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How To Start 2024 With Confidence in Your Brand Building Journey

Is your heart beating fast with the start of the New Year? You are not alone. Most people are always scared of throwing themselves into starting anything new in entrepreneurship . They develop cold feet towards dipping themselves into the turbulent oceans of hungry entrepreneurial sharks always seeking to swallow small unknown brands.   So, how can you start the new year with confidence in limiting fear and the deadly imposter syndrome that can compromise your positioning and presence in the marketplace as a startup entrepreneur? A purpose and value-driven mindset should be your entrepreneurial guiding principle in 2024. Some seasoned entrepreneurs swear by Nike’s powerful and inspirational tagline, “Just do it!” . However, in the knowledge and entrepreneurial business landscape, mindset change into an entrepreneurial approach to business is the new game.   Big corporate sharks do not play a more purpose and value-centered game like most creative and innovative entrepreneurs do in t

Brand Building Milestones You Can Celebrate as an Entrepreneur:

In the excitement of seeing 2023 coming to an end and the merry mood of Christmas, reflecting on the good and the bad of 2023 should give any brand some momentum to see how they can map their way forward in their brand-building journey, especially in a volatile digital landscape where Generative AI tools are vying to take over the digital marketing ecosystem despite their noted shortcomings since their experimental introduction in the digital marketing landscape. Reflections on Personal and Business Branding [Open AI] In our previous blog post, we reflected on the strength of personal branding and its effects on business branding. You are what your brand is and would be in the market. That was about the Open AI’s CEO, Sam Altman, and how the Open AI leadership board treated him and came out as a protagonist in the chaotic incident to the extent of being  ‘labeled as the 2023 CEO of the year’.  Though that observation is subjective, it can be something that the company might want to

How Personal Branding Boosts Brand Value & Influence in the Market:

You are what your brand is in the market. There is no inspirational and empowering way of wrapping 2023 as a notable year in the digital marketing landscape without reflecting on the role of personal branding in brand building concerning the Open AI leadership fiasco that left most of its ChatGPT users and supporters in disarray of what was under discussion on its leadership round table meetings.   The AI chatbot pioneer and its infamous intervention in content creation sent all tongues wagging about its future under questionable leadership that shocked and shook the tech world, with the Open AI CEO Sam Altman coming out as a protagonist in the upheaval at the company.   Why This Story? This story will help you understand how leadership qualities influence brand presence, positioning, and influence in the digital ecosystem. Just like in literature, where there is characterization, in business, there is branding. That is personal and business branding. In literature, there are protago

Digital Marketing as Ecosystem for Brand Building in Entrepreneurship:

Do you sometimes find yourself getting lost in the digital marketing ecosystem? You shouldn’t! Understanding it as an ecosystem of digital tools, applications, channels, platforms, and systems will help you navigate the whole digital marketing ecosystem with a creative and innovative mindset for sold brand building. Dig in and enjoy your way through the digital marketing maze explored in this blog post. Creating a business and building it into an identifiable brand should be the main focus of your entrepreneurial journey in the oversaturated marketplace. Scattered Digital Marketing strategies will never take your brand to the highest level in your brand-building process and journey. Digital Marketing through blog marketing is an inclusive and holistic brand strategy for making it profitable and sustainable. The solution is to establish and consolidate your brand position, identity, and influence and crack your way through all the mysteries of the digital marketing ecosystem. Why Dig