Human Characteristics That Add Value to Brand Building in The Digital Economy

The marketing industry is fast evolving with AI tech tools in the creative digital economy. You might automatize your brand-building strategies as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, intrapreneur, freelancer, creator, startup, and business owner. But still, the human touch is the key to success in Digital Marketing. Something deeper than your tech talents and skills is needed to survive and succeed in the creative digital economy. That means your character, mindset, and outlook on life and business will enhance your skills to succeed in building your brand. 

There is an outcry in the business landscape and corporate world about toxicity. That is due to a lack of the human touch and human characteristics that you cannot automatize and automate. But are of more value in brand building than technology. Remember, colleges do not produce soft-skilled individuals, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of effort in life and business to make someone understand themselves as a digital global citizen and the role you should play to contribute valuable ideas and strategies in your business and any organization you have a role to play.

Enhance Your Tech Talent & Skills

Reflecting on our Brand-Building Tips calendar, I realized May was a month for digging deeper into your talents and skills and maximizing them to improve productivity as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or intrapreneur. You might be a millennial, Gen Z and baby boomer entrepreneur, or an intrapreneur and tech-savvy. But it takes more to be a well-rounded individual who can contribute to building a brand of worthy recognition and positive influence in the global market. You need to develop and cultivate characteristics that can make you succeed in the present business landscape without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the demands of your clients and your work as an entrepreneur, startup founder, solopreneur, and business owner.  

 Transforming Yourself

The sense and sensibility of brand building in the present business landscape is not a far-fetched reality if you are willing to transform yourself and develop the grit and grind of being a human package of discipline, integrity, proactivity, curiosity, and lifelong learning. That you can apply to yourself and the business venture you find yourself playing a role in. The secret is enhancing your talents and skills with those personal characteristics they hardly teach in schools and business colleges. But are essential in entrepreneurship. Here, let's dig in and explore how these human characteristics can help to enhance your talent and skills in developing a brand-building mindset in the creative digital economy.


Brand building is a marathon and long-term process. It is a permanent work in progress. Therefore, it needs discipline and focus on what you want to make out of your business venture. The ninja type of discipline that can make you keep pushing means you can drive the direction of your brand without wavering in its purpose and value in the market. You have the power to avoid distractions in the saturated market. With so many marketing tools and channels, discipline will help you make learned choices in strategies and tools that suit your brand marketing plan.

Today’s marketing industry is more of spamming, fast, and heavily automated. Discipline will make you execute all your business processes and operations well without too much influence on what everyone is doing in the market or what your competitors are doing in their marketing strategies. Your brand is your brand and must reflect your values and principles to make an impact in the world. That can only happen with unprecedented discipline in what you are doing and what you need your brand to be.


The fast and furious economy has compromised integrity in the business landscape. Yet this human characteristic has never been so necessary, with the instant gratification mindset threatening ethical ways of creating and generating money in the creative digital economy. Integrity in brand marketing in the digital economy will make you remain honest and clean from all scrappy strategies that promise high yields without established systems of where the money comes from and what value you have provided in that particular industry. Integrity is a highly valued trait that will boost belief in yourself and your own creative and innovative strategies in making it in areas most people have failed and are failing. Bribery and corruption are no-go areas in brand building for longevity and influence in the global market.

You have heard some digital entrepreneurs trying to manipulate the algorithm by buying subscribers, likes, and comments for their digital footprint. An unethical digital deal with no integrity in value creation will never impact the industry, niche, and world. That is selfish if an entrepreneur puts their gain and favor at the forefront and forgets to stick to their initial brand values for providing value to their target audience. Integrity is maintaining honest delivery of value in the market. That is especially so as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, creator, or business owner operating in an economy rife with too many digital distractions that promise fast bucks without providing value.

Curious mindset

A curious mind is always ready to discover new ideas and ways of doing things in the best human-centric way. That characteristic is in high demand in the present business landscape. They say you do not have to reinvent the wheel. And I agree. Being curious will direct you to find new ways of doing work. That is why most successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk hardly sleep more than six hours in some effort to come out with breakthrough ideas to satisfy their minds. Curious minds can easily observe gaps in the market. And come out with new projects that boost their brand-building efforts.

Any strong brand strategy is not a one-sided perspective in brand marketing. It uses different marketing strategies and channels and sees which are a good fit for long-term results. So, as an entrepreneur and marketer being curious about what is happening in your industry and niche market will open your mind to new opportunities to explore and optimize your brand performance. Curiosity brings better solutions to problems your target market might be facing in their businesses. Remember, business ideas are developed solutions in our communities, societies, nations, and the world.


Brand building is not reactive, but proactivity is the game that keeps you alert of any changes you might need to apply without prior planning for such changes without external influence in the market. That means proactivity reduces friction and panic in implementing new ideas and tools. Your intuitive approach always makes you ready to make decisions fast but careful for having anticipated future problems, needs, and changes. That brings in new working ideas, for you cultivate the atmosphere of intrinsic motivation but being forced by external factors. In the past six months, you have seen and heard how most businesses reacted to the AI ChatGPT introduction into the market.

That reactionary excitement about its capabilities and lack nearly made some brands go out of their already marketing strategies to experiment with the chatbot. Many realized it was just like any other tool that assists but is not independently human-capable without human assistance. Proactivity gives you the power to create and carve the future of your brand and its impact on the business landscape and the world. It enables you to control the fate of your business and boosts targeting long-term marketing strategies like blog marketing for sold brand building.  

Lifelong Learner

Lifelong learning is the game of keeping up with the forever-changing business landscape. The desire and drive to improve yourself is a prerequisite in an entrepreneur who has the brand-building sense of making their business cause impact in their industry, niche, and the business landscape. You can only bring change when you have learned new ways of doing stuff. In the marketing industry, most businesses struggle with solutions to get into the nit and grit of what digital marketing should be and should not be. If you were to ask some entrepreneurs or business owners what needs more money in your budget, selling or blog marketing? Most think of selling more than blog marketing. That is a long-term brand-building strategy for sustainability and longevity in the market.

Lifelong learning will empower you to have different perspectives, knowledge and informed approaches in your brand marketing for brand building. Learning to use current and new technology, devices, and software tools can never be overlooked for solid brand building. It opens your mind to new challenges that stimulate a growth mindset. It is not only about tech readiness for adoption in marketing but also for academic and professional growth. And for social and business networking. It helps in meeting, mingling, and connecting with like-minded people. You can share challenging viewpoints and gain better insights into business and marketing. That will expose you to new ideas in brand marketing for solid brand building.


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