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Is Your Venture a Startup or a Small Business?

The startup concept does not only refer to tech-related ventures. However, the misconception of startups as high technology-related ventures has already found deep roots in the entrepreneurial world. Everyone wants to be a tech startup founder or CEO.   Just by intensive virtual immersion into the digital maze of the AI tech industry since November 2022, with the introduction of Open AI ChatGPT into the market, you can see how venturing into AI tech startups is the hype of attention in the tech industry and business world. Unfortunately, it is not as glamorous and a billion-turnover goldmine dream as most tech enthusiasts seem to portray it in the tech entrepreneurial business world. Building any business venture into a brand, needs going deep with what you bring to the digital global world, especially since the Open AI ChatGPT launch and introduction into the market.   Most AI tech ventures hardly survive the prototype stage. And those that go through it, like Open AI, find it hard

Make Selling Humane Through Digital Marketing

Selling is tough. You are right. And you are not alone, for that is how the traditional business model has made it to be. However, changing your mindset and approach to adopt digital marketing strategies that integrate selling with branding and marketing will make selling more holistic and humane. That makes it more human and customer-centric for solid brand building through Digital marketing. So, explore and learn how branding and marketing make selling more holistic and humane in the global digital economy. Let’s dig in for the why, what, and how of it all and experience your own “aha” moment. Here is why you should integrate selling with branding and marketing in digital marketing. Why Branding and Marketing Before Sales? Branding is the soul of marketing and the basis for brand building. So, selling is a result of effective branding and marketing. You cannot sell products or services that your target customer and user do not know about and identify with and have no clue about t

How a CEO Mindset Can Help in Executing Entrepreneurial Projects

A CEO mindset matters and is necessary to build a brand of impact in today’s digital economy. You should note here it is not just any CEO, but a self-made one who believes in themselves and their vision to make it a success story. Mostly with attributes of being  intelligible in visionary executions for solid brand building. Especially in the digital business landscape, where creativity and innovation should be guided and guarded by holistic and humane principles that promote humanity and service above self.    So, building a brand with a good reputation and high integrity should be every entrepreneur’s dream and aspiration, especially in a business landscape that has become a playground for dubious business practices in the name of tech advancement and progressive digital inventions. The formula to create and build a brand of unquestionable reputation and value is to approach your entrepreneurial projects with a self-made CEO mindset for tenacity and resilience in a saturated mark

Stop Messing Up Digital Marketing with a Scarcity Mindset

Are you yearning for unbiased brand identity, presence, positioning, influence, and impact online? Stop the scarcity mindset of selling to friends, neighbors, groups, and tribes in your brand-building process and journey. The internet is a marketing hub for global reach without creating boundaries for your brand.   Digital marketing is not selective. And algorithms know no color or creed. The traditional and cultic approach to marketing in the business landscape is toxic and limits solid brand building in the global digital economy.   Scarcity Mindset Compromises Brand Building Starting a business with a limiting scarcity mindset of only wanting to get connected to those people you think have money to sustain your brand at nose reach level is not an authentic and professional approach to marketing and sales in the business world especially in the present digital economy. It is selfish and ego-centered and lacks the human approach that promotes holistic and inclusive provision of value