Characteristics of Quality Content for Solid Brand Building in the Era of AI Algorithms

In Digital Marketing, content has always been king and a gateway to Google search on the internet. So, quality content that is relevant in today’s business landscape has become imperative. The aftermath of the March Google Search de-indexing vast amounts of URLs from the Google Search index was a wake-up call to many who had their websites obliterated by Google in recent months.

The main drive behind all these Google updates is to make creators, marketers, and site owners focus on creating helpful and reliable content that is people first, not search engines first, with the idea of wanting to manipulate search engine algorithms. 

So, how best can you turn the tables against all the past and coming Google Search Engine Algorithm updates? Quality content is the answer and solution to betray any Google Search updates and remain focused in your brand building process and journey.

Why We Care?

The controversy comes from the requirements of Google from content creators and publishers. And their expectations from Google and its mandate to serve the web aligned with the needs of Internet users. As joyful copywriters, we sometimes get nosy about anything that impedes and discourages us in the digital market, especially concerning the internet and its role in the information and knowledge economy. So, we also believe in quality content creation and publishing on the internet.

You know how credibility in content creation and publishing is being tempered with and disrupted by Generative AI tools vying to overtake human content creation. Yet, quality content has become a priority, especially in digital marketing, for solid brand building. The AI Overviews in Search has also been a born of contention with content creators and publishers who have seen their traffic dwindling to zero with each search update from Google in the past months.

Quality Content Strategy

So, if you are one of those content creators or marketers who have become too focused on Google Search engine crawlers or AI mass-produced content, rethink quality based on the purpose and value of your business venture. Level up and rethink quality over quantity for solid brand building in the digital market. 

It is not only about quality in content creation but uniquely quality content creation based on the purpose and value of your business venture. That perhaps would help prevent your business website and niche blog from being hurt by Google Search updates and the AI Overviews in Search. 

Therefore, it’s time to buckle up, take a deep dive, and plunge into what valuable and quality content means by revisiting the purpose and value of content creation on the internet. It was shocking also when some people reported having all their sites affected.  When we searched and followed some affected, they had massive AI-created content flooding the internet and spammy low-quality content with zero context of their brands. Whether these were for clients or for that particular individual alone, we could not verify and will keep them unanimous. 

Here are the five characteristics to consider that will make your job easier and enjoy your brand-building process and journey.  Remember, the strategy is to make your content embody the purpose and value of your business venture simply and practically. And keep it helpful, reliable, and people-centered. So, let’s dig in and explore the five characteristics of quality content.


No original content creation can happen without a well-defined purpose and value for your business venture. Nothing beats originality in brand building for effective digital marketing in an oversaturated marketplace. And being original is powerful for claiming your digital footprint and brand presence in the digital market. Your business venture should not sound like any other in the market. Remember, it is your entrepreneurial vision and mission. It must be unique in alignment with your vision and mission. 

In brand building, the purpose aligned with the vision and mission is deep and more profound than the why. It defines and clarifies your unique value proposition for differentiation in the market. And is something that can help you to come up with original content is to dig deeper into your unique value proposition that spells out both the purpose and value of your business venture in a more meaningful way that clarifies your brand identity, positioning, presence, influence, and equity in the market. 

So, spoiling its essence and meaning in the market by duplicating content will neutralize its identity, positioning, presence, and influence in the digital market. Just be creative and original in presenting your brand to the market. And that does not need rocket science as in Space X. Nope. But original content creation on the purpose and value of your business venture. That will limit copycatting and plagiarism due to writer’s block and lack of understanding of brand context.

Once you get the big picture, any content you create will exude quality and all the subsequent characteristics explored below. Sure, you don’t like your brand to be mistaken for any other online or seen as a duplicate. That is one thing I don’t like about franchisee business models. They lack that magic touch that comes with originality and uniqueness in the market. Anyway, let’s dig in and explore relevance.


Someone might want to ask, relevant to what? In digital marketing, it should be to the context of your business idea, concept, model, product, or service and your target audience's needs in the industry and niche market you are vying to serve. And be heard, understood, and appreciated in the digital market. Relevance starts with the why in your content creation. 

You do not have to create and write content from the noisy crowds but in the context of your brand vision, mission, purpose, and value guided by your target audience's needs and pain points in the market. And make sure your content is well packaged and relevantly delivered to the rightful audience on the appropriate platforms. 

All these aspects will enhance the quality of your content for an effective and fulfilling content strategy with no stress but the joy and celebration of building a brand of value and influence in the market. You can see how generative AI tools and apps disrupt traditional marketing strategies. The language style you use in your content must be relevant to the industry and niche your brand serves for effective digital marketing.

Remember, digital marketing can hardly happen in the vacuum of your brand. But, in the cloud on the internet through computation from Large Language Models. So, every piece of information and data you use in your marketing strategy must be relevant to the purpose and value of your business venture. That will boost brand identity, positioning, presence, influence, and awareness in the market.


It is a tech-centered business landscape where brand building now happens. But that does not mean your content should also be binary and complex. Remember, you are writing for humans, not tech robots and crawlers. Readability starts with your target audience and your concern over their need and pain points. It must be simple and concise. Simplicity starts with the functionality of your site and its usability for accessing information and knowledge.

Remember, your content is not a research thesis but a practical site for inspiring and empowering your target consumer and user. So, your content must be simple and readable. Your users need to get the gist without fumbling with the language style. Just be concise. Readability also comes with your style in the use of grammar and choice of words. That does not mean being flowery in your articles or product descriptions. Nope. It is about using appropriate words that distinguish your brand from the rest of the market. 

Readability can also cover keywords that most content creators and marketers are always fussy about despite Google’s AI Overviews in Search. However, in brand building, content is not much about ranking but value first before visibility. If done well, users of your content will make you rank high on Google searches. If you forget to target search engine crawlers and bots and enjoy the value your brand brings to the market, you will win in providing quality content online. 


All the above characteristics, wrapped together, will add value to your content and be beneficial to satisfy the needs and pain points of your target customers and users in their lives and business pursuits. Though quality is subjective, value to your readers is essential and a non-negotiable if you want to survive and thrive in the digital space, especially in the present-day digital marketing ecosystem, where content has become a mixture of AI-generated and human-created content. 

Valuable content is human-created. Most AI-generated content is profit-centered and lacks the human touch, empathy, and relevance most people desperately need in business and life. Here, value is not limited to monetary value but what your content contributes to your audience's lives and business pursuits. 

That means your content aligns with your vision, mission, purpose, and value of the business venture and marketing objectives. And offering your users something they can’t get elsewhere in the industry and niche market you serve. And every content on your site should fulfill clear goals and marketing objectives.  So quality content creation ensures high-value provision to your users for solid brand building in the market.  

Well Formatted

Let the layout of your content be a GPS of the gist of what your content is all about at just a glance down the landing page. It is a busy world, and people want to read what you offer. And make up their mind about what you expect them to do and how valuable the information is for their growth and development.

So, make this compelling with a uniform style suitable for your brand aesthetics to appeal to your user's appreciation of the value and benefit. That will boost brand identity, positioning, presence, influence, and awareness in the market. Your content should not be a mixture of unaligned content pieces. But well-organized and contextually streamlined to make it easier to scan and read.  

That means every piece of content you publish, especially in blogs, should follow more or less formatting style. Whether it is the titles, subheadings, paragraphing, bulleting, visual images, and line spacing should optimize the user experience. Remember, your main objective is to maximize the usability and functionality of your content for unique value provision in the market. So, let it be that way, and you will win the game in offering quality content for solid brand building.


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