Freelance Content Creators or In-house Content Creators?


Now that you have a picture of the challenges in in-house content creation and copywriting and how bandwidth, productivity, and business goals affect in-house content creation. Let’s now go deeper into how best you can make an informed decision in outsourcing when considering hiring full-time employees or freelancers by looking into the factors in areas that call for creativity and critical thinking. Like in content creation and copywriting where such skills from freelancers are necessary.

What is the best move for boosting conversions in your business? Looking at the mentioned factors, it is easier to conclude that bandwidth can be a real challenge for effective content creation that realizes sales and conversions. It demands a creative and focused approach that most full-time employees lack because they are hired based on qualifications, not creativity and analytic thinking. That is necessary for the execution of such assignments and projects. So, should you insource or outsource content creators and copywriters?

 The best solution, and competitive advantage in this pattern of things is to outsource for such services and skills. Especially for content marketing. Content marketing demands reading and researching applicable concepts that help your brand be well defined and understood by your target market. Yet most businesses find it hard to decide whether they should hire a freelancer, an agency, or a full-time in-house employee. That is basically in most creative positions that demand specialized creative and tech skills like Web designing, Graphic designing, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, and its various segments, and other less creative areas like Accounting and Staff training.

What is outsourcing? 


Outsourcing is hiring outside service providers and skills to perform services that enhance and satisfy your business workforce needs. It is what you can do to blend in-house business workforce efforts for maximizing the achievement of business goals. Especially in content creation and writing, most in-house content marketing teams with little support from their business leadership always find it hard to find writers who know how to write with an intimate knowledge of their brand.

 However, with exposure and exploration of digital freelancing markets places and websites. Like joyful copywriters with an open mindset of outsourcing. That is not a difficult task. The freelancing copywriting industry has many talented and reliable writers for any industry. Most of them are highly smart and have trained themselves to dissect and diagnose content marketing needs in any business for bringing out your brand voice and tone to insinuate emotions and a deep nostalgic connection with your target audience.

Who should hunt for who in the business services marketplaces?

 There are many gig marketplaces for individual freelancers, websites, and platforms to explore that make outsourcing for services easy.  These service  marketing platforms like  Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and a few that have a good reputation have come to the rescue for some business enterprises and freelancers. Businesses are finding themselves using such platforms to hire relevant talent and skills. And freelancers to be hired for their talent and skills. However, though these freelancing platforms have come to the rescue at times, it is difficult for both businesses and freelancers to find each other. However, these platforms help search for each other as seamlessly as possible.

That boosts ease of connectivity and communication with zero stress of trying to understand each other to establish rapport for execution. Hunting for each other becomes easy in these crowded freelancing marketplaces. That is very encouraging for outsourcing. Especially looking at how digital technology makes most business communication fast and easy. Through chatting, conferencing, and team management tools and strategies for realizing and connecting the global workforce. That can easily be accessed and made possible through freelancing platforms.

How to source best freelancers specifically content creators and writers


·   Define and specify your industry in your job listing.

·   Request for portfolios with writing samples

·   Check for relevance to your industry and ability to switch to your industry considering writing capabilities displayed in samples.

·   Check for testimonials and proof of offering such a service to other businesses.

·   Do you have the capacity to lure them with consistent work and competitive remunerations?

·   Resort to limit continuous outsourcing every time by sticking on with the already discovered and used talent and skill providers in your workforce folders.

·   Clarify your brand needs, products, services and ideation briefing, and payment options

·   Agree on follow-ups on deadlines, your expectations, and management.

That will ensure hustle-free sourcing for the best talent and skills you need in your business. Most freelancers have talent and skills for whatever they choose to do and are deep into any industry they choose to serve. If you need help in making a decision, read this blog post here.

The Recommended Ratio of Inhouse Content Creators to Freelancers?

It all depends on how much your in-house copy and content writers are in the red on the fuel gauge of the metrics of your content creation goals for your business. The more your content creators are in the red on your fuel gauge. The more freelancers, you need to level up and be in the green or blue of boosting your brand authority and influence.

I can say this will depend much on the following factors; 

  • The size [staffing] of your business.
  •  Your long-form content marketing needs. 
  •  How do you rate your in-house content creators and copywriters?
  • Their capabilities and performance in fulfilling content creation goals
  •  Coverage of topics doing justice in boosting brand authority and influence.
  •  How they dissect the topics for brand awareness and positioning in the market
  • Are they doing justice to the topical elements that promote your brand?
  •  How much content do you want to push out and the frequency?
  • The quality and frequency of content. Reflected by the metrics of your content creation goals

For a more informed decision on outsourcing content creation, I recommend you closely read these two posts in succession. And make your judgement and assessment to see what is best for you and your business.


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