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Human Characteristics That Add Value to Brand Building in The Digital Economy

The marketing industry is fast evolving with AI tech tools in the creative digital economy. You might  automatize your brand-building strategies  as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, intrapreneur, freelancer, creator, startup, and business owner. But still, the human touch is the key to success in Digital Marketing. Something deeper than your tech talents and skills is needed to survive and succeed in the creative digital economy. That means your character, mindset, and outlook on life and business will enhance your skills to succeed in building your brand.  There is an outcry in the business landscape and corporate world about toxicity. That is due to a lack of the human touch and  human characteristics  that you cannot automatize and automate. But are of more value in brand building than technology. Remember, colleges do not produce soft-skilled individuals, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of effort in life and business to make someone understand themselves as a digital

What Defines Brand Value in the Digital Economy?

The Digital Market is solely for creating value for revenue generation in the digital economy. However, to enhance the brand's digital presence and positioning, your brand should be able to do more than income generation and profits but focus on its higher purpose. Your business purpose is the integral and central axis for brand building. That incorporates fulfilling the brand promise, the unique value proposition, brand value creation, brand value, and equity. These aspects make up the fertile ground your brand will be well-defined and sprout its digital presence, identity, awareness, and positioning in the market. Digital Economy In the present digital economy, entrepreneurs no longer base businesses on local vicinity and affordability of products or services. But by quality and value provision, online presence, positioning for customer experience, and building brand identity and awareness in the digital economy.  So, your business venture needs to be well defined as a brand t

Simplifying Digital Marketing Systems for Solid Brand Building

Digital Marketing does not happen in a vacuum. It operates in cloud computing systems you need to adopt, understand, appreciate, and apply as a marketer in the creative digital economy. The 24/7 online presence for the sustainability and longevity of your brand can only become viable and a reality with digital systems, platforms, channels, application software programs, and tools seamlessly integrated into your business website. Systems integration is not a myth in brand building. It is a reality if you want to create and build a solid brand that is purpose-driven and of value in today’s digital economy. However, digital transformation can be intimidating. Especially with an array of computer programs and application software systems you need to adopt and master, especially as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator and startup, small business owner, and marketer.   Complexity of Tech System in Digital Marketing The marketing industry has become a complex network of digital s

Benefits of Marketing Systems in Brand Building:

Marketing systems can be intimidating and make you feel inadequate in today's business landscape. And leaving you wondering what to choose, adopt and implement in your brand-building process and journey as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, startup company, creator, and business owner. Marketing is the backbone of revenue generation for optimizing your brand performance and boosting brand building in the market. Yet it has come to mean a variety of marketing tools and strategies you need to learn to put together for marketing your brand 24/7 on the global digital market.  Marketing System in the Digital Economy With the advent of technology and AI Chatbots, Machine Learning, Generative large language models, search engine crawlers, and many other tech inventions, the business landscape and marketing are continuously becoming complex and confusing to most marketers, especially entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, creators, startup companies, and business owners. Fortun