How to Limit Fear of Branding Yourself as a Freelancer on the Global Market:


Dipping yourself in the deep oceans of the Global Market can be scary as a freelancer and solopreneur. Are you developing cold feet for diving deeper with your branding in the Global marketplace? You shouldn’t! The world is your oyster in which you are in a position to take the opportunities that technology has made available and play a part as a brand that is worth recognition and acknowledgment on the Global market. The only tool that will allow you to do that is your website and branding based on your purpose and value in the market. Here is how you can limit fear in branding yourself as a freelancer and solopreneur.

Understand Yourself

You can never establish a brand of value if you, the creator, does not understand your worthiness and value as a person. You can never impact your niche and industry if you do not understand yourself as a creative person and what you stand for in your industry and the world. Look here, how can someone claim to be a marketer or copywriter when their misunderstanding of themselves is muffling their voice and presence on the market? Lack of understanding and misunderstanding self can easily translate into misrepresenting yourself, your product or services, and your brand on the market.

 So, shake it up and have the courage to dig deeper into yourself. Here is a tool that can assist you in understanding yourself and having clarity and confidence in representing and presenting yourself in any marketplace. Understanding yourself will also assist in understanding what niche and industry you can venture into, enjoy exploring and make an impact.

Define Your Niche and Venture

The freelancing industry is crowded and has become an ocean of experienced freelancers who believe themselves to be the cream of the freelancing industry, especially in hot areas like digital marketing, copywriting, web designing, graphic designing, and many highly demanded niches. Therefore, you need to be clear with what you are good at and why you think so. Though, passion and reality in the market are miles apart. Being passionate about something will give you the drive to withstand obstacles and challenges in your chosen industry. It has shaped the most successful entrepreneurial stories. Jeff Bezos and many other successful entrepreneurs have always said if you do something you are interested in and passionate about, you will never work a single day. You would have found something that is your true calling which is like striking a jackpot. Here is how you can be clear with what you want to do in your business venture;

-        In which category or industry is it going to cater?

-        What are you going to call it?

-        What should be its focus?

-        What is your target market?

-        How will it be positioned on the market?

-        How will it be an evergreen brand?

Define Your Purpose &Value

Brand purpose is not a new concept but gets mixed up with social impact and environmental implications of doing business for promoting green living and eco-environmental awareness. However, in blogging for branding, the focus should be on the why of your business venture. That is the purpose and value of your business venture. And what you hope to achieve on behalf of your clients to improve their lives. Like in our case. Our purpose is to inspire and empower our target readers and audience to brand their businesses through blogging based on their purpose and value so that they can stay relevant to their vision, mission, and brand objectives. The purpose and value of your brand need to be clarified to maintain relevance in all business operations and processes like marketing efforts. Clear purpose increases your drive and resilience to challenges and obstacles. Knowing the reason and value of what you are doing will sustain you to fulfill the purpose of your business venture for recognition in your industry.

Brand Yourself

Branding yourself means personal branding. That is an expression and image of believing in yourself and what you stand for in your industry. It is the business of being you and being the best, you can be in supporting the image of your business venture. Make yourself the face of your brand. So, your offline and online presence must merge and blend with what you are trying to build. As for me, I always feel I am not doing enough to show my face offline. I feel limited by operating in a foreign country, where laws and regulations restrict exploration in live presentations. I always feel that gap.

 But still working on it to work it work for more live presence. However, you can always try to cover this gap by establishing yourself as an expert in your industry on your website and social media platforms. That allows networking and connecting with other experts in your industry. That is basically for Self-promotion in establishing a presence in the industry market. So, be bold in presenting yourself. Be creative, holistic, and humane. No bragging. Inspire, empower and be followed. Be authentic and credible for garnering influence towards building your brand.

Brand Your Business Venture

Your personal branding is an extension of your business. So be clear with your purpose and value in the market. Clarify what you do so that your visual and verbal branding sends that message to your audience and clients. Build your brand identity around what you want people to think and feel about your brand. That can be because you want them to feel that life can be easy and funny through what you offer. Like myself, I assure freelancers and solopreneurs that business ventures can be funnier to market through blogging. And their messages throughout should be based on the purpose and value in the market. How sweet does that sound? So, do not let me down here, be in and let’s enjoy this journey together.

 There is nothing to fear in branding yourself and your business venture. Just focus on who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it and make people realize its benefits in their own lives. That way, your brand will become life and live in your client’s minds and hearts. And remember, a brand becomes a brand when it is consistent with a clear message of purpose and value on the market.

Still not comfortable branding yourself that way? Don’t hesitate to explore our resources for Personal Branding, Business Branding, and reading Inspirational Business Romance Stories that demonstrate creative and holistic strategies in life and business. Better still, you can always book consultancy here or there. The bottom line is to try to make entrepreneurship and freelancing a creative and innovative game as a freelancer and solopreneur in the Digital Economy.


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