How To Boost Your Confidence in Brand Building as a Small Business Owner:


As a small business owner, like a solopreneur, freelancer, blogger, creator, or startup company, a lack of confidence in carving yourself into a brand can compromise positioning yourself and your business in the market. The forever evolving high technology and congested social media platforms can be intimidating.

That means you need a complete overhaul and mindset change in your belief and approach to digital marketing. Upgrading yourself along those lines will make you a winner and influencer in the creative economy landscape. Here is the thing, with creators flooding the market, no business is too small to be a brand of recognition in its niche and industry. That is what I believe and inspire you to believe likewise.

The digital-based economy has seen a high rise in online branding, with most people, like more than 50% world population working online and exploring all avenues to make it work and earn a living out of their knowledge, talent, and skills. So, do not fear branding yourself. Fear of branding yourself online will be like sacrificing your life to be a failure, especially if you are new on the market.

 You should rethink online brand building and how best you can navigate through blog marketing and make it work for your brand. Here are the techniques for boosting your confidence in branding your creative venture and how to navigate through them to create a successful brand. 

Your knowledge

Your knowledge is your wealth creation strategy in the creative economic shifts. It should be a strong foundation of your brand, and sharing it with others will boost your confidence in branding yourself. Everyone is vying to be a brand online. The dilemma now is who is going to appreciate who is online. However, the solution is to be a solution provider of what the world would need from you on your digital platform. So, everyone is in you and me in providing content of value. Knowledge is the basis for success in the digitized economic shifts we are already experiencing in the present-day business landscape. You can only get wealthy if you are willing to learn new stuff every day, especially in digital marketing, specifically blog marketing, for effective brand building

You need to invest in your knowledge and upskilling to level your abilities and capabilities in any digital space, like digital marketplaces, social media platforms, blogs, vlogs, eCommerce, and many more. The foundation is basic knowledge of digitalized instructions and appreciation of technology and its application. Thanks, to Google Digital Garage, for that basic understanding of digital marketing that gives me confidence in the fundamentals of blog marketing for brand building that I’m sharing here.

Information Access

The creative economy is information and knowledge-based economy. Therefore, you need to level up your access to information and utilize it relevantly. And apply it creatively and holistically to your brand building. Google is the best tool that any solopreneur, freelancer, or business owner needs to appreciate and use every time in your projects and your blogs. It is not just about accessing information but how best you can use it for promoting your business and branding yourself online for monetization and wealth creation. That means turning information and knowledge into action through solopreneuring and freelancing.

That you do comfortably with basic digital literacy skills that make it easy to access, analyze, evaluate, sift, apply and use the information on your projects in the best possible way. That reminds me of Jack Ma, who indicated in his speech about technology and how those who created it played their role and finished and how only those who can utilize it properly would be winners. Therefore, the best practical and functional way to use technology is to access, create and distribute information for branding yourself and your business.


Your experience is an embodiment of your knowledge and the information you have been exposed to and used in your career journey and how best it has brought you where you are right now. Use that as a strong base for branding yourself around your business idea. That is why most successful brands are by those entrepreneurs who saw it all. And those who experienced hardships along their journey of finding their purpose and passion in life and business.

Most of the time, your experience intertwines with your talent and skills. That creates a wealth of information, making it easier for you to be creative and practical in your brand-building process. You might be new to your niche, but having some experience in the industry, like writing, marketing, or tutoring, will help you create ideas for diversifying your brand for expansion and impact in the world.


Your talent should be the rich basis of your brand building. Either directly delivered, performed, or digitally packaged as downloadable digital products. That involves selling your talent-based knowledge in a tangible, physical way that can last for a lifetime since it is digital products like online courses, eBooks, PDF downloads, app programs, journals, and teaching and learning resources. Your talent opens opportunities on online marketplaces where business people can discover and hire your talents and skills.

Join a freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancers to gain exposure to what other people are doing and kill it online with some pride in their talents and skills. I am already on Fiverr. That is why I am here to strengthen my brand as a copywriter, specifically for blog marketing and brand building based on the purpose and value of my business venture and you as my prospect.


Your Skillset is the whole package of what you can do with passion and willingness to bring to the fore in building your brand. It is also closely related to your knowledge, experience, and talents. Be the cheerleader of your capabilities and establish the degree of trust, authenticity, and credibility you want to create online. Demonstrate what you say you can do through a comprehensive portfolio.

 Your skills must give you confidence and clarity in defining your purpose and value in the market and contribute to establishing your brand in your niche and industry. You must not look at what other people are doing and but what you can do to the best of your abilities as a brand. Here is the way to change your mindset. If you are into writing like myself, you should never feel threatened by biases that are always common on the global market.

Every individual has their way of presenting themselves and the ideas they find of value to their niche and industry. So, write like yourself, not like anyone you have read online or in a book. Present yourself as you are in everything. Be confident with your style, tone, voice, knowledge in marketing, and what you believe can help other people in your target industry. That’s it in boosting confidence in branding yourself and your business. Dying to become confident in branding yourself for brand building your business? Check our downloadable here.


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