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Adopting the Brand Building Mindset for Thriving in Marketing:

If you are in the know of today’s business landscape, you can never deny the fact that it has become dominated by technology. As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator, startup, business owner, and marketer, you cannot ignore that naked truth and its reality glaring at you and everything you do in marketing your business. The digitalized state of the business landscape is what has come to make it solely internet based and an information-based economy. And it is continuously disrupted by AI tech apps and inventions.   So, from those observations, you should have realized that the traditional business marketing strategy is fast evolving into the brand-building model approach, where lifelong learning is a prerequisite for survival, sustenance, and success in the market. That involves opening your mind to creativity, innovation, community building, leveraging technology, and building systems. And seamless integration of all these aspects is the key to streamlining your brand-b

How to Clarify& Blend Marketing & Branding in Brand Building:

There is no such thing as marketing without branding. You cannot market a business, a product, or a service that is not well-defined and has no identity or description in the market. There is no brand to market and sell without branding and brand building. Now the question is; Is marketing the same as branding? How do they differ when it comes to brand building? In the digitalized business landscape, branding and marketing have evolved to mean many things. That is why there is misleading confusion between the two concepts. Yet, in brand-building, they are conspicuously different but easily blend for blog marketing in the digital marketing industry. Marketing & Branding in Brief Marketing is building awareness through selling emotions and desires. That makes people aware of what they lack and might need in their lives and business. So, as a marketer, entrepreneur, creator, startup CEO, freelancer, or business owner, you lead the conversation for raising awareness of what you can

Five Elements for Practical Steps in Brand Building

  Business brands are not built out of bricks but created and built out of visionary ideas and solutions. So, there are solid elements for practical and functional steps that will never let you down in your brand-building process and journey. Most successful entrepreneurs believe in enjoying both the process and journey for successful brand building and longevity in the market. That will boost your income and revenue-generating activities for solid brand-building. Your blueprint mapping makes the whole process a walk into the park with conviction and determination to see it working in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations in your creative journey as an entrepreneur, freelancer, creator, tech startup, and business owner. Here are the blueprint elements that will level up your steps in brand building process and journey. Vision   Without vision, you have nothing to envision and visualize for brand building, and you are likely going to fumble in the dark in your brand-building process a

How To Embrace AI Tech Changes in Brand Building

Change is inevitable. The only thing constant is change. In volatile economic times dominated by technology  and Artificial Intelligence, embracing change with a growth mindset can open great opportunities for your brand to adopt change, innovate, adapt, evolve, and transition into the new AI chatbots and machine learning era. Being threatened by change can compromise your brand-building efforts. When you accept and embrace change, you open your mind to make more informed decisions about what to adopt, innovate, adapt to, and how to transition into new systems or programs provided for the evolution of your business for solid brand building. Reflection on the Brand Building Calendar Reflecting on our 2023 Brand Building Tips Calendar, you will realize that January was for dreaming and creating your brand.  Though, creators seem to argue that  businesses do not create  and build brands. It is society, or should I say consumers, who build brands. That is debatable and sort of a falla