How AI Content Creation Tools Improve Digital Marketing


What a year in the Digital Marketing ecosystem! It was a year of ChatGPT and Generative AI tools competing for attention and consumption in the market. The marketing landscape suffered heavily from threats by AI Generative systems! And will continue complicating what to use and not use in digital marketing. However, you cannot build a digital brand with zero AI tech tools, especially in the present digital economy landscape where Generative AI tech tools and Large Language Models are fast dominating the whole business ecosystem with their capabilities in natural language processing, machine translation, and natural language generation. That means the way forward is to adopt, adapt, transition, assimilate, and change the traditional systems for sustainability in brand building.

AI Tools in Digital Marketing

It is a fact that digital marketing should not be like traditional marketing, where you need heavy banners, ladders, and hammers to hang advertising banners on highways and street corners. However, that does not mean you should use any AI tech tools that promise paradise on earth without providing value in the market. I have seen many adverts for AI tech tools that promise fast-tracking your brand marketing strategies without delivering any value to your target consumer and with little or no relevance to the purpose and value of your business.

Choose well-researched and approved digitized tools that are relevant, ease work, and accelerate productivity by automating simple repetitive and recurrent tasks to avoid repetition and boredom that come with doing such tasks. That is where you should acclimatize yourself to new emerging technologies without fear. But with an open mind, get the right tools without breaking the bank, and don't get confused with their purpose and value in leveling up your business processes and operations.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive in and explore the five areas in content marketing where you need AI and Machine Learning tools to start experimenting and see what Generative AI tools most creators and marketers recommend in these areas and how far they assist in making your brand-building process and journey easy and relevant to the present digital marketing ecosystem.

Content Ideas

Relevance is the key to content creation for success in Content Marketing as a Digital marketing strategy. Any content strategy starts with content ideas. Simple as it looks, but to most marketers and creators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, it needs time to research and brainstorm to come up with relevant brand ideas, especially when you are still very new in this field of content creation for brand marketing. That is why AI and machine learning tools came fast in the digital marketing industry and furiously vied to overtake human content creation through generative language models that have already disrupted human creativity in content marketing.

The bottom line in digital marketing for brand building is whether blogging, Vlogging, podcasting, eBook writing, or advertising needs a big picture of your industry, niche, and brand identity. That will enable you to brainstorm new perspectives that will push the needle for your brand to stand out in the market. That is where most marketers use AI tools like ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots for brainstorming ideas for their content strategy. One such tool most marketers are using is Open AI’s Chat GPT.

It was the icebreaker in the AI tech industry for nearly everyone who wanted to test the reliability and capabilities of the Generative AI tools. It is the pioneer. And most critiques of Generative AI tools used it as an example. If you haven’t used it yet, you better start from there and see how it performs for your tasks. It can help if you accurately prompt it with enough relevant data input.

The input of your initial information will also determine the output by the AI tool. So, we can say everything starts with you. And how you should shape your brand through the content you create and produce in your marketing outlets. Its summarizing capabilities will also assist you in understanding the gist of what you can take as the main ideas of your content that are relevant to your brand. That is, how you can generate relevant content ideas and topics with assistance from Generative AI tools for your content marketing in your brand-building process and journey.

Content Headlines

Content headlines are the flash gates for attracting your target audiences’ attention and arousing their desire to read more of your articles and want to know about the campaign messaging on your advert. As in brainstorming ideas, you must maintain relevance to the purpose and value of your brand. And ensure you maintain brand consistency in wording and style. The deal is to make your headlines short and straight to the point but pregnant with the meaning of the whole context of your article or your advertising campaign messaging.

Most people suggest it can be between six to twelve words. I have always tried to use Capitalize My Title just for general impression scoring, which is average most of the time I enter my blog titles. There are several criterion aspects the tool uses to come out with the average percentage of your score. It also suggests using powerful words. Readability is the other main factor analyzed by the tool.   

Perhaps you can also try AI tools like Wordplay to make them precise and hooky, though most work best for long-form and social media captions. That is why it is essential to remember that you are the creator of your brand. So, no Generative AI tool can beat human creativity that is aware of the context and competition that surrounds its performance in the market.

The other factor, especially in Content Marketing, is to include keywords. These are terms commonly related to your industry, niche, and brand identity. That will ensure that even if you use AI generative tools, your brand remains unique with its identification keywords. That way, you stand out from the crowd. That is the secret to captivating and attracting the target audiences’ sense of attention to your brand, far from the muddling crowd of AI-generated content that hardly knows the purpose and value of your brand in the market.

Content Creation

Content creation is the foundation for content marketing, as content marketing is the heartbeat of digital marketing. What tools to use for content creation remains a debatable and a bone of contention in content marketing. In brand building, the focus is to be unique and operate on a higher level of your competition. So, the ideal content to achieve that should be mostly human-created with an emotional understanding of the target end user. That will optimize brand identity and connection through relevant content creation and messaging based on the purpose and value of your business.

Of course, AI generative tools for content creation are an impressive breakthrough in the digital world where technology is advancing and threatening the human species and their God-given capabilities to protect the world and make the most holistic and human-centered choices in serving and being of service. That is the challenge most AI tech creators and entrepreneurs should use to provide and deliver value and benefit-centered apps and tools in boosting the digital marketing industries that suffered severe disruptions due to emerging Generative AI tools and Large Language Models.

The joyful copywriters believe that if it is artificial intelligence, how can it compete with an original human mind? That is debatable and should be a hot topic in brand-building boardrooms. Of course, it is coming fast. And its claimed efficiency and reliability are acknowledged. And we can’t stop it. Unfortunately, that is happening at the expense of little and no acknowledgment of the human mind behind it all. But reviews and discussions here and there for fairness in the AI tech pursuits will ensure the safety and security of the internet as an infinite source of reliable and valid human-created information and knowledge.

Keyword Optimization

Content as you saw above is king, and SEO here is queen in Digital Marketing. That is why there is a lot of madness in the AI generative language tools, with tech enthusiasts and gurus competing to break through into this internet goldmine. Data mining and information coding are the new oil. Though AI generative tools make content creation easier, human-created content is the basis for maintaining high-quality data input for value and benefit to the end user. So, SEO can only become valid and relevant after quality data input for accessibility and use by the search engines.

It is complex to understand, especially considering that you use AI generative tools for keyword searches you self-created or any content creator uploaded to the internet. It is tricky. So, the challenge is, what tools can you use for keyword search? Unfortunately, for brand building, you have to go back to the drawing board and crack it up for relevant keywords that embody the purpose and value of your business in the market.

 Remember you are marketing your brand products and services, not trendy keywords. The takeaway is that though keyword search is still vital, it is not the main focus in content marketing, especially for blog marketing. However, in advertising campaigns, you have to bring it in. That is where AI generative tools like Google Keyword Planner or Surfer SEO can come into play. But don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you lose your brand identity for solid brand building.

Content Analysis

In digital marketing, content is king. And analyzing its validity and reliability will ensure relevant alignment with your brand reputation in the market.  In content creation for brand building, the challenge is clarity on what content to analyze and the purpose for analyzing the content. That is why you need to be guided by the purpose and value of your business so that your content does not appear superficial and far from enhancing your brand presence and business goals for boosting revenue and customer retention.

Do you have valid tools to see how your content is helping the end user and how it is helping them to transform their lives and entrepreneurship? Here, we are not referring to content analysis as a research method in academic fields. But for digital marketing through content marketing. And using AI generative tools like Google Analytics, Google Search, and Screaming Frog. And some paid ones like SEMrush or SE Ranking. In digital marketing, you can do that for easy and relevant categorization. 

That enables a seamless and streamlined flow of information to the rightful segmented audience for relevance in audience responses and how they interact with the content. That is time-consuming and labor-intensive for massive content without AI tech and Machine Learning tools for content categorization and coding data.

So, Generative AI tools for content analysis can help analyze comments and reactions on social media platforms and websites about your brand products or services. Where you can identify and collect data on what you want to know about the public’s sentiments towards your brand and your offers. That is where you can bring AI generative tools for massive data collection and coding for massive content analysis and consumer feedback, as content marketing is a two-way traffic of communication that optimizes relationship building for solid brand building.


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