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Business Website as a Network Platform For Brand Building

  It is not only social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest that you can refer to as networking platforms. Your website is also a networking platform where you can control what you want and what can be done there, especially for networking, marketing, and brand building.  So, there is no branding and networking without a website . And the simple, well-designed, and well-laid out it is, the better and easier it is to integrate and streamline for seamless navigation, utilization, and management of your business operations and processes. It enables rock-solid brand building, as illustrated in the infographics below; Let’s explore the networking elements of your business website from the above infographic. You can see your website is the source of your whole brand-building system. That means you need to lay it out well for optimum utilization. The magic is to keep it simple and well laid out for easy streamlining and seamless integration. The main

Domain Name as Leverage for Digital Presence & Brand Building

There is no such thing; as a rock-solid digital brand presence without a great domain name. Your domain name is the power and force of your digital brand marketing. It will give your business that influence, control, and pull to position it as a rock-solid brand with an impact beyond imagination. ‘’Easier said than done.’’ I hear you saying.  Most people believe and agree with that notion and limited observation. However, T he Joyful Copywriter believes otherwise and strives to debunk any limiting belief in digital marketing that has left most entrepreneurs and marketers confused and frustrated in building rock-solid brands with ease and enjoyment. Rock solid brands have domain names that survive the test of time in a forever evolving and oversaturated global digital market.    What is a Domain Name? A domain name is a name you use for your website. It is the address for a website, the only one on the internet. That is going to be the unique address for your business website. It co

Business Name as a Foundation for Solid Brand Building:

With everyone back on their brand-building desk, it’s time to reflect again on your last year’s milestones. And as you think of either rebranding or starting a new business line, the name you choose is the first identifier of its industry, niche market, and what you will offer as a product or service. So, solid brand building starts with a name, just like your name as your first and foremost identity. Also, in my previous blog post, I explored personal branding aspects. That can limit traumatization for monetization in the digital economy . You should have noted in that blog that everything in brand building starts with you as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator, and business owner. What you put out there in the market is what you get back. So, the first thing you put into the world is your name for identity and positioning as your brand. The same goes for creating and building a business. Let’s dive deep into a business name as a foundation for solid brand building. W

How to Limit Trauma in Digital Marketing for Human-Centric Brand Building:

The beginning of a new year in business as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, and business owner, can be traumatizing when it comes to figuring out your brand-building process . And taking it off from where you left it last year is always a mixture of doubt and confusion. Most of all, figuring out how best to do it without traumatizing yourself or being traumatized in the marketing industry. The best way to avoid being traumatized in your brand-building process is to understand that digital marketing embodies content marketing and should be customer-centric with human principles at its core of being a solution of value to your target persona in the market. No Traumatization for Monetization in Brand Marketing There should be no trauma and drama in digital marketing for brand building. Be it for personal branding or business branding. There should be no such thing as traumatization for monetization . Be it in influencer marketing, where you have heard influencers being traumat