How To Make Your Brand Influential in The Market Through Blogging:


Last week I explored why you need to create a brand, not just a business. The thread in the story was to make your business easy to market. In short, I can say it was to make your business brandable and marketable. I don’t know about you. As for me, I have always believed marketing should not be rocket science. It should not be science but creative and humane through blogging. The marketing industry is a flood of the same story of creating founder stories of your brand. But look here, guys. Is that the right formula in digital marketing, specifically Content marketing?

The bottom line is the content must be relevant and of value to the target audience. Not standard and uniform on all online platforms. The whole internet and networks have the same old story of carving the founder story. What if you are just a creator and have no story to tell about how you got involved with what you are doing. So, crafting founder sad stories for brand building and awareness hardly drives quality following and influence. It is clear purpose and value that business ventures can carve creative and relevant blog posts that are influential and authoritative in your industry.

Sad founder stories of how you started a business hardly inspire the present millennium generation. Entrepreneurship has since stopped being driven by being fired at your work or jobless for some years. And then you start thinking of entrepreneurship as an alternative. Entrepreneurship has become a lifestyle that most people are striving and thriving to live, especially as freelancers, solopreneurs, startups, and creators of wealth. The more passive it can be, the better for most young entrepreneurs in the Digital Creative Economy. So, the marketing messages should be inspiring and empowering enough to arouse the young generations to think and aspire to be what you are claiming in your brand presentation.

Here is how you can try to make your marketing creative and garner the attention it deserves in the creative world of marketing.

Pull Factor

No one these days likes to be sold too. It is not strategic and professional to push people to like, follow, or buy your products and services. It is not interesting to put people on the leash of your business. Your business is your creativity, so it must maintain its creative power to appeal to your target market’s senses and attention. The way to do that is to apply the pull factor strategy that is spontaneous in drawing attention to your brand and its appeal to prospects’ attention and desire to be part of what you are doing. You motivate the customers to buy your products or services.

That all starts with how you present yourself to prospects and the trust and belief in your brand. Your feelings and principle about your brand should be like, I hate selling, but I love marketing my brand, for I know if you don’t get it, you are a loser” That is how I have been marketing my book here “The Art of Simple Living>”. I have never found or felt like pushing people to buy the book. Pulling them through this site has been the best way to maintain integrity and sanity in the marketing game and also makes it more creative and enticing. So, the push factor marketing strategy enables you to attract consumer attention and interest in your brand and services or products with creative and relevant content like this blog.


The market is flooding. Entrepreneurs create brands every day. How can the beat of your brand sound a little different from the noisy market? The secret is not to sell or brag about what you are doing. Inspire. Be credible, authentic, and relatable to what you are offering. You cannot market blogging or web design solutions that you are hardly practicing in a Master Class way to yourself. Do not market services or products but solutions. Solutions inspire and create a positive mood for your brand in your audience’s mind and attention. Most brands that have proved their mark in being influential on the global market are inspirational in providing solutions.

 Here is a list of some that can inspire you to do likewise. If you carefully look through the list and read the details. You will realize that the drive behind their creation was information technology to provide something more practical and exciting for their target market. You might think as a freelancer and solopreneur are too small to be an inspirational brand. No, all these brands started with one individual’s idea and developed into what they are now through the inspiration for brand building and awareness.


Most influential brands have to empower through slogans that are pregnant with meaning in life and business. Apple’s ‘’Think Different” is empowering its target audience to look at things differently by being bold in being different and in choices, being expressive in your outlook and views, and being creative and artistically true to yourself. The founder was just like that. He was his own man in what he believed. You can never have the power to change the world if you think like anyone else. Think differently and change the man next to you. When your brand seeks to empower, you don’t just strive to provide products or services but also the meaning and sense of what you are offering.

Empowerment in branding comes with a global mindset to increase influence, strength, and recognition in the market for a deep connection, trust, and credibility at a Global level. Coca-Cola is one such brand that has proved to have an emotional connection with its global target audience. ’’Refreshing the World and Making a Difference.’’ ‘’Providing refreshment in body and spirit.’’ ‘’Crafting the brands and choice of drinks people love, to refresh them in body and soul.’’ That reflects how they are concerned with empowering the body and souls of their consumers. So, make your brand slogans and mantra empowering.


As a brand, you need to talk to your target audience and inform them of what is in store for them in your brand promises. An informed audience is an inspired and empowered audience. They can make an informed decision about how they interact with your brand and what is there for them. That will keep them loyal and enjoy what you are providing and offering. Some freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups can be dodgy and elusive in their dealings. If you wait for customers and prospects to ask for more information about your products and services, they might feel less enthusiastic and taken in with your brand. That gap can never build an influential brand that people can trust and support for growth and longevity on the market.

Transparency and clarity are the basics for mastering communication and adequate information about your brand. Use proper channels for informing your audience. You can use email, website, web chats, social media, video messaging, phone – mobile or land, and handwritten messages can even help to make it more personal for that human connection with your brand. That automated messages are compromising.


No one wants to get involved with a brand that is hardly known. Knowledge is power. It will empower your audience on how best they interact with your products and services. Do not limit acceptance of your brand by lack of knowledge about it and what it provides in the market. Elderly consumers swear by buying only products and services they were born using and are still on the market.

These are consumers you must educate on the benefits and value of your products or services. It would help to open their minds to what they might be missing because of failing to be open-minded and explore new stuff on the market. It is just like me here on this platform, trying to open your mind on how best you can make your brand more practical to promote and be influential in the market. So, educating your clients and prospects is one way your brand can garner attention, authority, and credibility in the market.

So, there we are. Being influential as a brand is not a walk in the park. Yet from the creative mindset of applying these simple strategies, your brand can establish a solid foundation for growth, longevity, and influence on the market. Are you interested in making it that way? Let us help you establish your business into a brand of influential presence in the market through blogging.


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