AI Chatbots? How To Remain Human Centric in Content Creation:

As a marketer, entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, startup, creator, and business owner, the algorithmic content creation war in the Artificial Intelligence industry can be distractive and disturbing with fear of the unknown and the future in digital marketing and brand building. This cyberspace war and competition in the Artificial Intelligence industry has left many in the digital search engine market wondering what its implication is in content marketing. Especially with most high-tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Open AI getting involved. However, it seems they are missing the essence of the human-centric and holistic approach of the internet’s initial objective with the pioneer creators. That efficiency and reliability in the accessibility of data and information are the top priority and should remain so. Their focus is competing to dominate the market share in the fast-growing AI industry.

Human Centric Focus

Ironically, the lead tech giant competitors cite their value proposition in the market as developing and directing artificial intelligence tools in ways that benefit humanity. That is understandable but questionable with all the reports that have pointed at the AI chatbots’ shortcomings. That is contrary to the global dream and human-centric focus of striving to make the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business for everyone with the human interest at heart as a principle that any brand should respect and practice for solid brand building with no drama, trauma, and zero carbon footprint. 

The disruptions created seem to be missing the creative and innovative part of their chatbots since most of them rely and depend on already published information on the internet web with chatbot GPT having computed its understanding of the world in late 2021. That was for cutting down on the computing requirements, which most tech researchers have cited causes a dramatic rise in computing power which also increases carbon emissions. Tech and Computing gurus said; there are already cumbersome resources involved in indexing and searching content. And the incorporation of generative AI chatbots requires a different kind of firepower and higher cooling systems.

Cybersecurity & Carbon Footprint

So, what is this fuss all about with these AI chatbots? Efficiency, cybersecurity, and reduction of carbon emissions have always been a factor to consider since the inception of the tech industries. Yet it is cited further that such AI disruptions and innovations need processing power, storage, and efficient search, not even to mention a fivefold computing power that comes with integrating large language models like these generative AI tools. And on top of that, heavy carbon emissions have always been a global issue and topical on all environmental agendas in world forums. These tech giants, like Microsoft and Google, have spent heavily on building and buying generative AI tools. However, the question is, would these tools bring food to the table for a creator like myself? And contribute richer knowledge and information to improve user experience to access more accurate data.

Competition for Market Share in AI Industry

The cyberspace control wars are due to the competitive mindset. Most tech founders and giants have always believed in garnering faithful followers and audiences. Cultic brands can be distractive and destructive. In their tech innovations, they are hardly human-centric. And never create their products with the interest of humanity at heart. But to fulfill the founder’s ego in captivating their audience with their misdirected passion for innovation. No brand should be worshipped, like what is happening with tech giants in the fast-growing generative 

Chatbot AI industry. Competition in the creative economy does not build sustainable brands, especially in the tech industry. It drowses investments and compromises value in the market. The AI industry is still a game that needs tech brands to wake up and start rethinking AI and whether it is worth the sweat with all the computing power and the hassle of big budgets at the expense of stakeholders, employees, users, and everyone concerned.

Questionable User Experience Focus

Competition in cyberspace at the expense of users and the environment around them does not promote sustainability in brand building, no matter how sophisticated your tech app is. The bottom line is user experience, cybersecurity, and reliability of the data, information, and knowledge accessed. It is not just about prompting, cutting, and pasting published information. Neither is it about encouraging the knowledge economy and information market to accept outpoured data by machinery at the expense of interfering with human development that should happen with children at school and college.

If children in high school and college are encouraged to rely on AI chatbots for writing essays, how would they ever learn to create their original ideas by understanding the world around them and using their assessment of the world? Is that not killing the human mind and development? Of course, progress and advancement in technology should happen, but never should it take advantage of the natural development of human creation. The most essential development that any child needs is exercising their mind through being open-minded, creative, and original with their ideas and everything around them. Yet AI chatbots seem to be vying to shut out that essential ingredient of being human who can think, analyze, and be creative with their surrounding environment.

Content Creation with AI Chatbots

With 2023 proving to be rife with cyberspace control wars between the Artificial Intelligence Tech Industry giants competing for market share in the internet search marketing industry, most users wonder who to trust and what AI Chatbots to apply in their business processes and activities. The bottom line is to remain calm and collected and sticking on to your creativity using the most fundamental tools and programs that have been created and have proved practical and functional with a human-centric application to content creation, not rushing to use the new ones that leave and compromise human capabilities out like the Chatbot GPT in whatever form or from whatever tech giant. God created human beings to assist machines, not to be booted by machinery. So, how can you deal with this crisis, drama, and trauma as a brand in your brand-building process and journey?

Read and Analyze

Reading and analyzing what is happening in the cyber world will help you to understand and be open-minded to make wise decisions in your brand-building process and not feel threatened by any cyberspace control freak competitor. That might want and seek to interfere with your passion and drive in creating your own space on the internet. Every creator should universally acknowledge that any brand in any industry should operate guided by its purpose and value.

So, why seek to outdo each other when the internet is global and; brands have enough room to create their tools and apps without interfering with anyone except their creativity and innovation? And all this is done for the benefit of everyone concerned by being human and holistic in their approach.  The human-centric approach needs a critical, creative, and more empathetic mindset, not a greedy and selfish mindset like what seems to be happening in the Artificial Intelligence industry. 

Critical & Open minded

After reading and analyzing, you look at the underlying factors and facts of what is happening in the digital space and why it is happening. That way, becoming open-minded to make wise choices in your brand-building process and journey. In this case, we see tech giants vying for the more algorithmic engaging conversational AI chatbot. That can help you see how it impacts the industry and the people it is supposed to serve.

As an entrepreneur, freelancer, or creator, since early January, you have already observed and witnessed outcries, reports, comments, and recommendations about the generative Chart GPT and how AI development would affect the digital marketing landscape, making most people lose their jobs. However, looking at how it performs its search and result outcome, the human presence is still at work, for it does not create data or information on the keyboard. It can only generate archived data from long-back published information on the internet. So, in the meantime, it can never substitute human capabilities of creating and uploading data on the internet.

Be Observant 

What is happening around you, and how is it affecting your industry and brand? No brand building should exist and operate in the dark. The more observant you are in your industry and niche, the more enlightened you become in identifying problems and issues in your industry. Solutions to overcome obstacles and challenges do not just happen. You become aware of them by observing and seeing where some brands in your industry are missing the point. 

In this case, if you were one of those tech giants, would you be caught up in the same competitive distractive game at the expense of your clients and prospects to keep on guessing your competence in AI chatbot content creation and algorithmic content generation capabilities? Is it worth it, looking at all the investments they are throwing in and how investors are drooling over the AI Chatbot GPT? And how everyone seems to be excited about all the competitive fussiness of outdoing each other in the fast-growing and steaming AI Chatbot tech industry. I would say it is AI tech search control craziness that compromises human-centric brand building.

Be Selective

Select the new suggested tools wisely if they are a good fit for your brand and what you are doing for your clients and prospects. In my case, I might choose to use Chatbot GPT, but would my readers still feel the personality, rhythm, and pulse of my brand voice and tone and my natural approach in the marketing industry? As for me, I have always driven the purpose and value context in my blog scripts. Do chatbots have a sense of value in the market? No! They can never have that human understanding unless a human creator uploads it on the internet through my browser and my content. That is how we can be selective and help to build a body of rich information and knowledge that is original and eye-opening on the internet. Not just blindly and artificially computing, prompting, cutting, and pasting with no contextual purpose and value in the market.

Remain Focused

The cyber world has always been full of experiments and new developments. And the Artificial Intelligence industry is still new and full of drama from tech giants who have already made billions of dollars from the internet. So, they are always hungry for a challenge to maintain their multi-billion status positions in cyberspace. So, whatever is happening on the internet should not interfere with your brand-building efforts as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator, startup, or a business owner. Remaining focused is the game in overcoming distractions and disruptions in digital brand building. And embracing change wherever appropriate for your brand-building process will help to keep up with what is happening in the Artificial Intelligence industry.


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