Domain Name as Leverage for Digital Presence & Brand Building

There is no such thing; as a rock-solid digital brand presence without a great domain name. Your domain name is the power and force of your digital brand marketing. It will give your business that influence, control, and pull to position it as a rock-solid brand with an impact beyond imagination. ‘’Easier said than done.’’ I hear you saying.  Most people believe and agree with that notion and limited observation. However, The Joyful Copywriter believes otherwise and strives to debunk any limiting belief in digital marketing that has left most entrepreneurs and marketers confused and frustrated in building rock-solid brands with ease and enjoyment. Rock solid brands have domain names that survive the test of time in a forever evolving and oversaturated global digital market. 

 What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a name you use for your website. It is the address for a website, the only one on the internet. That is going to be the unique address for your business website. It consists of a website name and a domain extension. Preferably with a .com extension. That will help your audience and users to find your website and locate you online without confusion. Your domain name helps people find you online and makes first impressions of your brand’s digital presence on the global market. Simply, it is the equivalence of a physical address. So, it is the public digital address of your business on the internet. More of this is in the forthcoming blog post about website setting for brand building. Let’s explore and see how best you can choose and create a memorable and brandable domain name.


Creating such a name is not as relaxing as attending an exquisite business buffet or luncheon dinner. It demands cracking it up, brainstorming, and drafting with your vision, mission, passion, purpose, and value as the focal point that embodies all those factors. This blog post will inspire and empower you to create a brandable domain name that will make your business remain on top of your client’s and audience’s minds in the market. However, it all starts with how far you can stretch your imagination with creativity and innovation to create a compelling domain name guided by the following aspects that will make it a walk-through exciting process for you. Here are the five guidelines to help you in the process.

Simple but massive

Make it simple. But massive in imagination. Think like the Amazon guy, Jeff Bezos. His product and service ideas were simple, but his entrepreneurial business mindset through the domain name was massive. Ever wondered why most people don’t use their names for their domain names? Your name is a reality and never leaves room for creativity and imagination. That is massive enough to impact the world. Your name can never be as immersive as exploring the Amazon River. So, think simple but big with a more creative and easier name. That people can capture in their memories.

 If it is simple but suggests a big dream, it would have the power to activate anyone’s imagination with all the possibilities your business can bring. And make it happen in your industry and niche. The simpler the name, the easier it is to spell and type for googlers who might want to search for your business on the internet. That will ensure no one gets frustrated with typing your name or saying it aloud to devices or apps like Alexa. Remember, your only limitation is your imagination.

Short and Sweet

Most successful entrepreneurs agree on a domain name that is not more than three words long. If you can strike a one-word domain name, the better and easier it becomes on the audience's tongues and sweeter in their ears and senses. Usually, a one-word domain name is powerful and immersive, for it can easily be a verb suggesting action, like Google. Making it short is a witty, fun, and clever way of expressing what your business will offer, like Nike, Dove, Readit, Readable, Readables, etc. Though not easy to come out with a one-word domain name that is relevant, it is the most powerful way to make your digital brand presence and positioning more pronounced and easier to pronounce and say.

Again, the shorter it is, the easier it is to remember for people who want to google your business. Also, short names are sweet and captivating to human senses of attention and memory. The creative economy is highly competitive in drawing market attention to your business. Short and sweet domains would not frustrate prospects' attention from your brand. But draw their attention closer to your brand. That boosts brand presence and building from a short and sweet domain name.

Descriptive and enticing

A descriptive domain will attract anyone’s attention to see the graphic view of your business in their mind and senses. That way entices them to dig deeper into what you are up to in your business. That is usually on domain names that are more than one word long, like Joyful copywriters, Faithful to Nature, Making Sense of Cents, Green living, and many more that are descriptive of what their brand offers in the market.

 Being descriptive with your domain name will inspire powerful imagery of products and services. And prospects would not find it hard to have a picture of your products and services in the market. So, get descriptive with your domain name and make it easy to market your business by enticing the prospects to want to know more about what you offer. That will help in brand building with limited frustrations from your audience of guessing what you provide in the market.

Defining for Clarity

It must be a clear definition of what you are going to do in your business. The most common example these days is of entrepreneurs involved in cryptocurrency trading. Most seem to be not quite sure of how best they can brand their ventures. Due to a lack of depth in what they are to do in marketing it to the world as the Blockchain technology industry is still raw with no well-defined niches. That solopreneurs in this industry can relate to and come out with definite domain names rather than just their names.

You cannot use your name for brand marketing digital currency that still needs an aggressive introduction in the market. No wonder it is crushing, and most Blockchain currencies hardly survive the competition. The Blockchain technology is still raw and needs witty marketers and copywriters who will crack it up and define it to the target audience. Back to the domain name story, just as you have already seen in the case of cryptocurrencies. So, a domain name must define and clarify what you will do and offer in your industry and niche.

Compelling for Attention

A compelling domain name is a game changer in making your business easy to market and crushing its brand building with zero trauma and drama in the oversaturated digital global market. Appealing to the audience is the game in digital marketing. The domain name must be captivating enough to grip people’s attention. Like, The Joyful Copywriters. You are bound to be attracted by the joyful part of the name and might want to know more about why and how copywriters can identify themselves as joyful copywriters. That way compelled to read about what they do and offer and how joyfully they can write your copies.

 You see. That way, your brand building is bound to be like a walk in the park for a romantic picnic. Your domain name should be compelling to the human senses and desire to be part of your brand. In the above example, no one would resist being part of the joyful copywriters for the joy they always have in positioning and building your business into a rock-solid brand through blog marketing.

Willing to work with us from scratch in your brand-building journey? We are always ready and willing to help using our data-collecting tool here as the starting point of building a relationship with your brand.


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