Make Selling Humane Through Digital Marketing

Selling is tough. You are right. And you are not alone, for that is how the traditional business model has made it to be. However, changing your mindset and approach to adopt digital marketing strategies that integrate selling with branding and marketing will make selling more holistic and humane. That makes it more human and customer-centric for solid brand building through Digital marketing.

So, explore and learn how branding and marketing make selling more holistic and humane in the global digital economy. Let’s dig in for the why, what, and how of it all and experience your own “aha” moment. Here is why you should integrate selling with branding and marketing in digital marketing.

Why Branding and Marketing Before Sales?

Branding is the soul of marketing and the basis for brand building. So, selling is a result of effective branding and marketing. You cannot sell products or services that your target customer and user do not know about and identify with and have no clue about the purpose and value of your brand in the market. 

That is why branding has come to mean more than just physical and tangible elements like logos, color palettes, font style, and brand merchandise. Marketing and selling have always been confusing concepts in Digital marketing. In brand building, selling comes after marketing. And marketing happens after branding.

Branding helps to establish brand identity in the eyes and senses of your target consumers and users. And marketing is raising brand awareness in the market. So, branding and marketing help you appeal to the five senses of your target audience. 

But to clarify the purpose and value of your business venture in the market, you must go deeper with your brand image, positioning, and presence for authority and influence. And that is brand building for effective digital marketing that might result in sales conversions.

Brand Building Approach

Branding is the foundation for solid brand building. And in marketing, it makes selling more creative and innovative. It brings the sense and sensibility of specialization that helps bring order and sanity in the present entrepreneurial world that has become oversaturated. That calls for deep thinking to reveal the essence and meaning of your brand in the world. It makes you create the pull marketing factor, not the push selling factor in the market.

You do not need to begin by narrowing your brand perception to the world by focusing on fast sales with limited branding and marketing strategies. Don’t just think locally alone but globally for maximum utilization of online opportunities provided by digital marketing. Here is the thing. Selling is a shortcut and a short-term achievement. And brand building is long-term and sustainable in the long run of your brand-building process and journey.

Selling Can Be Pushy

Selling is pushy and distractive. Brand Marketing promotes mutual cohesion of interests from both parties for solid brand building. Selling is pushing everyone and anyone to buy your products at the snap of your fingers. Brand marketing for brand building allows your target users and consumers to think and make informed and wise decisions about your brand and what you offer. You can do this through digital marketing channels that are appropriate and relevant for clarity and cohesion in brand strategy.

That is why digging deeper into the purpose and value of your business venture is a strong foundation for your brand marketing efforts. It helps to clarify your brand promise through a well-crafted Value Proposition that spells out the value and benefit of your products or services. That way, your brand-building adventure is not hard selling but a stroll into the deep market through digital marketing strategies.

 Your duty as an entrepreneur and marketer is to understand the different forms of strategies in digital marketing, which is an ecosystem for modern marketing. That is far from traditional selling and marketing as still advertised by corporate recruiters who sometimes make marketing solely a bloody number game called selling.   

The secret code to make marketing your business venture and everything you do more holistic and humane is blog marketing, which is a combination of branding and marketing through content creation based on the purpose and value of your business venture. 

So, how best can you integrate branding and marketing for more holistic and humane selling in a fast-changing business landscape? Let’s dive deep and explore.

Selling as Brand Communication

Social proof is a cheat sheet and is misleading when it comes to brand building. In brand building, brand communication is the interaction between a brand and its target customers for enlightenment and feedback on its products or services. That helps create a powerful presence for positioning and emotional connections with users or customers. Digital marketing does not rely on social proof but the deep perception of brand performance based on value creation through blog marketing.

It is not about numbers and metrics here. It is about feeding your target user and customer’s heart and soul with valuable content that opens their mind to the value and benefit of the product or service of your brand. That is more of being of service and driven by the passion to serve. When done well, that is where the game starts rolling into sales for scoring and earnings for the benefit of everyone concerned.

Be clear of the digital marketing channels, platforms, and tools you can easily integrate for messaging across, like social media, email or advertising campaigns, website content optimization, and influencer marketing for professionally boosting sales and revenue without reducing yourself to begging for attention from your target market.

Selling for Differentiation

No business venture should reflect any other business, especially in a saturated market. Create your brand product or service that is only your own based on the purpose and value of your business venture. Whoever taught business people to sell more or less the same products as their competitors did the business landscape more harm than good. Actually, should there be competition in business? Nope! But a brand strategy, not competition for selling more or less the same type of products.

It’s time to rethink and focus on branding in its more meaningful way of specializing in only particular items like our fashion brand dream of Cool Tops. Mixing up and assorted branding and marketing does not cut it cleat in the market. The old-school retail shops are more like hustling than brand marketing for solid brand building.

Develop differentiators for competitive advantage based on the purpose and value of your business that aligns with your unique value proposition. These could be looking into the quality, functionality, and accessibility for effective delivery to your target users and customers. That helps to streamline your branding, marketing, and selling efforts for solid brand building.

 Solution Selling

As an entrepreneur, solution selling means deep thinking about your industry and niche market. It is not about just dangling products and services with a persuasive sweet tongue as a salesperson. Brand building is more about defining your target market pain points and problems first and aligning them with some understanding of your customer's needs in the market. And create branding and marketing strategies that should lead to quiet sales that boost sales for wealth creation and impact the world.

Brands do not make a lot of noise in the market. But quietly diagnose pains and problems to create solutions of value and benefit that are practical, functional, and accessible to the target users and consumers. And that is an innovative way of streamlining branding and marketing for sales conversions in digital marketing. You can imagine how inspiring and empowering it is to diagnose customer and user pain points and needs for providing relevant solutions in the market.

That makes you realize you are not just selling products or services but providing a solution in the digital world as an entrepreneur. Being in that frame of mind in your brand-building process and journey is motivating to level up your brand and make it more human-centric and customer-centric to contribute meaningfully to your industry and niche market.

Selling for Service

In a world that has realized that the gold rush is not the best way to approach entrepreneurship and business, service to humanity should be a priority, especially in the tech sector, where Generative AI inventions have become the only focus in tech entrepreneurship. Technology, like the internet, is okay. But humanity comes first, for human beings are the ones that need service through practical and functional solutions.

Selling through branding and marketing allows time to think more about providing value and benefit to your target customers and users. It should not be just a transactional connection but an emotional connection that should raise some sense of responsibility to your target audience first before profits. That is why product and service knowledge and descriptions through content are essential for providing information and educating your target market before rolling out sales to ignorant and blindfolded clients. 

In your life experiences with shopping sprees in most retail shops, you have once or twice encountered shop attendees who hardly take notice and interest in shoppers, like lacking customer service in the old-school sales language.

Digital marketing for brand building is about striving to be more human-centric and customer-centric through using more human-centric digital channels, platforms, and tools. That helps to promote connections for long-term business relationships to boost sales for revenue generation with no direct conduct and friction with your users and customers. Just emotional connection and attachment to your brand is powerful in selling for providing service above self in the digital market.

Selling for Growth

A business growth mindset does not start with an overnight big sale. That is why you must integrate branding and marketing for long-term consistent sales. That is where you need to streamline branding, marketing, and selling for revenue generation to optimize business growth. And the best way to go about it is to have a sales strategy that blends and aligns with your brand strategy.

In other words, from your digital marketing strategy through brand marketing, it means how you will design, produce, package, market, distribute, and deliver your product or service in the market. Your strategies must align with your brand values to maintain value and safeguard your brand reputation.

Most businesses that are too greedy for fast sales end up losing credibility due to cutting corners for quick sales. That is why selling in brand building should align with the purpose and value of the business venture. The best way to go about it is to integrate the sales strategy with the branding and marketing strategies for boosting sales revenue that promotes solid brand building.


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