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Mastering the Purpose & Value Based Brand Marketing Strategy for Solid Brand Building

Why are you marketing what you are selling? And of what value is it to your target market and persona? Those are the marketing questions you should start with in your brand marketing strategies for solid brand building. If you can’t answer it by looking at the purpose and value of your offers in your industry and niche, it is time to go back to the drawing board and figure out your business purpose and value in the market. That will guide you in building a brand, not just a business. Businesses sell, and brands market to help their customers and users. So, with the creator month fast ending and marking the end of the year, looking back at your brand marketing efforts would help prepare you for next year as you continue your exciting brand-building journey. The biggest challenge as a creator in a volatile economy is remaining focused on your breakthrough entrepreneurial idea and how to build it into a brand of influence and impact online. Remember, brand marketing strategies should

Five Phases to Sustain Brand Awareness for Solid Brand Building:

  Brand awareness is the main focus in today’s marketing landscape. That is because consumers are tired of being sold to without meaningful marketing strategies that suit the oversaturated digital market. They have come to hate distractive messages and images on television and social media platforms that constantly steal their attention and focus on interaction and connection with meaningful marketing media. In the continuously evolving digital economy, digital marketing plays a crucial role in brand marketing. Brand marketing for brand building is taking the digital marketing world by storm. So, as we approach the end of the year reviewing what brand awareness and brand building are in the present-day digital economy, it is interesting to explore the five phases of branding for building brand awareness that will put you in a better light for retrospection and reviewing your brand building effort throughout the year. What is Brand Awareness in Brand Building Brand awareness is everyt

How to Build a Digital Brand in the Digital Economy

  Breaking through the digital clutter can be challenging for brand building in the digital economy. So, how best can you create and build a digital brand without getting lost in the digital marketing jungle with AI tech tools and Machine Learning carving their way into nearly all long-established digital marketing channels that were more human-centric and customer-centric?  Technology is here to stay, and digital evolvement is happening at a terrifying speed, especially with AI Tech advancement and Machine Learning intervention in both the processing, access, and use of data in business processes and operations..   Data and information are the drivers of what is now dubbed the data and knowledge economy. Knowledge and information have become the main streams for revenue generation and wealth creation. And search engine algorithms are the heartbeat of digital marketing through data manipulation and analytics.  So, how best can you create and build a digital brand that would not get t

The Long-Term Strategy for Solid Brand Building in the Digital Economy

Has your brand-building process become flirty and hallucinatory with AI and Machine Learning tools? It shouldn't! In a world of instant gratification, long-term strategies will ensure focus and stability by sticking to basics in your brand-building journey, especially in a business landscape saturated with AI tech and Machine Learning tools that promise instant money schemes and strategies with no investment in time, knowledge, and skills for value creation in the market. Brand building in entrepreneurship is long-term. Thinking long-term will ensure focus and stability. A long-term approach allows flexibility and adjustments in your execution of business goals and more time to accommodate new AI tech and Machine Learning tools. That will help to promote sustainability and thriving in the oversaturated market. So, here are the entrepreneurial aspects to explore why a long-term approach is best for solid brand building in the volatile digital economy Why You Need Long Term Strategy