How To Write a Purpose & Value Statement That Optimizes Business Performance:

It is always demotivating to see people angry at their jobs and projects. As a freelancer, solopreneur, startup company director, or employee, always be clear with your purpose and value in life and business. That is always inspiring and empowering in optimizing focus and achievement of goals and dreams.

So, as we dive deeper into the New Year, it is always advisable in business to reflect and look into how best you can remain inspired. As a solopreneur, freelancer, or startup company. The best way is to reexamine your purpose and value and see whether it clearly aligns with your vision and mission and whether everyone is onboard with you and everything you are trying to achieve in your venture. The starting point in this strategy is looking into your purpose and value statement. And make it clear and readable as possible to inspire everyone concerned. 

 It needs to appeal more to some sense of loyalty and dedication to what you are doing and why you are doing it. That, of course, should cover the most common aspects of any business venture, like whether it still aligns with your goals and dreams in your business venture.  

Some might wonder what a purpose and value statement is. I can say; it is the 'Why' and 'What' of your business venture. For example at joyful copywriters, I always wake up to fulfill this purpose and value statement; ''Creating and Writing Content That promotes The Purpose & Value of Your Business." That is the reason for your business’ existence. And what it provides and its benefits to the target market. 

The purpose and value statement of your business venture. Should spell out and reflect the big picture of what you are doing. And its benefits yourself and your clients. You can only achieve this when you go deeper with your content marketing. As the best strategy in digital marketing. Based on your purpose and value statement on all your content. To inspire both your clients and those with whom you work in your projects. 


So as you go deeper into more business projects for rebranding and consolidating your presence in the marketplace. Content creation based on your purpose and value across social media is necessary for scaling your market reach. It will enhance branding and maximize the performance of your business organization as long as you base it on a clear and readable purpose and value statement. 

A solid, clear and readable purpose and value statement will create consistence. It will inspire and empower everyone in your venture to believe in what you are doing. And what you plan to do in fulfilling the purpose of your business venture. And realize the value of the business venture in what you are doing. And what you are doing for the business to survive and grow. That will ensure high performance in achieving the goals of your venture. 

 Be clear with your purpose and value in what you are doing. That must be well crafted, clear, and readable. To clarify how it benefits your target audience and your business. It is usual that when a new year unfolds as is right now. There are myriads of factors that may change your mindset. And the way you do things in your business. But with a well-defined roadmap, directed by a clear and readable purpose and value statement. It is always easy to keep track of what you are doing. And what you want to do in leveling up your productivity and performance. 

That is why companies like HubSpot always come out with new and better strategies and tools of how best business processes and operations should be managed especially in marketing. Here, however, it is business templates and marketing tools recommended. That can never be effective without purpose-driven and value-centered content. Suggested templates will help in defining the type of content you need to create to level up your voice and presence in the digital marketplace. 

This is needs joyful copywriters for clarifying and crafting the voice and tone of your brand to persuade everyone to be part of your venture.


Bringing clarity through redefined purpose and value will ensure everyone in your venture starts at the same footing and angle. In the understanding of what their role involves. In achieving the targeted goals. For fulfilling the vision and mission of your business. You realize that there are times in your entrepreneurial journey. You feel discouraged in what you are doing in your venture. 

Yet with a clear and well-defined purpose and value statement ingrained. You will realize that it becomes easier for you to wake up invigorated and inspired to pursue your goals. Towards fulfilling your purpose. And establishing your value and how worthy you are in the business world. Here you must note that well defined purpose and value statement will bring out the big picture of your vision and mission with clarity that everyone can easily relate to and be inspired to be part of and see it coming to reality and fruition.   

As a freelance copywriter, I have always been curious about what people wake up to in most organizations. It is okay they go to work. And it is their job to do the work. But the frustrating thing is, they have never come to understand why they are doing the job except to get paid. That is why most employees. Always think of getting paid. Not about taking the organization to a higher level of its performance and its reputation as a brand. ’’As long as I get my salary, who cares!’’. 

These kinds of employees are only happy on Friday and paydays. Mondays always make them feel sick and throw up. Yet this is not their problem because the purpose and value statement is not clear to inspire them. And make them feel part of the whole organization. The clarity in this gives meaning to anyone’s work. Through understanding how they can do their job. In line with what the organization stands for and needs to achieve    

Freelance copywriters like the joyful copywriters always play hard at their game on content marketing, for they always know what they would win at the end of the game - you as their client and follower. 

A job becomes toxic when people do it without any job description. That way becomes plain work with only highlights of features with zero benefits. That is zero clarity on its benefits. That, for me, is work and does not inspire the target candidate. To feel excited about the job application. And its opportunities to make it a purposeful and meaningful job. If the job description highlights both features and benefits then, there is more clarity in what needs to be done and how best it can be done to win in the game.

I have seen most job descriptions lack focus on purpose and value. And are like a thesis with no clarity on where to break. And where to specialize in doing the job. They lack focus and clarity on the purpose and value of the one who is to do the job. That should inspire and empower the job candidate to have some sense of purpose. And value for your business. And the role they are going to play in the business venture. That is why most freelancers and freelance copywriters like me always have joy in what I am doing. I am clear with my purpose and value in whatever I do in my projects. 

I have always seen job descriptions of copywriters. It is like you will have to do every little bit of nothing by the end of the day. That is why some hired copywriters end up mixing everything. And producing shoddy content. With zero purposes and no value sense of the business needs. Do you know why this is so? Most such companies advertise jobs of that nature. Lack focus on their purpose and value in what they wake up to every day. They get hired by job placement agencies that have nothing to do with the purpose and value statement of the company. 

So, they hardly find time to dig deeper to come out with a job description that aligns with the purpose and value statement of the company And the essence of the candidate who might suit the position. Most use outdated traditional and prescribed job description templates without analyzing the purpose and value statement. 

Using traditionally designed templates for job descriptions is no longer applicable in the present-day creative world where flexibility. And work-life balance is the new norm in the entrepreneurial business workplace. A job description that is enticing for any candidate in any industry in today’s creative economy should have purpose and value as the guiding principles in the job description. 

Most of them do not even know or have any sense of purpose and value themselves except the hungry and furious sense of making money.

That alone never fulfills the purpose and value of any venture. It is like dicing, with no clarity of what needs to target. These might be swimming in big profits. But through hit and miss way of pursuing goals. And fulfilling non-existent or written purpose and value statement. That is why most start-up companies don’t survive the marathon of providing value to themselves and their clients. Pursuing profits without clarifying the purpose and value through clear and readable content is no longer adequate to sustain any business in the present-day digital world. 

Most businesses and companies I have seen and read about and some entrepreneurs I have met and talked to have always said,  ''I don't know what this year brings. It's scary and confusing.'' Of course, this is not an inspiring picture of how they do their business. 

You can bear with them, for entrepreneurship with a hard core business mindset can be frustrating. It makes you always think about making money first before ensuring that your purpose and value statement is clear, readable and well received by everyone concerned with what you are doing. Making money before cultivating the spirit of enjoying what you are going to provide can be scary and overwhelming.

Clear and readable value statement, spells out some deep sense of meaning and purpose at work and in your projects. It is said; ‘’9 out of 10 employees are said to be willing to take a pay cut for more meaningful work.’’ That is why I encourage you. As a solopreneur or start-up, think of your purpose and value statement first. And see how it fits in with you. And whether it inspires you and everyone for loyalty, dedication, and joy in what you are doing. So, how best can you make your purpose and value statement inspire you and everyone in your business venture ? Here are the ten ways you can do so;

·       Your purpose and value statement should clarify the big picture of your venture and what you want to achieve in your venture.

·       Build a system based on your purpose and value, and be the driver and eye of the venture.

·       Be open minded with rebranding ideas based on your purpose and value statement.

·      Involve everyone in your organization to be clear with what your purpose and value statement implies to them and what they need to do in the organization.

·      Cultivate confidence in everyone to believe in themselves based on your purpose and value statement.

·       Embrace all changes that make you refine your purpose and value in the market place.

·       Your purpose and value statement should spell out your voice, power and confidence.

·       Your purpose and value statement should inspire and empower you and your team if any, to be passionate about what you are doing in your venture.

·       It should inspire loyalty, dedication and joy in achievement of goals

·       It should clarify focus and attention on what needs to be done to achieve goals.

Remember, clarity in rebranding and reshaping your venture efforts will make your new year more exciting as you plan to level up and improve performance and presence in the entrepreneurial business marketplace. That can only become interesting and enjoyable with a clear purpose and value statement. 

That is why the joyful copywriters always cultivate that bountiful joy of walking with you in this journey through carving content that can inspire and empower you in your entrepreneurial journey in 2022. Interested in working with me? Email Now! 


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