How To Establish a Strong Brand Personality on the Digital Marketplace:



Bravery, Confidence & Adventure in the Market:

As a solopreneur, freelancer, or startup company CEO, positioning your products or services for traction is what marketing is all about. The digital marketplace has become so crowded and saturated. That can be overwhelming and frustrating to envision the future in a competitive digital economy where global brands are vying for the forever-changing and crowded marketplace. It is no longer a business landscape of looking for clients as in traditional cold calling as salesmanship. The present-day consumer has become too knowledgeable about making choices in their purchasing journey. 

 It is now more about branding yourself for connectivity and relatability with your target market. As if this can be easy. It isn’t especially, with many forever evolving marketing apps. And automated tools and strategies are suggested online.  

So, with 2022 as the year of the tiger, or should I say tiger year? You are to embody attributes like bravery, confidence, and adventure. It is a year to explore the most practical and functional marketing strategies. That calls for more humane qualities in the game of marketing. 

That is why I thought, this time. I better explore brand personality. And its implication in making your journey. In entrepreneurship, your marketing efforts are more adventurous and exciting this year.   

How are you going to do that? 

 That points to how your personality can help. In shaping your brand positioning and presence on the global market. Adventurous as it sounds. It reminds me of Jeff Bezos in most of his interviews, where he alludes life of adventure and service.

Life and business become more exciting with a bit of adventure and experimenting with new strategies. Someone might want to comment. And say that is why most successful entrepreneurs end up divorced due to seeking excitement outside marriage. Well, that has nothing to do with the point. I am trying to drive home to inspire you to be adventurous in life and business as a brand. I agree that life and business need a bit of adventure. Marriage on its own is work and out of context. And can be toxic and intoxicating when mixed in business.  

Let’s speak about business. Content marketing and how you can make it more exciting by bringing in your personality like a hero or heroine of your brand story in this creative game of marketing in the Digital Creative Economy.

As a solopreneur, freelancer, or Startup company CEO, you are the one who should thrive in creating the kind of brand you need. That identifies you and how it makes other people feel about you. It is not an easy task but can be exciting. Especially in articulating your brand to the world on your website. Through content that has the power in bringing your personality to the fore. Creating a successful brand personality is as good as having the charisma to sell, influence, and persuade. That alone would make you have your business off the ground. The best strategy for these aspects of the course is to clarify your brand and what makes it special and unique. 

 So, what are you prepared to do this year to make your marketing game more adventurous and exciting? I hear someone saying attracting more customers and making more sales. Of course, that is right. But that cannot happen without a well-defined marketing strategy. That can make you realize sales and revenue. Remember, it is now a long journey to make people aware of your products or services. And build trust that can lure them to be loyal customers and clients for boosting sales and revenue. 

That brings us to the best strategy for raising awareness. That most marketers seem to support and adopt in marketing. Content Marketing seems to be fast gaining traction and has become the game in the Digital marketing industry. Most marketers have realized that people hate people selling stuff in their faces but want some help to pull them into your game, not pushed. The more humane and organic strategies you use, the better and the more meaningful business relationship. That humane connectivity and relatability. That is what I present and explore as Brand personality.  

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality is a human characteristic. That reflects your brand or the business brand you are trying to create. These human characteristics should be enticing attributes. That can evoke emotions of connection. With your clients and customers by putting yourself at the forefront of your brand. 

Your brand personality is what makes it likable or unlikeable on the market. You need to create content. That spells out your brand personality to position you, your products, or services in the marketplace in a unique way. That is why you need digital marketers. Like content creators, writers, and SEO specialists. Who understand and believe in this game. And how they can tap into what can make your brand presentation more relatable to your target market. 

Relevant content for brand personality

So, as a solopreneur, freelancer, or startup company CEO. You must understand the relevance and accuracy of the content that will bring out your brand personality. That is key to having the power to sell, influence, and persuade the audience. That is where the gist of branding for purpose and value comes in. 

That helps to bring out the best elements of your brand. That will make your customers keep you in their minds when shopping for similar products or services. You are offering and providing. Brand personality is that force of attraction and intimate connection you should establish with your market segment. That makes them part of what you are doing and what you are offering. It is not so much about imagery like creative assets. 

It is more about the emotional attachment people develop over time with your brand that they become ambassadors of your brand. That deep attribute they relate to is the well-defined and clarified trait. That they can to and believe that it becomes part of their lifestyle. The best platform to crack it up to that degree is your website. 


Why a website?

A website is the best platform where your brand personality can shine, be presented, and follow through with the content of value. Based on the purpose and value of your business. Content marketing is the key, especially with some well-crafted and relevant green content. That attracts constant visits. And cause the same kind of impact on your readers and followers. I have experienced this myself as someone who likes following bloggers and vloggers who are inspirational. Vlogging is said to be the most effective marketing tool for garnering attention. But I realized its effects are short-lived. 


Blogging has more longevity and success when it comes to establishing brand personality. And authority that stirs long life business relationships. Videos are short lived. They get watched get forgotten within a short space of time. Yet branding calls for more sustainable attention to your business. It is gimmicky, is that not so? It actually should be. Especially when you understand and appreciate the importance of a website. And how content as in text has become the key in Digital marketing or online marketing. There can never be a brand personality well defined without content. Branding doesn’t need to be jargon, but a relatable presentation of your brand.

It is as simple as exploring how you want people to perceive your brand in the marketplace. As a solopreneur, freelancer, or startup company CEO. Your brand personality should exude confidence, boldness, integrity, and bravery in throwing yourself into a saturated marketplace. Where you can be big sharks who have long back learned to swim with dolphins can swallow you. That is why you need to create a strong brand personality. That will beat all the imposter syndrome. That comes with trying to establish a profitable business. That can bring some steady income for stability and brand identity. That is doable and can be exciting with the following tips.  

  • Establish your brand purpose and value with your target marketplace.  
  • . Be clear with the benefits of what you are offering and providing to your target clients.  
  •  Clarify how you want people to perceive you in your target marketplace. That includes exploring different brand personalities like sincerity, excitement, ruggedness, competence, and sophistication.  
  •  Elicit emotions that flow with the tone and mood of your brand by using the same language and message on your channels, your website, and any other social media platforms. 
  •  Be consistent and constant in the tone and voice of your brand presentation to help your target market establish a strong relationship with your brand. And stick on with you and what you are offering as products or services.  
  •  Make sure all your creative assets reflect your brand personality. That will ensure you don’t lose your emotional and mental identity. Of your brand with your target market. 

  • Each aspect of your business. Must evoke an emotional attachment and nostalgia for your brand products or services.  

All in all, your website is the playground for establishing your brand personality through content creation. Content marketing is the key. As a solopreneur, freelance, or Startup CEO must see how best you can craft it authentically. And faithful to your brand personality. That will strengthen your brand personality for claiming your place and presence in the digital marketplace. 

You have to experiment with practical and human strategies. That will expand your connectivity and relatability. Best of all, you should be the one to create a credible and authentic presentation of your products or services. Aligned with that human connection that most people are craving in this era of automation, AI reactions, and bots. That comes with online products and services. So, let’s get to the job and strengthen your brand personality on your website 

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