Brand Building Milestones You Can Celebrate as an Entrepreneur:

In the excitement of seeing 2023 coming to an end and the merry mood of Christmas, reflecting on the good and the bad of 2023 should give any brand some momentum to see how they can map their way forward in their brand-building journey, especially in a volatile digital landscape where Generative AI tools are vying to take over the digital marketing ecosystem despite their noted shortcomings since their experimental introduction in the digital marketing landscape.

Reflections on Personal and Business Branding [Open AI]

In our previous blog post, we reflected on the strength of personal branding and its effects on business branding. You are what your brand is and would be in the market. That was about the Open AI’s CEO, Sam Altman, and how the Open AI leadership board treated him and came out as a protagonist in the chaotic incident to the extent of being ‘labeled as the 2023 CEO of the year’. Though that observation is subjective, it can be something that the company might want to look back and celebrate as a milestone in its brand-building journey. 

Remember, the Open AI story was a conflict of interests and friction on brand identity and positioning in the market for the CEO, employees, and board members torn between nonprofit or profit-making business model with other humanitarian aspects that were into play that any AI tech company should consider in computing AI tools for the safety and security of humanity in this digital age of emerging technologies.

So, what were your milestones in digital marketing as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, creator, freelancer, business owner, and marketer? Especially the adoption and use of AI tech tools and how machine Learning algorithms affected your brand-building process and journey in 2023. Let’s dig in and explore why December is the best month to look back and celebrate milestones in your brand-building journey.

Celebrating Milestones in Brand Building

In the happy mood of seeing the end of 2023, it is inspiring to realize that on our On Brand Building Calendar, December is a month to celebrate milestones and have the momentum to remain on brand. What are the main elements that keep you on a brand that you can look back on and see how they helped to spell out what you are about in the marketplace despite the threats and disruptions of AI and Machine Learning tools like ChatGPT?

Here are the branding-building elements you can review.And celebrate that these can hardly be experimented with and misconstrued by any AI tools in your brand identity, positioning, presence, and influence in the market. You might think, come on, that is of lesser value in brand building. You are right. It might be that way if you overlook these elements as assets that build momentum in your brand-building efforts in the market. And how you should manage them and incorporate AI tech tools for boosting your brand identity, positioning, and presence in the digital market.

Business Name

Coming out with a business name that inspires and reflects your business idea and concept is not a walk in the park. But once you relevantly do it. It is empowering to have a big picture of possibilities beyond ordinary imagination. So, it is a milestone that is worth celebrating. A business name is not just like any other name, especially in the present digital economy with an oversaturated market where all businesses compete to be seen and heard by their customers and clients.

Therefore, you can celebrate that milestone and how your business spells out and reflects your dreams and aspirations. And how it makes you look back on 2023 as a year that made you grow and develop in your industry and niche. And realize you do not need an AI tool to come out with an inspiring and empowering business name. That should make you feel and sigh, “No looking back, I am here for the taking, take it or leave it, I know what I am doing,” if you feel that way, that is more than the inspiration and empowerment you need in your brand-building journey.

So, cheers and drink to that entrepreneurial mindset. Remember, coming out with a simple and memorable business name is an achievement you should be proud of. Give yourself a pat on the back if your business name still gives you goosebumps about your desire and drive to do more with the business name, like expanding and creating more product and service lines next year in 2024.

Domain Name

Scrolling and consuming other people’s content online is time-wasting and addictive. But as an entrepreneur and marketer, it is a viable way of harnessing the needs of humanity in the present-day digital economy, where most people are quickly opting to buy online goods and services. When you have mastered its essence in digital brand building, it is the unbiased way to break through and establish your presence and position online to make you realize the internet is not for social interaction but for digital brand building.

It boosts and optimizes your purpose and value for solid brand building by consolidating brand identity, positioning, presence, and influence in the market. In business, you can do many things. However, a domain name signifies branding and your focus on a specific niche in your industry. 

Having a domain name is like saying, I am here, and I mean business, and ready to build a brand of identity and influence. So, it is worth celebrating as a special milestone in brand building. It spells online confidence in exploring online opportunities by exposing yourself to the world. And knowing you control how you want your buyer personas to perceive you in your industry and niche market.

A domain name amplifies your presence and authority in your business venture. It verifies you as a legitimate business and professional. And that you are there to stay on your internet home address. Nothing is as inspiring and empowering as having control of your site and all the content you create under one name online. It gives your business a professional brand identity for solid brand building.

 Website Design

The more user-friendly you make your site, the better. And how your customers and clients navigated for easy conversion on your site in 2023. That is what you need to look back and celebrate as a milestone. Remember, a website is a marketing platform for your business venture. And the most practical tool for brand building. And brand building as a process means it’s a long haul that calls for planning, strategizing, and executing. Doing it in a minimalist way has always been a challenge with most website developers and backend managers.

Therefore, if your website worked friction-free with all your marketing tools, platforms, channels, and systems, that is worth celebrating. That helps to boost seamless and streamlined processes and operations in promoting your products and services in the marketplace. A website helps optimize brand credibility for a close connection with your target audience. It optimizes brand identity to avoid confusion with other brands in the market.

So, having one active throughout the year is a milestone that deserves celebration. Let’s toast to it and give yourself a pat for having managed it so well. It is not always easy to upgrade and keep it running, especially with fresh content. That is why you need dedicated content creators and copywriters with the passion and drive to create and build brands based on the purpose and value of your business venture. We are always willing to help you that way in 2024.

On Brand Content Creation

A shift in AI writing tools has caused basic content creation that is too generic for your brand to stand out. There is a flood of generic AI content that can be boring to read due to a lack of substantial meaning and sense of your brand-building goals and objectives. Remember, you should base your content creation on the purpose and value of your business venture or your client as a marketer or freelancer copywriter.

The main essence of creating content is to nurture your target personas and lure them to the main focus of your brand and how it is a solution to their pain points and marketing problems if it is B2B Marketing. And how your products or services can benefit them if your marketing is for B2C Marketing. It is interesting to query whether these AI tools flooding the market are intelligent enough to have that kind of sense and considerations in their content creation task executions.

If you used Generative AI tools and saw it boosting your on-brand content creation, cheers then, it’s a milestone to build strong momentum for your brand to shine with an appreciation of emerging technologies. However, if you resorted to remaining on your natural and organic approach to content creation and felt that gave you the creative power to be on the brand in your content creation, cheers also that will ensure more momentum for organic and sustainable brand building in the oversaturated hybrid market.

Brand Products/Services

You can’t build a business without inspiration from what you offer in the market. Products and services are the elements in your brand-building efforts that make your brand live and kicking online. Your products and services help to shape your brand identity, positioning, and presence. If your products are well-branded, they will help to sustain the value creation and positioning of your brand in the marketplace.

So, you need to celebrate if you observed some conversions that signified that at least your product or service was well positioned and appreciated on the digital market. No matter how small and trickling the conversions were, it is a positive move that should give you momentum to level up your marketing efforts next year. Remember, the marketing industry is changing with Generative AI tools, and understanding the way forward next year will optimize good choices in Generative AI tools to incorporate.

Be it creating the products and services or positioning them in the marketplace. Due to technological disruptions in marketing strategies, most companies are trying to combine and integrate products and services into innovative offerings for hybrid IT services and solutions that can improve efficiency, attract new customers, and boost demand in the market. That way, it helps sustain brands for solid brand building in the market in 2024.



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