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How Business and Brand Differ in the Digital Economy

Anyone can start a business in the creative digital economy. But it takes a creative and innovative entrepreneur to turn it into a brand. Have you ever wondered what business is and how it differs from a brand? You are not alone. Most entrepreneurs and creators in the present-day creative digital economy are in the same boat regarding whether their entrepreneurship can be a business or a brand. That alone compromises and limits what to do and what not to do in marketing your entrepreneurial venture. So, how best can you make sure at the inception of your venture how to define what you are doing in the market? The brief explanation would be you start with a business concept and need to work smart to transform it into a brand of recognition and influence. Now what are the elements of a business that can make it transformable into a brand? Let’s dig in and explore these five elements that most successful entrepreneurs believe in and swear by in their hungry pursuit of creating and build

Human Skills Needed for Value Creation in the Digital Market

Is your brand value creation drowning in machine learning? It shouldn't. Here is why and how. Machines cannot think, create, innovate, communicate with emotions, and brand for relevant value creation in the market. In the creative digital economy, value creation is the name of the game and strategy for brand positioning and building .    The main challenge in value creation is creating products and services relevant to the purpose and value of your brand in the market and sticking to the industrial context of your niche and brand.  So, the best way to make it more relevant and appropriate for human consumption is to incorporate human skills in the whole process. Therefore, machines need human skills to input data and to process and transform it for human consumption and benefit.  Some pioneers and successful entrepreneurs agree that getting a Ph.D. is not as challenging as acquiring the human skills needed in the digital economy. You might have a chain of degrees but still have th

Brand Values & Brand Value: How Do They Relate in Brand Building?

Don't allow the AI Tech threats to disrupt your brand-building process and journey. Stick to your brand values by focusing on creating value in the market. In brand marketing, brand values, and value are always confused and mingled in their significance in brand building. With my exposure and experience as a solopreneur and my passion and drive in brand marketing for brand building, I realized most entrepreneurs and marketers overlook these two terms and their interdependence in brand positioning to the detrimental effect of failing to see their significance in brand building.   You cannot create a valuable brand devoid of human values, and best of all, holistic entrepreneurship focuses on humane values that promote customer-centric and human-centric values. The underlying principle is you can only build a valuable business by creating and providing value to your target audience. There is no other way around it, dear colleagues. Let’s dig in and see how we can define and apply th

How To Optimize Your Website Design for Brand Building

As we get deeper into the year like this, it is always good to see where you are missing the rhythm and pulse of your brand-building process and journey on the digital market. Is your website a miss for value creation in the market? It shouldn't be! Here is why and how. Optimizing your website for value creation will help to sustain your brand-building process and simplify your brand presence and positioning for value creation online. Here we will explore the five aspects to check for on your website to ensure it is practical and functional for your users. Before digging into that, let's reflect on systems integration for value creation. Systems Integration for Value Creation  Last week we explored the optimization of value through systems integration and clarity in brand promise, unique value proposition, value creation, and brand equity for brand building. And some creators were asking where they could showcase all these aspects for their target audience. That indicated