On-Brand Building Tips During the Festive Season:


The festive season shopping kicks off with Black Friday shopping focusing on holiday gift shopping. It is fast becoming an international thing, with many countries joining for its capitalization on the season of giving. But still intensely popular in the USA, with many people caught up in this shopping frenzy. That heralds the Christmas holiday shopping and sets the whole mood of Christmas shopping sprees when all brands compete for attention from customers in a frenzy of shopping for bargains slashed halfway down their usual marked prizes. As a brand, especially as a small and medium-sized business owner, it is always wise and advisable to remain calm, collected, and focused on your usual brand-building strategies.

Panic Attacks from Bigger Brands

 Avoid brand competition panic attacks during festive holiday shopping. Do not look at what other large international and national retail brands like Amazon, Walmart, Pick & Pay, or Shoprite do during these festive seasons like Black Fridays and the aftermaths of it all. Focus on your brand and remain on-brand in all your holiday season marketing efforts for solid brand building. After all, you still have a month of opportunity to grow your audience, promote your brand, and do your best as usual to optimize and boost your brand awareness and brand building.

Just be your brand as usual and take advantage of your intimate personal online presence that most big brands do not provide. The festive season allows massive opportunities for you to market your brand to customers already shopping online in a frenzy of Christmas shopping sprees. Research shows that consumer behavior considerably changes positively and sales are noticeably high between Black Friday and Christmas Season. Therefore, there are better ways to reach more shoppers and optimize your marketing strategy during the holiday season. Here are five tips to help you boost brand awareness, promotion, and long-term relationships for solid brand building.

Update Your Website

As usual on this blog, as joyful copywriters, we believe your website is the home of your brand and all its brand-building effort. So, make sure these Festive seasons online shopping sprees find your site up to date. Ensure that it is mobile user-friendly and responsive to avoid rebounds and error reports. If you have product listings, make sure they are updated to suit the festive season, just like you would with a brick-and-mortar store. Make sure your best sellers or best brand products are in the limelight for high visibility and to grab the visitors’ attention. Make sure you categorize them systematically with pages created according to festive gifts suitable for different age groups like parents, children, and friendship gifts. That will boost your user experience, the performance of your site, and your online store during these peak festive events.

Product and Copy Legibility

Make your digital brand legible verbally and physically, especially during these festive seasons, to attract and entice customers and put them in a celebratory mood. Legibility for product and service copy has always been a challenge in brand marketing, especially during these festive seasons when most brand owners and marketers are working under pressure to finish the year with more things to be done on-brand. That is where you need seasoned freelance copywriters and graphic designers to help you. For product legibility, make sure you use high-quality and large-sized product snapshots. For an illustration, a mini video presentation would work better. Be creative with imagery, color, and background for a well-balanced composition.

 Legibility here can also refer to visual legibility. Make your images eatable through the visitor’s eyes. The copy, as usual, must be simple but pregnant with emotions to appeal to your audience’s sense of desire and fulfillment. Make your CTAs create a sense of need and emergency in a refined and humane way. For example, “Branding Won’t be Festive Enough Without Our Blog” Check our tool while you enjoy your festive season and prepare for next year with these New Year Brand Building Tips here. Your copy must entice and reassure your clients of the value and purpose of your brand products and services. The bottom line is to get your audience or shoppers excited about your brand products or services during the festive season and assure them of your brand move in the approaching New Year.

Optimize social media

Social media platforms are integral to the whole festive season marketing game, and it gets hot if you allow it to be. Imagery is the rule of the game on most social media platforms. Make sure imagery and messaging speak to your audience, with you far from it all sun downing in the deep blue horizons of the Tropical Savana islands. Automate and schedule posts with intense ideas, stickers, story reels, and carousels on your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That is the easy way to keep yourself on-brand on your social media channels. All these should point and connect to your site, which is your website.

Update Content

Outdated content is a drawback to your marketing efforts on your website, especially during the busy festive holiday events. Make everything mobile friendly and responsive. You cannot understate on-brand clarity on any content creation during the festive holidays. Make sure you revise and update your content to the expected guidelines, like mobile responsiveness with optimized product detail pages. Update product descriptions using bullet points wherever applicable for fast and easy scanning by your visitors and prospects to have the gist of your brand offerings.

Make your language easy to understand for brand and product legibility that can appeal to your customers with no language barrier in capturing their attention to how the brand products are of value and how they will benefit them in their business and life. That will boost credibility and help drive sales during the festive holiday season. It will continue to do so even after the festive holiday as you continue to promote your brand into the new year for constancy and consistency in your brand marketing for solid branding building.

Send Marketing Emails 

Email Marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to acquire, engage and retain customers. There are four types of marketing emails; Email newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention emails and Promotional Emails. In this blog, we will highlight the Email Newsletter that is the most common and popularly used Email marketing tool. It is a long-form content marketing tool aligned with our drive for text marketing, like blog marketing. It targets subscribers for helpful knowledge and tools to add value and build long-term business relationships to strengthen subscriber loyalty. You should keep it on-brand for relevance and focus on your brand awareness and building goals during the festive when most customers easily get distracted by many special deals and bargains from other brands.

Make your Newsletter powerful with a clear subject line that points to the Festive brand deals and bargain shopping. Highlight the specialties and their benefits that will guide your customers into seeing your brand as a resource for festive holiday shopping tips and guidelines. Personalize it with clear, concise, and catchy language that is relatable and sweet. You can also incorporate the long one with the promotional emails just for the festive time offers to drive sales and signups for your business. The Newsletter email can be an ongoing on-brand marketing strategy for solid brand building and longevity in the market. Just like blog marketing.


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