Competitive Advantage in Outsourcing Freelance Content Creators & Copywriters:


If any company is outsourcing content creators and copywriters, it is on the right move and must celebrate this blog post.  It is a pathfinder for outsourcing such services for boosting revenue in the digital global economy, but don’t fire your in-house content creators and copywriters yet.  

Be aware of these obstacles and observations that most businesses are encountering. With in-house content creation and writing. Here is what is stalling conversions for boosting sales and revenue in content marketing.

·       Some marketing teams in most businesses feel they can do everything even with limited bandwidth, low productivity, and flimsy business goals.

·       The in-house content creators are expected to do work that has little to do with content creation and writing. And thereby lose focus on its commercial intent.

·       Content Marketing is not yet seen as essential by most businesses. So, they use their in-house staff to handle this segment of their business operations and processes.

·       Content creation is a supplemental activity in the business marketing plan and not a factor in boosting sales and conversions.

·       Most businesses still believe anyone in their organization can be a content creator and writer. So, there is no need for outsourcing talent and skills in this area.

·       Some business leaders have not yet been staff developed. Enough to understand what content marketing is and its significance in Digital marketing

·       Most in-house staff and the management leadership do not understand their website. And its significance in raising awareness of the brand. For boosting conversions into sales and revenue.

·       The above observations have resulted in negative results with their content marketing efforts with no impressive metrics across all their social media platforms and websites.

·       These include social engagement on their social media handles, website engagement, and traffic conversions. ·         

Why is inhouse content creation failing in most businesses?

. It is because of limited bandwidth, low productivity, and flimsy business goals. That is common in most business enterprises that have remained behind. In catching up with the rest of the world. In appreciating outsourcing talents and skills outside their box offices.


 In human resources, this refers to assigning and taking on more than what the employees or managers can commit in the business sense. It refers to the ability to take on more work. That means how much one can do in a given time.  

In copywriting\ and content marketing, this refers to the capacity to create, design, and plan relevant content considering factors like whether they can do more than one thing at a time.  

Also,  how many members are in a team. And hours a day need to be used to execute the planned projects. And whether all members have the mental capacity. And intelligence expected of them to do the assigned work.


Productivity in business refers to the effectiveness and quality of the productive effort. In most industries, it is the ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs. It is the efficiency of the production inputs such as your content creators, copywriters, and capital.  

Like the money, you would plan to invest in content marketing. And how to use it in marketing to produce a given degree and percentage of output. Like in this case, conversions might boost leads and sales. It is the state of being able to create at a high quality and fast speed.  The ability to focus on more tasks and bring the best to the table. Like high conversion rates for the achievement of content goals.

Business Goals:

These are what the business or individuals plan to achieve in a set time. These could be long-term or short-term goals. Like in the case of content creation could be to increase brand awareness. In business, goal setting ensures efficient and effective use of time and resources for boosting sales and realizing a profit. Clear business goals optimize focus, attention, and energy on more productive activities. 

Like content creation and its significance in marketing ensures pacing and strategizing of business activities. Business goals need to be set and interpreted by team members. for digesting them with a receptive heart and soul for profitable execution.  

It should not be doing work for just doing work, but being productive and achieving tangible results. That speaks volumes of high performance and reliability. That is essential in any business enterprise.  

 Most freelance content creators and copywriters are aware of these factors and always ensure they are not affected. Whether they are working alone or in a team, their effort in doing work is always beyond their clients’ expectations. Here, I can recommend Fiverr for sourcing freelancers like myself.

So, outsourcing will see your business content marketing efforts well covered with limited hustles.



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