Self-Promotion as a Freelancer in The Gig Economy - How To


The intense competition in freelancing in the gig economy means you need to be at the top of your game. If you want any chance of success in any industry, self-promotion is the way to go. That is the best way to pave your way through copywriting and content marketing.  

You cannot afford to fear competition from a creative, witty, and joyful copywriter. In this blog, I will show you how to promote yourself. It will inspire and empower anyone to stand out from the competition and get ahead in their industry.   

Self-promotion is a powerful strategy. It has the creative power to position you in your industry for optimizing your online and offline presence. It will strengthen your footing and boost your confidence in exploring content creation and copywriting with no fear of competition. 

That will help in establishing a solid online presence. In this competitive and forever-evolving industry, self-promotion helps. This blog post will inspire and empower you to have confidence in who you are and what you can do as a copywriter. So, let's dig in and see how you will enjoy self-promotion as outlined;  

·       What is Self-promotion?

·       What does Self-promotion as a copywriter involve?

·       The role of internet marketing in Self-promotion

·       The Three powerful tools for Self-Promotion in Copywriting.

·       The benefits of Self-promotion as a freelance copywriter.

 What is Self-promotion?

Thanks to the advent of technology, specifically the internet, otherwise, you were never going to know I exist as a writer and creator of this blog. So, self-promotion is the effective use of the internet in marketing yourself to the world. That reminds me of this popular YouTuber – Shameless Maya; who started her channel that way with a strong mindset of being shameless in Self-promotion  in this context here; ‘’What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?”

So, it is the creative power of using social media platforms such as  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and professional networks like LinkedIn to promote yourself. It is the creative power of positioning yourself as a strong brand and what makes you best so that your prospective clients can believe and trust working with you professionally with credibility from promoting yourself. It will make you win the hearts of your prospective clients. So clients can trust to choose you for their job requirements over other candidates. 

 What does Self-Promotion as a freelancer involve?

 Self-promotion as a freelance copywriter is not an expression of your love for using words but using words to sell value. It should be your love of people who will get that value and be happy to give you that valuable attention. That will increase your value and credibility and help in establishing trust for the benefit of everyone concerned. Unlike in the corporate world, in the Gig economy, it is the smartest way of marketing yourself.

It is zero flattering and self-centered. It is not bragging about one’s achievements and accomplishments. It does not attract attention to oneself for promotion or preferential treatment. Thus, in this blog, it is the creative power of claiming your position and authority in your industry not in a boastful way but with authenticity and humility.

As a joyful copywriter who knows her game in the copywriting industry. Self-promotion is the genuine representation of yourself. As a talented, skilled, and joyful copywriter who is willing to serve and be of service. For the mutual benefit of all concerned in the project.  


That means for the benefit of your client first by writing copies of value that fulfill its purpose and establish a long-term relationship with your client. As a solopreneur and freelance copywriter, self-promotion is necessary and is the best tool for selling yourself with more excitement in what you do.  

The secret of it all is to do it professionally to win and hoard deals that will boost your portfolio in copywriting, as you witness in this blog, where the magic of self-promotion lies as a freelancer.


Using the internet for self-promotion as a copywriter:

Laptop-google, internet -

In the freelancing industry, the hardest part is finding clients, both in the neighborhood or abroad. But it has become easy and more exciting with digital technology and internet marketing.


Finding clients through self-promotion on social media platforms boosts your online presence, especially as a freelance copywriter. The secret is learning how to use suitable media platforms. That promotes your professional image and your stance on self-promotion. 

 Here are a few tips on how best you can find your way through on social media platforms without getting confused and distracted in establishing your purpose and value on the media platforms.

·       Choose suitable marketing platforms and familiarize yourself with how they are used and see whether they will suit your style and the needs of your industry.

·       Market yourself aggressively but professionally and subtly to win credibility with your prospects.

·       Make yourself discoverable and visible through your writing skills on social media, like here on this blog.

·       Establish some presence in a few chosen channels suitable for your objectives in promoting yourself. Some people who are doing well recommend about two to three social media channels.

·       Be consistent in those few channels you have chosen for self-promotion. Consistence in self-promotion is key to maintaining uniformity in the value of how your prospects perceive you and what you are offering.

    Most professional prospective clients search for freelance copywriters on social media, search engines, and networking groups and forums. Let’s explore the three tools you can use in promoting and marketing your talent and skills as a freelancer. The big question to ask yourself as you map your way forward in this journey is how do clients find you 


A website is a solid platform that can give you authority. It claims your presence and professionalism in your industry on the internet. It has the power to house all forms of how you want to present yourself to your target clientele.  

There is room for presenting your content in different forms like text form, video form, infographics, or audio. You can upload and embed these on your website. The domain marks your powerful presence and promotes you as a freelance copywriter. 

 You can create your own website using any platform of your choice like here, Google Blogger, that is simple for any beginner, especially when you only want to do it for building and developing your writing skills. The portfolio will help to showcase your writing skills to any prospective customers or clients. However, you can always shop around for other free website builders that fit your needs and your and goals in blogging.

Content Creation for Your Website 

 If well laid out, your website will be proof of your professional writing skills, and, if well managed, it can provide opportunities to get connected online. And will establish and reassure potential clients of your capabilities, authority, and influence in the industry.  

A website or blog will help establish your permanent presence in the minds of your clients and some degree of trust to consider you as the number one possible candidate for any writing job and any projects they might have at hand.  

It also shows your stability online and demonstrates your experience in content writing for self-promotion and business promotion. Now let’s dive further into how you can go deeper with your digital presence through your website. 

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Self-Promoting through your website means your website should rank high on search engines. That means you need to optimize your website. So that search engines can find you. Search for keywords that are relevant to your blog.  

Use keywords in the right places like titles, headlines, and the body of your blog posts. Your content should be fresh, relevant, and of value to your target audience or readers. Give your blog a bit of life and activity.  

Connect it to other relevant websites through links and for it to link to other websites. Promoting yourself through blogging is never a sprint but a marathon. It demands time, effort, knowledge, and information. Understand what business and marketing trends are like in your industry.  

Do it thoughtfully and robustly. Must have some knowledge and information on keyword research and optimization. Keyword research and optimization will increase your website ranking. Drive organic traffic to your website. And will boost organic reach to your potential customers and clients. 

Equipped with that knowledge and information of SEO, means getting found easily on search engines such as Google or Bing. That is very important for any copywriting business. And especially as a  freelance copywriter or solopreneur. Now, let’s deep dive into social media marketing and self-promotion.

Social media

Social media icons, iPhone - 

Self-promotion on social media can be hot and rewarding. Allows an alluring personality to be displayed. But at the same time needs to be done to suit your needs and purpose as a freelance copywriter.  

Make a careful choice of which social platforms you can use. Consider your business needs and purposes. Choose at least two social media platforms. It is healthier to avoid thinning out your content to boost attention for more meaningful conversions.  

It makes sense to make your website house everything. You can choose one social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. Enhance this with a more professional networking platform like LinkedIn.  

Optimizing your presence on these social media platforms will allow you to showcase who you are and what makes you valuable and different when they search on Google or social media sites. That will help in establishing authority and a professional presence online.

That opens job opportunities and recommendations for you. So, you must invest yourself in social media. Social Media is a pool for diving into the social marketing world. Your presence can be an investment in finding high-end prospects, especially on LinkedIn. Let’s cruise through and explore the online and off like Networking tools. That you can use in Self-promotion as a freelance copywriter or solopreneur. 



joyful, busy, writer, copywriter -

Your life as a writer revolves around yourself. But copywriting in business is a different thing altogether. Must get used to the social world of attending forums, formal dinners, and interacting with others.  

Go out and look at the way you want to present yourself and what you can offer in what you are doing in your business. That will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and your value. Talking to people will make you practice sales pitches in a free, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.  

You will be in a more relaxed mood to talk to your prospects. About what you do without intimidating them with some sleazy approach. But to know them in a low-pressure environment of social interaction.

Going out for social gatherings will limit the traditional mindset of networking. That comes with asking for business deals and pressurizing people for closing without establishing a close connection with the person.  

 Learn to be present as someone who cares about them, not what you can offer them. So, going out helps in getting to know people and being open-minded. Being transparent with them develops long-term relationships for lead generations and conversion to business relationships.  
That also applies to peer networking, if you are a good human being who is relatable. Other copywriters would not see you as a rival but as a colleague. They can be a source of help and the best source of work and referrals.


Networking forums and communities

Expose yourself to other reputable copywriters or communities online or offline. Belonging to such communities can open opportunities to land jobs. Jobs you never imagined you could get. That will give you the power to choose only those jobs you like and what clients to work with and not to work with, and why.
Networking forums and communities also help connect you to like-minded people who understand your industry. For sharing ideas and challenges each time you have clients or a project that gives you goosebumps. The self-promotion tools empower you as a solopreneur to be bold and brave in the marketplace. 
Especially as a copywriter, to have the creative power to make clients come to you. Instead of trying to beg them to consider you for their job requirements. Let’s now look at the benefits of self-promotion as a copywriter. 

The Benefits of Self-promotion as a freelance copywriter:

In the business world of marketing,  promoting yourself with boldness and bravery is a stepping stone to achievement and success. Especially in the present-day Digital Global World. Here is what you will gain from being able to promote yourself as a freelance copywriter;


  • Confidence in being yourself and being the best in any job you fancy the way you were marketing yourself in your copywriting services. 
  • Develop a strong positive attitude to yourself to do the job the way you believe in your capabilities and skills as outlined in your self-promotional campaigns. 
  • Establishing a strong connection with your clients through social and professional interaction both online and face to face. 
  • Strong impact through direct contact and knowing what you are like in your conduct, behavior, soft skills, and attitude. 
  • Build a positive image of yourself as someone who can effectively manage themselves and is worthy of hiring for any of your services. 
  • Creating a bold persona in your prospective clients or customs, whom they will always think of when they need your services. 
  • Establish yourself as a creative, valuable, and purpose-driven copywriter in your clients’ minds, someone who is memorable and worthy of remembering in the industry.  
  • Finally, self-promotion would make your prospective customers or clients like to hire you without begging them to consider you for their job requirements

That will boost your confidence in who you are as a copywriter. How best you must promote yourself for survival and success in the industry. Are you ready for this?

Please state whether this blog inspired you in your journey as a copywriter. And in creating content as a solopreneur or freelancer in any industry.


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