Invest in Blog Marketing for Solid Brand Building:


As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, and small, medium, and large-sized business owner, investing in blog marketing for brand building is the wisest decision you can make for solid brand positioning and longevity in the market. Here is why and how; 

It is interesting to observe and note that not all businesses are brands. Yet all brands are not just businesses but successful businesses. It is just as simple as if you are just a business; your drive is always to sell products and services to make money fast without investing in building long-term business relationships for longevity in the market. If you are a brand, you strategically market your business to provide solutions that will improve your value in the market and your client’s value in the same market, especially in B2B Marketing. That way, building long-term business relationships with your clients. Here are five aspects that will help you carve inroads into not just being a business; but a brand in the market.

 Invest Your Time

It takes time to develop your business idea into a viable business and make it brandable in the market. So, you need to invest your time in your brand building. That means you must put your time, energy, and attention into it. Avoid distractions like being attracted to shiny objects of this world and fast money-making deals that can destroy your economic dream – ‘the American, African and Global Dream’ and vision in brand building. Be visionary by taking your time to envision where you want your business idea to take you and what strategies and business models are suitable for your talents, skills, passion, drive, and interests. And how you can put all these aspects to build a brand of recognition on the market.

Most focused and successful people believe money will flow once you have established your real purpose and value in the market. And I am fast becoming a fan of that same mindset. It needs time and patience to position yourself in the right industry and niche. If found, you will never feel you are working but enjoying both the journey and the process. And the destination will be like manna from heaven. Agree or not, that is what brand building should do to fulfill your business initiative and its purpose and value in the market. You can never achieve success out of something you don’t want to spend time on for the rest of your life.

Most crazy successful brands had founders who slept in their labs and workshops to figure out steps and strategies to make their brands what they envisioned them to be. Mine is simple, but I remember swearing, “This is better going to work, for I have already gone so far, no looking back, my dear---. ‘’ It was me talking to myself, for I believed in this blog and its value to people who need exposure and position in the market. So, time well invested will always result in solid brand building in your niche, industry, and market.

 Invest Yourself

You don’t harvest where you never sowed any seed. Fortunately, some business models online don’t need a big budget to start and establish the right footing toward where you are going with your business. And position it as a brand as long as you believe in the business idea and are familiar with the business model you are pursuing. Especially in the present-day creative economy, where hundreds come and go or are disrupted and nullified by the competitive creative economy.

Investing yourself means you immerse yourself, money, and energy into positioning and building your brand. That means looking at how much you are worth in creative thinking, critical thinking, and the strategic application of your skills and solutions to your client's expectations in your niche and industry. How do you clarify your offer as a solution and make them understand its value before transactional endorsement for taking the business relationship to a higher level as a client and service provider? Invest yourself in the business for it to take off. You must also have a deep sense of personal branding as the CEO of your brand. 

A website is the second marketing budget item to consider for effective brand building. The first step is to be clear with the purpose, value, and objectives of your spending and what marketing strategies you are budgeting for, that will enhance the achievement of your business goals on your website. Marketing is the number one budget item that any business should never overlook. And the best and tried tool to cut any marketing cost is your website. And if well utilized can prove to be an asset, not a liability.

 A website is considered the headquarters for all your marketing efforts. For it can easily house every touch point of your marketing strategies and clearly show the heartbeat and pulse of your brand in the market. And the best tool to do that embodies digital marketing and content marketing channels is blogging. That enables blog marketing for solid brand building. Which is easy and very affordable and cuts costs on any marketing budget.

Invest Your Skills

Your skills are the essential investment that will spell out the solution you will provide. Be clear with your skills and be bold to let your skills demonstrate what you can do and offer in the market through your brand. Anyone can do anything faster and more efficiently only when they are skilled enough to handle the nit and grits of whatever they are supposed to be doing with their brand to remain on-brand. Your skills enhance your confidence and make you always ready to see and understand how best you can use them appropriately to build the business that will grow into a brand of recognition in your niche and industry.

In a world flooded with short courses, degrees, and diplomas advertised now and again, you must make sure you don’t get mixed up in what skills will help you in the brand you have envisioned. Like myself here, I am a professional teacher and have been teaching for a long time. But with my skills in writing as an English Language teacher and my passion for marketing through trial and error in marketing my Inspirational book, ‘The Art of Simple Living’ through cold calling in the streets, I realized blog marketing is the best strategy for solid brand building. You can see how the brand I am trying to establish is far from my teaching skills related somehow to dealing directly with people. I am now deep into marketing through blog marketing. So, invest relevant skills in your brand, and everything will come together in building a solid brand.

Knowledge Investment

Knowledge is said to be the new gold mine. It is now an age of data mining and turning it into solutions that provide value in people’s lives. Your knowledge will empower you to deliver without hesitation and have the power to claim yourself as a brand without feeling the imposter syndrome. Investing knowledge in building your brand is a strong foundation for a brand that will survive the taste of times and support you in helping your clients and solidifying your brand credibility in the market. Knowledge is useless if you can’t apply it in your niche and industry to provide value to your customers and prospects. Be knowledgeable in your industry and be a valuable brand in the market.

The more knowledge you have about your niche and industry, the higher value you can provide your clients without compromising their growth and value in the market. If I am hired right now by any business, I know I won’t find it hard to diagnose and dissect their company and come out with their blog marketing needs. That will boost their digital presence and authority in their industry and niche market. I know all about blog marketing and am very much into it. So, never underestimate the power of knowledge in whatever form for turning your business into a brand.

Information Investment

The business world is now a cascade of digital information that any creative entrepreneur should know how to access, retrieve, evaluate, analyze, modify, apply or broadcast in a way that suits your business as a brand. You must know how to infuse your brand voice into any information you send to your clients. Do not be a copycat. Think, imagine and create new perspectives in your niche and industry. Do not just follow or adopt information; analyze, digest, and apply it appropriately in building your brand.

‘Tactics!’, as Squealer demonstrates in Animal Farm, is the game, especially when building a unique brand that interests you and fulfills your passion and drives in your niche and industry. Remember, it is not always about making money. Making money alone without purpose and passion can kill. The stresses and frustrations of unpredictable figures in the number game can kill your passion and drive. Brand building based on a clear purpose and value proposition in the market will make you play the number game without hiccups. Invest in information access, utilization, and simple applications in your brand.

Remember here; your business should not just be a consumer of information. But also; the creator of its brand ideas on the website. That is why your website, as the arena of your brand-building efforts, should be well-developed and professionally managed. Mine here is a portfolio to inspire you to adopt blogging as an effective tool for blog marketing. And blog marketing is a channel for brand building through a 24/7 digital presence at minimal costs in content creation based on the purpose and value of your business and keeping you on-brand in your industry and niche on the global market.

If you find this interesting, don’t fear to get in touch, I will dissect and diagnose your content creation needs for blog marketing, and we can start working together to establish your footing in your brand building. Here is the data-collecting tool I will use here. Thanks for reading to the end. Follow me and be part of this exciting niche in Digital Marketing.


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