Why You Need Reliable Internet Connection as a Freelancer: Product Review -The Rain 5G


Have you ever observed some of your ‘followees’ playing ‘gymnastics online and gyrating on their subject matter? That reminds me of this song by Jana Kramer – First and Last Time’ with the words “I’ve always had one foot in and one foot out of the door-----” That means coming and going, appearing and disappearing from the relationship. And in this context, means coming and going, appearing and disappearing from any of the platforms you might be using for promoting yourself and your services or products? Doing it that way can never work if you want to establish an influential presence as a brand that will see tests of times and remain solid online. Most of the time, the one foot in, one foot out situation is due to a lack of reliable internet connection.

 Here is the secret, online presence as a freelancer is an investment that will boost your online presence. You cannot manage to run blogs and social media platforms without a reliable internet connection. Well, cutting the story short, you need to sacrifice having supper out every evening for internet access to keep yourself connected and market yourself with confidence in knowing you are live and wired without losing any minute of connectivity. The reality is that I would not have afforded to do everything I am doing online without the RAIN 5G.

So, this is my first product review as a freelance copywriter. Interesting, isn’t it, especially in the present-day business landscape where new software products are constantly rolled out and brought into the market to ease work and business operations and processes. Even changing, the way we communicate and interact. The internet has power, and any created device or gadget that enables easy and affordable access to the internet is an investment to consider and a winner on the global digital market. I find the Rain 5G Basic a winner and a game-changer, to say it in the tech language of the digital economy.

I’m a fanatic for anything technology, especially the internet and connectivity. As a freelancer, it is one of the most important things to consider on your budget. And for the sustainability of your entrepreneurship venture and the deliverance of your services. Tell me of anyone in business these days who does not like technology unless their business venture is a hide and seeks game in shoddy deals.

Otherwise, if it is legit and clean, you need connectivity at its best performance, the Rain5G that I am reviewing. Even more powerful, the better for speed in uploading and downloading. The business landscape has become a digital network of platforms created for seamless operations and processes that can boost the realization of goals and fulfillment of dreams in the digital global economy.

In developing states, Africa, and other parts of the world, data can be expensive and limit internet accessibility. There can be zero connectivity without innovative products like the Rain 5G and its affordability, not even mentioning its mobility and portability for where you might want to work. I find the Rain 5G handy and functional in my journey as a freelancer and solopreneur. If it is portable, wherever there is an internet booster or cell tower, what else would someone ask to position oneself on the global market? And to get involved in forever evolving marketplaces that demand nothing but connectivity and speed on the internet.

Here is how the Rain 5G Basic is offered on the market for you to make a wise choice that suits your budget and digital mobile lifestyle. The Rain 5G Basic is an answer to a nomadic lifestyle that most freelance copywriters fancy living. Here is how they offer it in most areas, the bandwidth is accessible.




VPN Throttling



Rain Unlimited 5G Basic


Up to 25 Mbps


Yes- 720p quality






As you see above from the table, it is a home Basic 5G internet service with a download speed of up to 25 Mbps with a monthly bill of R499, which is around $33. You can see, I just presented the package I am using for all ideas I’m going to write here according to my experience of using the Rain 5G Basic.

Since I have had a good experience of its value and benefits, I’m glad to share my experience using it as we dive deeper into this innovative mobile service. That seems to be taking the developed world by storm due to affordable data provision. For an internet connection to satisfy the basic needs of anyone like myself who is into freelancing, online copywriting, specifically blogging.

It is a fact that those who adapt to and adopt change in whatever form will be winners. Accepting technology is necessary for a fast and forever evolving business landscape. Where your business venture and office now fit on a laptop. And the whole global business world is interconnected on your computer. I believe that appreciation and utilization of technology wherever possible is the only way out of poverty and lack of creativity in our minds and how best to use it for our progress and benefit for generational blessings.

Imagining a life without the internet has become scary and a nightmare. As a copywriter, I believe in content creation and writing blogs based on the purpose and value of any business for a solid online presence and branding. Let us get down and explore this device that I have come to revere and uphold for its usability, portability, and reliability when it comes to data provision for internet connection. I would not hesitate to recommend this gadget to anyone due to its undebatable value for money and worth your R449 or a $30 monthly bill for accessible data provision and reliable internet connection. Let’s explore and get a sense of Rain 5G’s purpose, value, and benefits. 


·       To make data affordable and unlimited to consumers.

·       Offering a variety of data packages that are unlimited and for suiting your internet needs.

·       Providing different choices in plans and speed to suit your budget and needs

·       To provide a robust and excellent option for people who want an affordable, uncapped broadband service for their homes.

·       Innovative provision and access to data for internet access to developing communities.


·       Affordable and very accessible

·       Durable and long-lasting quality hardware

·       Portable and convenient for mobility and nomadic lifestyle

·       Value for money and worth every cent

·       Uncapped and unlimited data provision


·       Ready to plug and use

·       Easy to use with no tech skills  

·       Reliable performance

·       Simple to operate for seamless processes

·       No monitoring usage and consumption as long as you stick to home use.

Furthermore, as a freelance copywriter and blogger, I am always skeptical about products and services in the tech industry. The Rain 5G comes with an Acceptable User Policy which gives it the right to take necessary steps to prevent improper or excessive usage for the integrity of its network. That makes it a legit service provider which expects its clients and customers exercise the same kind of responsibility and legitimacy. It has robust applications that control communication protocols and data traffic wherever applicable. Ordering this gadget is easy and stress-free.

·       Create an account on the Rain website

·       Fill in your details

·       You order the package you prefer.

·       You pre-pay for your first month

·       The courier would contact you

·       Endorse your identity for verification and proof of residence.

·       Communicate the time and date for delivery

·       Valid verification of delivery address

·       It is always exactly as the courier promises, with no delays.

So, why are you waiting? Getting connected these days is the only best way to catch up with the rest of the world in all your efforts in life and business. Remember, your lifestyle and your business are now fitting on your laptop. So, let it be with an affordable and durable internet connection device like the Rain 5G Basic or any packages you can find here.

Disclaimer; Note here, dear readers, that I’m not an affiliate of Rain 5G. I am reviewing it because I use the product and its services and appreciate how it has made my digital lifestyle easier for accessing data for connectivity in my freelancing and nomadic lifestyle.


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