Mastering the Purpose & Value Based Brand Marketing Strategy for Solid Brand Building

Why are you marketing what you are selling? And of what value is it to your target market and persona? Those are the marketing questions you should start with in your brand marketing strategies for solid brand building. If you can’t answer it by looking at the purpose and value of your offers in your industry and niche, it is time to go back to the drawing board and figure out your business purpose and value in the market. That will guide you in building a brand, not just a business. Businesses sell, and brands market to help their customers and users.

So, with the creator month fast ending and marking the end of the year, looking back at your brand marketing efforts would help prepare you for next year as you continue your exciting brand-building journey. The biggest challenge as a creator in a volatile economy is remaining focused on your breakthrough entrepreneurial idea and how to build it into a brand of influence and impact online. Remember, brand marketing strategies should clarify the purpose and value of your business for the benefit of the end-user and customer in the market.

Rewriting the Marketing Rules

The most fundamental digital marketing rule entrepreneurs and marketers find hard to incorporate in all their brand marketing efforts is; “Market through brand building and don’t sell.” Marketing is a creative and innovative act of helping someone identify solutions to solve their problem. Brand building is a holistic and humane act of helping someone identify your brand product or service as a suitable solution to solve their problem. That understanding of marketing in its modern brand-building approach is empowering in a business landscape that has become more of an AI tech and Machine Learning tools showroom than an entrepreneurial business arena. They say if you want to be great, break the rules and innovate. Let’s break the rules and build brands, not just businesses.

Be Your Own Brand Creator

Be your brand marketing creator and create value that helps fulfill the business purpose of your brand. Learn to market it to make it saleable by rewriting the marketing rules that help your target persona and prospects. The new marketing rules are not new but digital-oriented, holistic, and human-centric to change the business marketing landscape that is constantly becoming intimidating and confusing to most digitally faint-hearted creators and entrepreneurs. Especially those who had come to believe in social media marketing as the goldmine for hoarding attention that could easily convert into billions of dollars with zero value to the consumer of the luxury lifestyles flashed as content on most social media platforms.

So, a turnaround mindset is what you need as a creator and entrepreneur for sustainability and success in brand building. Here, we explore how you can adopt a holistic and creative mindset to marketing that can drive your brand to a high level of performance and recognition in the market with no stress of surviving in an oversaturated and digitally intimidating market. Let’s dig in and explore guidelines for rewriting the brand marketing rules in modern marketing, predominantly digital marketing channeled through Content Marketing.


Content is what drives all digital marketing strategies. It inspires and nurtures your target customers and prospects. So, you should seek to uplift your target audience's morale, not just sell to them. Marketing targeting sales can be stressful for you as an entrepreneur and marketer. That is why most entrepreneurs get exhausted and get discouraged along the way in their brand-building journey.  So, inspire to arouse some sense of aspiration in your target personas.

Creative entrepreneurial brands should not be flat. So, your brand should Inspire dreams and make it a dream scene and catcher where dreams become a reality as a brand. Inspiring others gives you some sense of accomplishment in fulfilling the purpose and value of your business. That should make you feel the essence and meaning of your brand in the market and boost your confidence in believing in your offers. That will help you to remain focused on your brand-building efforts and have the courage to continue motivating your customers to stick with you and your brand.


When you are motivated, you will also find it easy to motivate your target audience and customers to continue believing in your brand and your offers in the market. Your target customer sand prospects should look up to you for motivation in leveling up their entrepreneurial efforts and lifestyle. So, don’t let them down with salesy messages that put them on the yoke of being forced to purchase products or services they don’t like and have never considered buying. Do you know how most people are drowning in hoarding and materialism due to a maximalist mindset?

That causes FOMO due to misguiding lifestyle hacks in marketing messages. Yet the whole marketing game is meant to motivate people to develop a positive mindset, hope, and faith in business and life. Motivated customers and clients will always seek help and won’t hesitate to try your magical products and services from how they feel motivated by you and your brand. So be an open book, inspire and educate them to see the value and purpose of your brand offers.


Buyer education through blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, webinars, or videos promotes purpose and value clarity in your brand-building process. Education opens the minds of your target customers and persona and empowers them to understand, appreciate, and identify with your brand products and services in the crowded market. It builds brand personality, authority and expertise for trust and confidence with your target customers. Here, we are not referring to academic education. Nope, digital marketing centers around content. That is for sharing knowledge and information about brand products and services with your target customers and clients.

Marketing is no longer blind advertising in spaces like billboards on highways, Television slots on irrelevant presentations, and Radio commercials live on air. Brand Marketing has become educational with well-segmented content marketing strategies like blogs, podcasts, articles, videos, webinars, eBooks, and courses have also become appropriate for brand building and enhancing brand authority and expertise. Lifelong learning has become the norm since the digital market is fraught with competition due to AI tech and Machine Learning tools.

Your clients and target personas would love to learn from you to keep themselves ahead with current issues in their industry and have that relevant exposure to stay current and master the latest strategies and tools in their ventures. That way, it eases all the stresses of not knowing what to do and what not to do in their business processes and operations. Your brand marketing strategies should also leave some room for being human. Bring in some humor in your marketing presentations to strengthen the human connection in your brand-building efforts.


Humor and real-life experiences blended well in your marketing messages will ensure relatability and personal touch to your marketing messages. I always feel like bringing in some elements of romance, like you must be a hero and heroine of your brand and make your customers fall head over heels in love with your brand products and services. You must be the knight in shining armor to your target audience. You can use your business context to create relevant messaging and content that makes your customers smile or laugh with you and your brand. Remember, brand marketing is about establishing a long-term relationship between a brand and consumers.

So, don’t withhold those aspects and characteristics of you and your brand that will bring you closer to your customers’ hearts and souls. And make them remember you even in your absence. And most entrepreneurs and marketers believe in personal branding. Jeff Bezos believes personal branding is what people say about you and your brand when you are not in the same boardroom with them. So, humor and being human with some entertaining aspects in your marketing strategies will enhance the positioning and presence of your brand in the market. That will boost long-term business relationships and connections to your brand for sustainability and success in your brand-building journey. 


Selling is manipulative. Marketing is intentionally target-centered. Brand marketing promotes the entirety of your business in the creative and innovative presentations of your products and services that clarify and support the unique selling proposition and your brand promise. A well-crafted and written unique selling proposition statement does not need to be salesy but eye-opening to your target customers and personas. Warm up your clients, build connections for familiarity, and know your persona’s lifestyle and what will arouse them to react to your brand messages.

Blogging based on the purpose and value of your business is one way you can create the warm-up for capturing the hearts of your target customers. Here, your business website becomes the foundation of making all your digital marketing strategies streamlined seamlessly on one platform that you can easily automate and manage with zero fiction in your brand-building efforts.

That is where you can showcase and promote your products, services, and the whole story behind your brand and business with no fear of competition, for here, you highlight and elaborate the purpose and value of your brand. And that will inspire and empower your visitors to convert into buying clients. So, your power and success in promoting your brand products and services lie much on how visually appealing and user-friendly your business website is. Learn and appreciate your websites as a solid foundation for promoting your business in brand marketing for effective brand building.


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