Reactive Content Creation Versus Proactive Brand Focused Content Creation:


Content Creation is the heart and soul of Brand building and awareness. Therefore, any created content should be creative and original to focus on uniqueness. It should not be trend-focused and reactive to current irrelevant issues but proactive and brand-focused. As a twenty-first-century business owner, you need to develop a creative and entrepreneurial mindset and approach in all your business operations and processes that would ensure strong branding. Reactive business operations and processes would never establish you as a brand that can build your business idea into a strong brand of global influence. So, as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and solopreneur, how can you ensure you are not reactive, but proactive in your business operations and processes? Like in content creation, that is the heart and soul of all your marketing efforts on the Global Market.

Reactive content creation is like kicking and throwing missiles of untimed posts and messages to your audience. It lacks proactivity and focus on your brand messaging. For it is based on trends that do not enhance your brand meaning and sense to your audience. Most full-time in-house content creators have experienced the business mindset of their traditional bosses breathing down their necks to post frequently online with no serious consideration of their brand purpose and the value of the message and the post.

That is why most in-house full-time content creators are reactionary and panicky in content creation. Freelancing content creators, like the joyful copywriters, have taught themselves that there should be no panicking in content creation. They believe in proactive content creation based on the purpose and value of your brand. They are not reactionary. Long-form or short-form content should never be reactive but relevant and brand-focused. That needs planning and strategizing. That will provide a sustainable platform for growth, authority, and influence.

That is where you need creative freelance content creators and writers, or you as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and solopreneur to be well versed in that execution of personal branding and self-promotion through blogging on your website like what I am doing here. The bottom line is last minute and reactive content creation does not work. You must have a robust brand content marketing strategy. So, what aspects should you consider in your content creation strategy?

Pacing and Timing

Well-planned and adequately scheduled content creation will ensure quality pacing and timely production and publication on the right platforms. Haphazardly creating content and posting it on any social media platform won’t help build a solid brand of authority and influence in the market. You need practical pacing that you and your team can manage and fulfill for the timely delivery of valuable content on relevant and suitable platforms. That will satisfy your audience’s curiosity about your brand and how your content can help them and be part of what you are doing.

 Random content creation and posting on any platform will compromise the status and credibility of your brand. So, stick to manageable pacing and timing. Here is how I do it here on this blog; Long-form Content Creation – I do it on Monday – Tuesday, posting it on the Website on Wednesday. Then I post the short-form Content on Social Media Platforms based on the blog post on Thursday. Then handle Feedback and Commenting on Friday. That is how you can try to do it as a freelancer and solopreneur. I hardly use automated scheduling to maintain the creative flow of ideas and the human touch I always try to establish with myself as a brand and my audience. You can check my other long-established blog here. It is getting there with readership and comments.

Clarity and Direction

 Clarity about your content creation objectives would give you directives on how best it can be brand focused and relevant. One angry blogger, who also enjoys other people’s blogs but is tired of being exposed to a generic approach of reactive content marketing, expressed his disgust about short outbursts of content that lack the substance of brand building. That does more harm to your brand marketing. Blogging for branding does not need to be based on trending topics. It needs fresh and original content. That promotes what the brand intents to do in the market and what it provides to its target audience. So, shut up about trendy topics and focus on creating and sharing valuable content that validates the purpose and value of your business. That boost leads generation of long-term business connections for wealth creation on your website.

Be focused and intentional in your content creation. Be guided by your purpose and value. With clarity, based on the purpose and value of your brand in the market. Proactive, and brand-focused content creation, never slows down or comes to a halt. Instead, it becomes even more creative, focused, relevant, and exciting to create with a clear direction of where you are driving your brand to be. And its positioning on the market.

Team involvement

When you are building a brand, no one should be left behind. That is why medium and large-sized businesses slack in brand building. Smaller brands directly connected to the founder, CEO, freelancer, and solopreneurs are easier to handle when it comes to brand management. They don’t involve too many people and departments to cater to the brand-building process. Reactive content creation leaves no room for consulting other relevant departments who are going to be affected by the content creation strategy.

 Every piece of content you create and share on any platform has long-term implications and effects on your brand. That could be in different departments of your business enterprise like the financial, sales, media, and human resources. Well-planned content creation that is sustainable for brand building considers the brand’s content needs and is never reactionary and irrational in its approach to content creation.

KPIs and Metrics Tracking

Clarity about what you are measuring and observing should guide the effort you put into your content creation and its objectives in brand building and awareness. You can never expect your KPIs and metrics to reflect positive results for your brand if your content creation is haphazard and does not target what you want to achieve in your content creation strategy. Here is the thing, reactive random posting of social media posts and blog posts results in unimpressive KPIs and metrics. They don’t reflect consistency in brand positioning and influence that boost sales. That stunts growth and brand recognition in the market. You must have a solid foundation for well-planned and scheduled content creation efforts focusing on the value that would serve and benefit your target audience. Well-scheduled content creation means more time for writing content of value to your audience, not just content, for content’s sake.

Your content schedule should make sense to everyone concerned. Weekly content management previously shown in creating and producing quality content ensures solid branding.

The best way to ensure brand focus and positive metrics are to avoid following trends and being reactive to current issues that have nothing to do with your brand. Plan a sustainable content strategy to ensure the creation of relevant, high quality and optimized content. The bottom line is to recognize and remember that content creation on your website is not for amusement and going with the flow of trendy fluffy issues. But is a valuable resource and asset for your brand in all its marketing effort towards creating wealth.   

So, don’t be reactive or follow trends in your content creation strategy. Focus on proactive brand building and positioning based on the purpose and value of your business. If you are still in the mystery of this move, check here for our branding resources. That will inspire and empower you in believing in your brand that you won’t spare any minute forging ahead in creating a website and creating content of value that will ensure wealth creation on your blog. You can also leave your views on this topic. Are you for Reactive Content Creation or Proactive Content Creation? Cheers, and remain focused on creating a resourceful brand of high value on the Global market!


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