How To Brand Yourself as a Freelancer in the Digital Economy:

The freelance industry has become a crowded and noisy place. As a freelance copywriter, the competition is high. There is a lot of talent and claims from those who know what they are doing. And those who know a little. So, how best can you stand out? If anyone googles your name on the internet. How can you come out as someone who knows their game in this crowded and competitive industry? 

In this blog, I will explore Personal branding and how it can help you be confident as a freelance copywriter or solopreneur. I will also explore how to find your right footing in the copywriting gig industry. 

1.     What is Personal Branding?

2.     What does it involve in the copywriting industry?

3.     What is the role of Personal branding as a copywriter?

4.     How does Personal Branding help you as a freelance copywriter?

5.     The benefits of Personal Branding as a copywriter in the Gig-economy.

 Personal Branding:

The starting point in branding yourself should be how to position and package yourself as a strong brand in that industry in the digital world. In copywriting, picturing yourself as a brand in that industry can be intimidating. Especially in the highly competitive world with many professionals on digital marketplaces. It can be overwhelming to face the reality of how you can effectively promote yourself in that role.

.That is where Personal branding should come into play, and help you to be bold in establishing a professional stance and reputation that will turn your writing skills and passion into profit. That needs more strength, involvement, and effort. The most effective way to do this is personal branding. That can be done through web content and copywriting based on your purpose and value in the industry.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is refined self-promotion in your industry with the desire, drive, and intention to establish an identity of your services or products that you want to be associated with and make money out of. It is like if someone googles. What comes out of your name? How does it relate to what you do and the unique problem you are solving. What comes out should be your brand identity. 

Therefore, personal branding is about nothing, but everything that you do for self-identity in your industry through the services or products you are providing. 

It is about how you perceive yourself and want people to perceive you in your industry. So that people can trust to hire you or to buy from you. The creative power in branding yourself lies in figuring out who you are and being you. Without imitating anyone, be it in your services your products. 

The big picture, as a copywriter is to carve your niche identity and build a reputation around it. It is like you start creating yourself to something, and work towards being a brand. That will make you be somebody in your industry. In the business writing industry, it is like, you start as a general writer.  

Then work towards being a copywriter. Specializing in commercial projects for advertising and promotional purposes. You work hard to make a name from that angle in the sales and marketing world. You allow your writing talent and skills to shine and convert.  

And close profitable deals for your clients. And once people start to notice your capabilities, then you are on your way to building a personal brand. So, let us dive in and see what this involves.

What does Personal Branding involve in the copywriting?

No industry opens wide doors and opportunities for branding yourself than the copywriting industry. Especially with the advent of social media and the internet. As someone in the writing industry, personal branding is like showcasing yourself as an already iced cake, through playing around with words in content writing for promoting yourself.

All the tools for personal branding are at your disposal for positioning yourself in your copywriting services. The internet provides a convenient space to introduce yourself to a large audience about what you do and what makes you a preferred brand. Exploiting these tools is the first step towards branding yourself in your industry. 

Internet Tools For Personal Branding

 The best way you can brand yourself as a copywriter is through exploiting internet tools and facilities like your website and blogging. 

That will establish the credibility of your writing skills and your knowledge. And how to manage a website and what goes on in content creation. That can convert to scrolls and eyeballs for closing deals and profitable sales. It also involves the use of social media platforms. Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and LinkedIn for strengthening your brand. Here, be careful not to be a social media butterfly. 

You can choose two to three. That is suitable for your personality and your purpose in branding yourself. As a copywriter in the corporate world, the more professional you put yourself out there. The better for your reputation in targeting high-end and premium client deals. 

Choose the right platforms. That allows you to speak of your brand with some premium language of your brand. Your style and language should suit your target audience. And the purpose on whatever platform you choose to promote your brand. Now let’s look at the role of personal branding in copywriting. 

The Role of Personal Branding as a freelance copywriter.

As a freelancer, you work alone with no one to click buttons for you on the checkout point. You have to learn to create your own CTAs on your profile. So that conversion can happen in all your effort for establishing the market for your services or products. 

Personal branding will give you the authority to do that through recognition in your industry. These days people only want to deal with people who have some presence in digital spaces.

 So, personal branding should establish your online and offline presence. In business, a copy has power in the sales and marketing world. Create strong headlines that spell out who you are, what you do, how you do it, and for whom. As a copywriter, your personality as a brand should enhance your client’s brand. 

That is why there is high competition in the freelancing industry. Your style will strengthen how prospective clients perceive you as a brand. That can enhance their own brand. 

Challenging as it might sound, as a joyful copywriter, you already have the personality to outshine any competition as you are already branded as a joyful copywriter.

Here is the thing. Marketing is not about writing copy. But your personality behind it and how it engages your client and target customer. That is why it should start with personal branding. So, the tone and aura of your online presence become uniform. By the way, you do any assignment in copywriting. 

It must be consistent such that your clients can remember you. And feel your presence and your marketing language. Once you can market yourself as a brand, there is no way you can fail to sell any service or product of value. 

That is the role of personal branding in the copywriting industry. That way, establish yourself as a brand and a joyful copywriter. Now let’s further look at how it helps you as a freelance copywriter. 

How Personal Branding helps you as a freelance Copywriter:

As a freelance copywriter, personal branding will help you in many ways. Here is how it helps you;

·       Developing an entrepreneurial spirit of self-promotion. Once you get into this game of marketing yourself, you will develop the entrepreneurial spirit of being the master of your own destiny and your own boss.

·       You would not fear to pursue even bigger assignments that make you grow and expand yourself as an expert and authority in your industry, just the way I am doing here. I have authority of this blog and I am writing it for people I know need this kind of inspiration.

·       You would not fear social media with its reputation to attack and despise other people’s efforts in business and life, instead you will present yourself as an expert in your industry and flash it out there in the world, the way you want to be known and what you believe in.

·       You will have the power to do what you love doing through the services that you highlight in your personal brand. If it is web content, you are most likely to choose those assignments that interest you and those that fulfill you as a self-driven and niche focused freelancer.

·       You will become more productive with experience of working on specific assignments that will enhance your brand presence in your clients’ portfolios for future projects, recommendations and referrals.

·       Personal branding as a freelancer helps in building long -term relationships which will strengthen your brand identity and ensure credibility and faith in being considered for any future job requirements your clients might be in need of.

Now let’s look at the main benefits of personal branding as a freelance copywriter in the present-day gig economy. Being a copywriter in a gig economy is exciting and full of opportunities. Unfortunately, the copywriting industry has also become saturated with people seeking the same flexible lifestyle. That is possible as a freelance copywriter. 

So, the best way of standing out from the crowd can only be through personal branding in a creative style. That will make you realize all the benefits of personal branding. Here are the six benefits of personal branding as a freelance copywriter. 

 The Benefits of Personal Branding as a Copywriter in the Gig Economy

·       Personal branding gives you an opportunity for self – retrospection and self-examination of your strengths that will prepare you for any hurdles that may come along the way to establishing yourself as a brand.

·       It cultivates confidence and self-belief, for nothing is as important as having confidence and believing in yourself and everything that you are doing, especially as a freelancer

·       Provides an opportunity to explore and utilize social media and the internet in a more professional way that is very beneficial to your own growth and personal development.

·       Empowers you to dive deep into the copywriting industry with courage and determination of solidifying who you are and what you can offer in the same best way you have marketed and promoted yourself as a unique brand.

·       The courage you develop, means you won’t be scared to speak up for your copywriting services and negotiate for better dealings with anyone, if there happen to be any misunderstandings along the way in any project.

·       Makes you establish a strong image and style that will always be associated with you as a brand and contribute in strengthening credibility, faith and trust in your copywriting services for long-term relationships with your customers and clients.

There it is. Personal branding as a freelance copywriter will contribute to your personal development on this exciting journey of establishing yourself as a joyful and fulfilled freelance copywriter. That will allow you to flourish and bloom as you master personal branding as the best way of promoting yourself based on your purpose and value in the crowded and noisy gig economy.

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