Practical Accessories That Can Boost Your Confidence as a Freelance Content Creator:


Last week I explored Lifestyle habits that can improve productivity as a freelancer. In this post, let’s dive deep into accessories that can boost your confidence as a solopreneur and freelancer, especially as a freelance copywriter. Being confident and productivity go hand in hand in freelancing and solopreneurship. As a freelancer and solopreneur, you need to equip yourself with accessories that boost your confidence in gathering and compiling information, ideas and knowledge.

 Most people haven’t come to grasp the lifestyle of freelancers and solopreneurs. Are you still fumbling in being a freelancer and not quite sure how best you can come to grips with your lifestyle? From my experience and seeing how some freelancers easily get overwhelmed with the work they are supposed to enjoy, I realized getting organized is the best way to teach yourself to enjoy the journey in your career as a freelancer and solopreneur.

Here are the accessories I believe can help boost your confidence in mastering your daily routine and enjoy this lifestyle you have chosen for yourself as a solopreneur and freelancer, specifically as a content creator and writer.

1.     Tote Bags

Tote bags always have that casual flair and creative mood swing and always proved a good investment and handy accessory to add glamour and boost confidence in the carefree freelancing lifestyle. It gives you that bounce in confidence, whether it is for a meeting with a client or just a day out for a short break strolling for some refreshment in the park. It can easily accommodate your writing accessories like pens, notepads, and your diary. Comfortably slashed in, it makes you feel light and relaxed on any day out for information recording, meeting or seeking inspiration, relaxing in the park, or for library visits.

2.     Stationery:


 The other aspect that most freelancers, especially copywriters, overlook is the kind of stationery you take to any meeting with your customers or prospective clients. That must reflect you and your values and beliefs to enhance your branding. Does it reflect that inner joy and conviction in what you are doing? Here I would be happy to recommend the Filofax 

stationery products. They come in different forms and styles like organizers, clipbooks, notebooks, and notepads. This brand has everything that will avoid any clutter of messy notes in any bulgy and disorganized notebooks.

You need beautifully designed clipbooks, notepads, and notebooks. That will reflect your creative approach to your work and confidence in what you are doing. A positive mindset of having information and data collecting accessories like organizers, clipbooks, and notebooks will always assure of where you want to go and get to in your career as a freelancer and solopreneur. Here are all-time favorites organizers,  clipbooks, notebooks and that most people find practical and functional. These will add value to your Tote bags and make you bounce with confidence in your journey as a freelancer and solopreneur.

3.     Pens

So many times, I find myself looking for pens all over the house. And finding nothing on that day to use for my notetaking. As a freelance copywriter, I read and write notes nearly every time. You know, as a writer, you hardly want to miss or misplace any bit of information you come across or an inspiring thought and idea from your head. So, a pen and notepad are always your closest friends. Anything that has been written down in ink and paper as a draft reduces the stresses that come with the fear of crashes that might mean expensive forensic retrieval of data. That is why I trust handwritten drafts and notes. It is classic and always puts your mind at rest as a copywriter.

Though most notetaking and journaling tools like organizers, clipbooks, and notebooks come with pens to ensure you can never lose a pen, I have always come to trust buying pens in bulk. Here are the most common brands that have been there and will always make having a pen around you practical and affordable. The Bic pens are simple and practical. They come in Bic Clic Medium Black Ball Pen package, that will ensure you always have a pen to write near and around your workspace at home. If you want something classy and more sophisticated, this brand  has a good stock of them. These are always handy. And their writing never fades like modern digitized writing pens. Classic is always the best for simplicity and functionality in your freelancing and solopreneurship space.  

4.     Reading Glasses

  Your eyes are mirrors of your success story and journey. Your age and eyesight condition determine the strength of your reading glasses. However, before digging in further, remember that reading glasses are not spectacles. If you want to know more about the difference between these two, you can read further here. Anyway, back to reading glasses and how to choose ones that are good for your eyes. Here is how to go about it according to age;


Strength of Reading Glasses

35 - 45

+ 1.00

45 - 50

+ 1.5

50 - 60

+ 2.00


+ 2.50 – 3.00


These guidelines are not prescription. You can always check other details about yourself and your needs. Like in freelance writing, you are always reading and writing. So, a bit of aid in focus and light in your eyes would reduce the stresses of doing it as a lifestyle. You must see whether you have any problems with your eyesight and make an informed choice of your reading glasses about the right strength and the benefits of having reading glasses as a freelance writer.

5.     Journal

A journal or diary is your closest friend that can accompany you in your daily planning and execution of your projects and ensure it is rightfully recorded and off your mind. These can be found in different sizes to suit your needs, demands and desires. The more comprehensive and portable, the better to make it more practical and functional in your buoyance of personal branding and having confidence in keeping it real by journaling all the highlights that will create more confidence in your life and business. I find the Buffalo Journals, simple. practical and affordable. These will not cause any clutter on your workspace at home and also fit snuggly in your Tote bag when free to go for a refreshing outing.

There we are, guys. These accessories will help you claim your presence in your industry and online. With the buoyance, focus, and confidence in what you are doing. These practical and functional accessories will always help make your working days more organized, focused and productive.


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