Human Skills Needed for Value Creation in the Digital Market

Is your brand value creation drowning in machine learning? It shouldn't. Here is why and how. Machines cannot think, create, innovate, communicate with emotions, and brand for relevant value creation in the market. In the creative digital economy, value creation is the name of the game and strategy for brand positioning and building 

The main challenge in value creation is creating products and services relevant to the purpose and value of your brand in the market and sticking to the industrial context of your niche and brand. So, the best way to make it more relevant and appropriate for human consumption is to incorporate human skills in the whole process. Therefore, machines need human skills to input data and to process and transform it for human consumption and benefit. 

Some pioneers and successful entrepreneurs agree that getting a Ph.D. is not as challenging as acquiring the human skills needed in the digital economy. You might have a chain of degrees but still have the poverty and scarcity mindset to create value worth sharing to impact the world. So, if PHDs and Degrees cannot help in the creative digital economy, where do you look for help to create value that fulfills your purpose and realize your value in the world? Tapping into the soft human skills that tech skills hardly provide will make your value creation for brand building practical and functional.

Value Creation in Entrepreneurship

In a disruptive digital economy, Critical, Creative, and Innovative thinking skills are imperative for effective communication and marketing your brand value in the market. Here is the thing, the creative entrepreneurship global dream is human-centric and should inspire you to be more creative and holistic, innovative and humane. You need to be aware of the reality of the present-day world. Avoid the shiny object syndrome and cravings. They are short-term and do not create a brand-building mindset in you. Remember, paced success builds character, and fast deals based on instant gratification build an ego that does not create value for legacy.

Successful entrepreneurs focus on long-term investments. Gritting and grinding in the right way is the formula for success. It is not about hustling and keeping yourself busy but about being productive for creativity and innovation in the digital economy. The business mindset has created a lot of toxicity and burnout in most workplaces. Brand building mindset is everything for value creation in the creative digital economy. Before we dig into the skills that will help you thrive in the creative digital economy, let's define the context of this creative digital economy.

Creative Digital Economy

Value creation is what boosts your net worth as an entrepreneur. It is not only celebrities, stars, corporate leaders, and tech moguls or tycoons; who are of value in terms of net worth. Even as a solopreneur, freelancer, creator, startup, and small business owner, the value of your brand in the market is your net worth. That is the value of all your asset minus your debts. What you own from what you owe. So, as an entrepreneur in the creative digital economy, you should not sit back. It’s time to revamp your value creation to boost your net worth. The starting point is to understand the creative digital economy and how it differs from the traditional corporate business mindset of the industrial times. Here are the human skills that will help you thrive in the creative digital economy and maintain the vitality of your brand in the digital market.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is thinking out of the box. It is thinking over a business idea or strategy with zero prejudices. Think Different is the new norm that beats all the odds of the traditional business mindset and the hustle culture. Critical Thinking is objective in thinking through problems and issues for unbiased solutions at the workplace. Critical thinking in entrepreneurship allows you to have the big picture of your vision and goals. It stimulates curiosity and new ideas in brand building. The hustle culture kills your creativity, innovation, and growth mindset.

 When you are always busy, you don’t have time to pause, think, and analyze what you are doing and how best to do it without sacrificing your life and well-being. Critical Thinking allows you time to collect data, analyze, evaluate, reject bias, and ask thoughtful questions that open your mind and that of your team, if you have one. That enables brainstorming to come out with practical and functional solutions that are easy to communicate and articulated by yourself and your team for the common goal of brand building. That ensures you are on the same page with everyone concerned in value creation in the market.

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking is closely related to Critical Thinking skills, which come from being observant and curious and imagining new realities for the future. So, in the present age of knowledge and information, Creative Thinking is how you can use knowledge and information to create ideas, implement effective solutions, build strategies, and see things from fresh and relevant perspectives. It is a competitive business world. But with Creative Thinking skills, you are the master of your destiny and success. It is not the business that drives creativity. It is you and how you steer the direction of brand-building strategies.

You can take it from Elon Musk as a tech mogul; his creative and critical thinking skills and hunch for progress in the tech industries fire his imagination of possibilities. Creative Thinking gives you the power to be different by design for branding and brand building. However, it does not mean only tech tycoons can be in the limelight of Creative and Critical Thinking. Every industry needs Creative Thinkers to continue creating value that saves and serves the world. Creative Thinking can help you to think of expressing yourself and your observations about the world. That is where and how big ideas for value creation can be manifested. There is no manifestation without value creation.

Many digital creators, especially content creators, and influencers on YouTube, believe in manifestation, but most miss the point of emphasizing value creation in the digital economy. Brand building does not happen that way, but on providing value in your industry and niche market. I Have seen adverts highlighting how ChatGPT can multiply revenue on your website. The first question you should ask as a prospect of such an app is what value will you provide that converts into revenue realization? And is the app contributing to your brand building in the market? That will be leveling up your brand positioning and influence in the market.


They say if you can’t articulate it, you can’t build it. Communicating your business idea and vision needs your critical and creative thinking to express it for clarity and conviction. You might have brilliant ideas. But if you cannot make the world understand your vision, purpose, and value, it would be tough to be understood and appreciated in the world of knowledge and information. The market will not perceive your business idea and brand as a solution that can benefit the target prospects. Communication is how you convey messages that make people understand your value in the market. There are many types and mediums of communication. However, in business, it can be internal and external communication. So, communication in brand marketing is the process of sharing information aligned with the core values of your brand-building strategies. It is imperative to convey a clear and consistent message tailored to your audience.

Internal, it builds rapport and encourages teamwork and collaboration. It prevents misunderstandings and conflicts with clients and customers and improves customer care essential for UX and UI experience. Chatbots don’t listen, ask questions relatable to consumers and other humans, and cannot express empathy, compassion, and authenticity for deeper connections with customers and colleagues. So, creators should be aware of that and communicate in the customer-centric and human-centric business landscape. Communicate nothing else but value and benefit to consumers. That boosts brand reputation through the effective articulation of customer feedback and complaints.

Communication skills help to answer consumer questions and provide solutions with consistent brand messaging and voice. Here you can use technology. That is always faster and more efficient with an instant message, email, or collaboration software systems like CRMs that help to manage customer relationships. However, you can’t automate these soft skills in hardware. Computers, chatbots, robots, and algorithms cannot create value without creative, innovative, and relevant ideas, information, and data input from human beings. In instant and email communication, it is always necessary to maintain relevance and appropriacy by making all messages goal-oriented for productivity with clarity, friction-free sharing of information for the success and growth of your business, and sustainability in brand building. 


Innovation is one way of setting yourself apart from the saturated market. Innovation is simplifying complex systems and making old ideas more user-friendly and appropriate for the consumer in the market. It is using your mind and identifying things in industry and niche markets that are chaotic. And are not bringing value to the consumer. Most people confuse innovation and disruption. Innovation is creating your own better version of something old. It also goes hand in hand with adaptability for navigating change in today’s digital world.

Critical thinking and creative thinking empower you not to copy new ideas or stick to traditional concepts but to innovate and make them more practical and functional in solving new problems and creating better solutions of more value in the market. It is related to adaptability to any emerging technologies with a critical and creative mindset. Innovation inspires you to change any chaos into raw materials for new strategies in marketing or your industry problems.

 Like the marketing chaos on some social media platforms that has become more of a circus of cute cats and dogs dancing on posh couches in exquisite mansions and luxurious cruise ships steering across oceans for influencer brand building. Innovation makes you imagine possibilities for better solutions in value creation for brand building. It is a solution to disruptive solutions to make them more user-friendly and improve UI/UX experience. So, mastering the art of innovation in your brand-building process and journey would help to make it sustainable through innovative value creation.


Branding is not ChatGPT-generated content and 3D art designs. It is a critical, creative, innovative, and communicative approach to branding in the context of the business you are marketing. That is both personal branding and business branding. Your branding should speak to high-value creation. Your brand language should insist on “Take it or leave it.” You are what you are in value creation and provision. In today’s world of entrepreneurship, a founder who does not know how to brand themselves will soon be sold out in worthless shackles of silver, not of gold. Marketing is not hard-core selling. But the brand building is based on the purpose and value of your business. Personal branding is one of the skills you need in value creation. Critical thinking, creativity, and communication in value creation do not end with innovation.

Branding is what will make your value creation distributable for brand building. However, with all the above-outlined skills, marketing your brand would be a walk in the park, especially with a communication black belt. Your critical, creative, and innovative ninja skills will entice and wow your target audience with the credibility and authenticity of your marketing strategies and passion. There is no such thing as failing to market a brand product or service of value you created yourself and believe in its benefit to your target audience. Any product or service of value speaks for itself and can market itself through branding.

That is the power of value creation in the creative digital economy. And the effect of brand building through value creation based on creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and fluid communicative messaging in digital marketing. Mastering the art of branding through connecting deeply with customer needs, dreams, and aspiration is what blog marketing does by turning your products or services into symbols of value, benefits, and enticing stories to inspire and empower your target audience. That boosts brand performance, profitability, and reputation for sustainable brand building.


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