroine of Your Brand in 2022:

                            Despite the excitement of taking your venture to a higher level as the new year starts, things might look blurred with uncertainties as a freelancer, solopreneur, or start-up company. There are many things to consider in a world where entrepreneurship has become more of a creative game with content as key in the whole game.   That can be overwhelming with forever evolving apps in both business processes and operations in marketing to choose which best marketing tools and strategies are a good fit for leveling up your game. In this forever-evolving business landscape.   The marketing apps have become so many that you can get frustrated with all your marketing efforts in the present-day digital economy, especially when it comes to practicality and functionality.   Content Marketing Based on Purpose & Value  One thing I have realized with my online experience in marketing. Is that content marketing is one tool all business apps will never beat and substit