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How Blogging Boosts Your Brand Value in The Market:

  Many traditional business owners and some entrepreneurs do not understand the significance of blogging on a business website and its potential to make your brand appreciates high value on the market. As a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, or startup company, I would not like you to fall into the same trap of ignoring the significance of blogging on your website in all your marketing efforts. So let your quest and hunger to create wealth for generational blessing and achievement be financially fulfilled for peaceful nights knowing that your brand is being marketed and claiming your authoritative presence 24/7 on your business website through blogging. What is Blogging?     Blogging is writing a series of categorized web content blog posts that are systematically published. In our case here for blog marketing, I can say they are published with the commercial purpose and intent of brand building and raising awareness of your business to attract quality clients

Five [5] Factors for Maintaining Your Digital Brand to Boost Conversions:

  The heartbeat of any digital brand is the traffic and conversions on its website. The audience reach and their reaction to your brand will determine the perception of your brand online and its impact on your target audience. It is not just the number of visitors on the site but quality visitors who can easily convert into followers, supporters, loyalties, or buyers of your brand to boost the achievement of your business revenue goals. Traffic and how visitors interact with your brand is the performance indicator of how your brand is perceived online. Here are five tips that will ensure your brand keeps its toes tapping and live on the digital market.   Optimize Interaction Interaction for clarity on your brand purpose and value is the starting point in reaching out to your target audience and market for that emotional connection that will keep them on your site and continue coming back. Gone are the days when you solely based marketing on selling language that was more like pushin

How To Avoid Content Creation Rut in Brand Building:

  Maintaining focus and interest in content creation for brand building is not a walk in the park or a beach picnic game. However, you can make it so with a creative and innovative mindset approach based on holistic and humane principles to benefit everyone concerned. It revolves around cultivating the mindset of not creating content just for boosting sales and revenue but a deep desire and drive to provide value to your target audience. That purpose and value realization would limit content creation rut and keep you inspired and motivated in content creation for brand building.  If your content creation targets only keyword search for your target audience and search engine crawlers, you haven’t started grasping the purpose and value of yourself and the brand you are trying to establish online. Have you ever stopped to think why most content creators and their brands come and go online and some disappear forever without leaving a mark or presence online? They lack purpose and clarity i

Reactive Content Creation Versus Proactive Brand Focused Content Creation:

  Content Creation is the heart and soul of Brand building and awareness. Therefore, any created content should be creative and original to focus on uniqueness. It should not be trend-focused and reactive to current irrelevant issues but proactive and brand-focused. As a twenty-first-century business owner, you need to develop a creative and entrepreneurial mindset and approach in all your business operations and processes that would ensure strong branding. Reactive business operations and processes would never establish you as a brand that can build your business idea into a strong brand of global influence. So, as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and solopreneur, how can you ensure you are not reactive, but proactive in your business operations and processes? Like in content creation, that is the heart and soul of all your marketing efforts on the Global Market. Reactive content creation is like kicking and throwing missiles of untimed posts and messages to your audience. It lacks proact

How to Limit Fear of Branding Yourself as a Freelancer on the Global Market:

  Dipping yourself in the deep oceans of the Global Market can be scary as a freelancer and solopreneur. Are you developing cold feet for diving deeper with your branding in the Global marketplace? You shouldn’t! The world is your oyster in which you are in a position to take the opportunities that technology has made available and play a part as a brand that is worth recognition and acknowledgment on the Global market. The only tool that will allow you to do that is your website and branding based on your purpose and value in the market. Here is how you can limit fear in branding yourself as a freelancer and solopreneur. Understand Yourself You can never establish a brand of value if you, the creator, does not understand your worthiness and value as a person. You can never impact your niche and industry if you do not understand yourself as a creative person and what you stand for in your industry and the world.  Look here, how can someone claim to be a marketer or copywriter when the