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How To Make Your Brand Influential in The Market Through Blogging:

  Last week I explored why you need to create a brand, not just a business. The thread in the story was to make your business easy to market. In short, I can say it was to make your business brandable and marketable. I don’t know about you. As for me, I have always believed marketing should not be rocket science. It should not be science but creative and humane through blogging. The marketing industry is a flood of the same story of creating founder stories of your brand. But look here, guys. Is that the right formula in digital marketing, specifically Content marketing? The bottom line is the content must be relevant and of value to the target audience. Not standard and uniform on all online platforms. The whole internet and networks have the same old story of carving the founder story. What if you are just a creator and have no story to tell about how you got involved with what you are doing. So, crafting founder sad stories for brand building and awareness hardly drives quality fo

How To Be a Brand not Just a Business in the Present-Day Business World:

  Business and brand are confusing terms in entrepreneurship, especially as a freelancer, solopreneur, startup company, or a small, medium, or large-scale company. Why then should you be a brand, not just a business, and how? These questions leave most entrepreneurs stuck in the middle of nowhere in the market, with most businesses dying in their second year of operation. However, in simpler terms, as a freelancer and solopreneur, the best way is to create and build a brand around your business for more creative and easy marketing efforts. The logic is that business is activities, and brand is the identity that promotes and markets your business. And any business venture can never be a brand without a clear purpose and value proposition statement. A brand is your business identity. It is how you present the business in the world. What is Business? A business is a company that provides services, produces, and sells products or goods. It is the old traditional way of identifying enterp

5Tools for Branding Yourself For Online Marketing as a Freelancer:

  Smart adoption and adapting to technology that enhances the traditional way of doing things is one way you can ensure balance for survival and success as a freelancer and solopreneur. In my last post, I explored old traditional marketing tools that can help promote your brand offline. In this post, let’s dive deep into tools that help establish your brand online. The internet has opened all opportunities and possibilities for a solid online presence. Especially in the freelancing industry, where it has opened doors to work remotely anywhere you want, when, and how you find it suitable. All you need to solidify is your online presence, authority, expertise, and connectivity. So here are the most user-friendly and undisputed online marketing tools you need for your business venture as a freelancer, solopreneur, and startup company CEO. Domain name That is your online identity. It is the web address of your site, like the physical address of your apartment or house. It indicates how p