How Business Owners Can Help Freelancers Provide High Value Services For Brand Building:

Communication and cooperation are keys to building solid brands of influence and authority in the market. In my last article, I explored how clients can be 'difficult' and labeled as ‘bad’ clients. That is true, but with proper strategies and tools, clients and service providers can work together to build a good rapport and better relationships that build strong brands of influence and authority in the industry. That can boost high conversions and sales.

This blog post will explore how business owners can help freelancers deliver high-value services that boost their conversions and sales revenue. Let's explore how it goes and how any business owner can enjoy working with any freelancer, specifically content creator of their business and build a strong brand through high-value content.

I remember the first day I got a message for my first Web Content Creation & Writing project. My client wanted a vision and mission statement crafted for his business idea. I barely knew anything about him and the kind of business he wanted to establish. And it was a remote assignment. I could have fainted with no knowledge of where and how to start the conversation. Thanks to my faithful Web Content Information Collection tool. I designed the questionnaire instrument to make web content creation and writing practical and functional for branding.

It was also fortunate and encouraging that my client was mature to appreciate the effort I had shown by coming out with such a helpful instrument, which also helped him have a big picture of what he was trying to do in his business. It was like meeting each other along the way and establishing common ground on the voice, tone, and mood of the kind of brand identity that fits his business idea. So, how best can business owners help freelancers provide services of high relevance and value to their businesses. Here are the main elements that would help.




Like a doctor, any business needs a diagnosis of its problem and how it can be treated. However, as a content creator, it is fortunate you won’t diagnose a problem but position the business for brand awareness and authority on the market. Easy, it should be with maximum cooperation from the business owner- the CEO who needs to provide comprehensive information about their business. That is not always easy if you are working remotely. Also, interviews to establish facts about any business can be time-consuming and exhausting. Freelancers hardly have time, and business owners always lack the patience to feed you the comprehensive information you want to do your job. So, what is the best way to communicate and collect adequate information and data?

The web Content Information Collection Questionnaire Tool


The Web Content Creation Information Collecting tool was created and designed to help freelancers in any creative industry ease their way into the conceptual understanding of their client's businesses. Business owners and freelance service providers need to appreciate creative and innovative thinking in creating brand identity, personality, positioning, awareness, and promotion. Working as a team always brings excitement to building brandable businesses for sustainability and longevity in wealth creation for future generations, especially in developing countries. The tool realizes that need and promotes cooperation between business owners and creative freelancers and is also helpful with in-house creative projects for branding and positioning the business.



My first client was an elderly man trying to create a T-Shirt designing brand with its drive and focus for inspiration and motivation to young people to appreciate entrepreneurship and have the confidence to put themselves out there in the world. He had a vision, and together we had to liven it up with some content and establish its brand identity and influence in the world.

 As a business owner, you need to have that spirit of entrusting freelancers with your dream and work together to bring it to life. You can always download this Web Content Creation Information Collection tool to use for you to have a clear picture of your business and what brand you can create with the help of any freelance content creator or even your in-house content creators. Just be cooperative, and your business is bound to develop into a strong brand that represents your vision and mission and fulfills your purpose and value in the market. Freelancers are always there to build your brand and safeguard their reputation as creators and brand consultants, and strategists in the different industries they serve.

Need Analysis


Need analysis is the key in branding for growth and development. If the Information Collection tool is used right by the business owner, it will help the freelancer have a clear picture of the business. It will enable clarifying the purpose and value of the business venture. And what kind of brand they envision from the response in the questionnaire. When the business owner finishes completing the Information Collection Questionnaire tool, they will also have a clear picture of what they expect from the freelancer. 

Here are some questions content creators can add to clarify the business's needs. Why do they need the freelance services, why do they see you as a good fit for the service, or why you could be a good fit for each other in the project? Business owners, specifically CEOs, need to cooperate and help whoever is in charge of their marketing department to get involved in these issues that can help in promoting teamwork with freelancers. Here are some questions to enhance the conversation that will strengthen further communication and cooperation in consolidating rapport between business owners and freelancers.

·       What can you say is the main problem in your business?

·       What is the main issue you are facing in your business?

·       How have you tried to do in sorting out this problem?

·       How do you think I can help you in this problem?

·       Why do you think I’m a good fit for your problem?

That will open further dialogue to establishing the need, solution, and mapping out the execution and how best a freelance content creator can help them. Problems can always arise if there is no clarity and appreciation of what the freelancer needs to do and how they need to do it to the satisfaction of both parties concerned. There shouldn’t be any second-guessing on the needs, solutions, and execution. So, after establishing what is needed. It is time to focus on solutions.

Focus on Solutions


Agreed needs will make it easier to work out appropriate solutions. Like in Content Marketing, that might be, there is zero content on the business website with zero traffic and no presence online, and no influence in the industry for connectivity with the target audience. So, where should we start, what should we do, and how can this be done. As it is, you can see it is a big project. So, the business owner should see the whole picture through a well-streamlined process below for the client to agree on what the freelancer put forward and be ready for any charges that come with the process and procedures. Let’s look at the sample below of the whole process of establishing the needs, solutions, and strategies.


Branding Strategy



A business can only become a sold brand by creating its own unique space and identity that is solely itself and how customers and prospects perceive it in the market. Here is how business owners and freelancers should look into together in the whole process.

·       Business analysis process

·       Brand Conceptualization

·       Content Categorization

·       Content Creation Ideas

·       Content Research

·       Formatting and Frequencies

The process of filing the questionnaire tool by the business owner will assist in understanding all the aspects outlined above. It will spell out the scope of their business and establish its branding needs. Like in content marketing, it is always recommended to have a blog on a business website. The clarified purpose and value of the business through the above process would assist both parties concerned not to lose focus on the brand identity, personality, voice and tone the content should bring out and what kind of content needs to be created and its format. For example, with my experience, I might suggest the business owner to consider blogging and use a social media platform to drive traffic to their website and the blog. Someone might consider to use email marketing.

 Branding Strategy Execution


When it comes to execution, it is not about hours, but results on the table and quality of work done and finished as scheduled. This is where business owners need to have an idea of how it is going to be executed and whether it fits their budget. Just as a sample in long-form content creation, specifically for blogging and social media promotion. I did this for one of my clients as a proposal.


  •  Conceptualizing categories according through close analysis of the business idea and its branding requirements like the main focus areas in the industry it is going to serve.
  • Blogging on the website for Content Marketing-SEO Content Creation one blog post for each category per month blog posts per month with recommended standard length of 500 – 1000 up to 2500 – 3000 words depending on the topic and format.
  • Weekly Social Media posts on chosen social media platform based on the company’s marketing strategies like driving traffic to the site for accessing products, services, information & knowledge and boosting Website traffic
  • The pricing can always be negotiated, looking at factors like the complexity of the research areas, the subject matter that needs to be covered and expected formats.


As explored, with clear communication and cooperation from business owners as clients, there is room for freelancers to deliver services of high value in building brands that will exist for a lifetime with tangible results on the table. Especially in content creation in blog marketing. What is your reaction to this topic? It would be wonderful to have insights on the subject in the comments box below. Thank you!


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