How Brand Building Mindset Boosts Brand Search for Organic Traffic

It is fast getting deep into the year again, with 2024 proving to be another disruptive year in the digital marketing space, specifically with branding and marketing, where Google's Search Generative Experience [SGE] is said to be favoring big brands like Reddit, Amazon, Apple, and many others perceived as big brands and worth search algorithms. Maybe it's time you should give a deeper thought about brand building. And that it is no longer a luxury but a marketing strategy that will make you not fear Google's Generative Search engine algorithms. But embrace them for sustainability and longevity in the digital economy.

Why We Care

Small Affiliate sites have suffered the recent updates and drowned in Google's generative search algorithms. That has left most small creators and small businesses in the cold, with most niche-focused small content creators getting discouraged with these latest developments in the digital marketing ecosystem, where small affiliate sites have survived and existed for a long time doing what they know best and always enjoyed doing through SEO skills for organic traffic in their entrepreneurial and freelancing projects, whether it was for themselves or their client's branding and marketing needs.

However, that should not mean throwing in the towel in your entrepreneurial dreams and journey. Just as we have always believed, brand building is the best strategy for survival and sustainability in the disruptive and search engine algorithm-sensitive digital economy. So, let's dig in and explore how brand-building promotes brand search in digital marketing.

Brand Search

Brand search has become topical with Google’s E. E. A. T as guidelines for content creation. The guidelines are just a blueprint for providing value on the internet. So, it’s time for a mindset shift to appreciate brand building in any entrepreneurial venture you might get involved in its branding and marketing strategies. Brand Building will ensure discipline, direction, strategy, sustainability, and longevity in the market. Your Side hustles should lean towards brand building to stay in tune with what is happening in digital marketing

Brand search is as good as following the E.E.A.T blueprint. You can do that by focusing on the purpose and value of your business venture and bringing in your brand keywords to highlight your brand promise and the unique value proposition in branding and marketing messages. So, the secret code for brand search is establishing yourself as a credible source in your industry and niche. That automatically means using branded keywords to boost website traffic from users looking for information aligned with your brand and its purpose and value in the market. So, how does brand search help in brand building? Let’s dig in and explore.


The brand-building mindset needs specialization and focus on the essence and meaning of your brand in the market. Your purpose and value statement is a powerful starting point to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit that allows you to explore your skills, knowledge, experience, and passion in a formal way that can easily lead to developing the brand-building mindset for personal branding that can scale into a business brand.

Your purpose and value statement allows doing something you enjoy doing and are happy to grow in it as a brand. As a freelancer or solopreneur, you choose what you offer in a unique way that makes you confident and comfortable in who you want to work with and where you want to work. Freelancing as a side hustle based on your passion is a more formal way of exploring and exploiting your talent, skills, knowledge, and experience. That can easily lead to brand building for visibility and influence in the market.

That starts with learning to package yourself into something of value and worth paying for from your clients and potential customers in your industry, which will boost brand search based on your branded keywords that point to your personal and business brand.


In the era of shiny objects and an instant gratification mindset, brand building can be a long haul in the market. Discipline will mean specialization and focusing on branding and marketing without expecting instant results. That is why the most affected marketing strategy is Affiliate Marketing that believe in jumpstarting their sales with limited purpose and value-driven content. Discipline is everything in entrepreneurship.

Discipline promotes focus, a prerequisite for quality and value provision in entrepreneurial projects. In freelancing, it means you can choose to deal with only clients you can serve in a more genuine and valuable way.  Branding is about raising standards inexecution and delivery. It guides relevance for brand search from your branded keywords based on the purpose and value of your venture and what you offer in the market.

So, without discipline, people can randomly compromise standards at the expense of innocent target audiences whom you should serve in transparency of understanding the purpose and value of what you market and offer. And its benefit and value in their lives and business pursuits. That means not compromising brand search by stuffing your marketing messages with irrelevant keywords. So, discipline optimizes brand search by focusing on branded keywords in your branding and marketing messages on the internet.


The brand-building mindset shapes the whole direction of your brand.  That will boost brand search as Google places some value on brand search directed by branded keywords that spell the purpose and value of your brand. Direction in business means you know where you are heading for driving growth and development. It gives and promotes structure for seamless execution of business processes and operations.

In entrepreneurship, clarity optimizes business direction based on its purpose and value. That will promote alignment with the vision and mission that shapes the brand promise. Sure, you would not want to find yourself having your brand messages confusing and opposing each other in the market. Be relevant for clarity in the direction and destiny of your brand with Google search algorithms.

So, for easy navigation in your brand-building process and journey, clarity of the purpose and value of your business must be well defined and help in execution and action on activities and tasks that matter towards that agreed direction for business goals and objectives. With clear direction, the sky is the limit in brand search for visibility, awareness, and revenue generation.


In brand building, strategy is the hallmark of visibility and transparency of how unique your brand is in a competitive marketplace. It is to identify your unique competitive advantage and present it for positioning, presence, and influence that boosts brand search and reach. Strategy is a critical component in this present disruptive economy. A good strategy will mean rethinking marketing channels that put your brand in the most strategic position to be heard and seen with limited friction with others.

That is why you need to focus on the purpose and value of your business and infuse it in all your brand-building messages. Remember, you do not start with large profits for brand building, like the outcry about how Google's generative search algorithms favor big brands.

Strategy is making sure you are using the most legitimate channels and tools to build a brand that is sustainable and searchable on the internet for brand reach and influence in the market. Strategy defines and sets specialization, discipline, direction, and relevance for sustainability in the market. That will boost brand search and reach for positioning, presence, and influence in the market.


Sustainability in the marketplace means your brand can easily be visible to internet users based on your branded keyword search queries. So, if you do not specialize with a sense of discipline, direction, and strategy for your brand in the market, brand search might be difficult to achieve. So, it’s time to be intentional with your brand building for visibility and sustainability against big brands in the market.

The Gen Z generation can no longer survive in the market on the hustling mindset. The burnout experiences that come with the hustle culture have left most creators hating creative entrepreneurial projects they could have loved to make a lifestyle and generate income. Many are becoming conscious of the brand-building mindset that helps brand positioning, presence, and influence in the market. That boosts visibility from branded keywords.

That will automatically make you strive to establish a sustainable business model that your future generation can easily take over and continue where you would have left as seen in the present ones like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and many others that have been branded and built into solid brands of influence and longevity locally and globally.

Whether it is a market stall like Leemo, the brand sense for brand building is the new game in marketing online and offline. It promotes brand sense in alignment with production goals and objectives that determine direction, systems, processes, results, and scaling for brand search that boosts visibility in the market. That is why a mindset shift is necessary for solid brand building in any entrepreneurial project you pursue in the present-day digital economy. Even market stalls need that mindset shift for sustainability and longevity.


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