The Benefits of Outsourcing Freelance Content Creators/Copywriters


A blended global workforce is fast becoming a reality and the norm in the digital global economy. That is why businesses are now encouraged to look closely into the advantages of hiring freelancers to enhance their full-time staff members. And as a strategy for countering the limiting bandwidth, low production capacity, and compromised business goals, most businesses are experiencing with in-house content creation and copywriting.

A blended workforce can boost sales and revenue. It also promotes the concepts of diversity, inclusion, and internationalization of your brand for unprecedented authority and influence in the global market. To put your mind at rest in this development, you need to understand and appreciate how this decision puts any brand at a competitive advantage in the global market. So, businesses must start to look for services to blend and enhance their staff with outsourcing for freelancers due to the competitive advantage that most freelancers have over their full-time employees.

Here are the competitive advantages that most freelancers have over full-time employees in any industry in the business world that will make any business thrive with a well-balanced and blended workforce


·       Freelancers are passionate about what they choose to do in their industry or genre.

·       It is not just about money but exploiting their skills and talent.

·       Using talents and skills to the full makes them feel fulfilled in providing service above self through creative and critical application of their knowledge in the industry.

·       Their passion is driven by their desire to succeed and cultivate a good reputation.

·       They do not see their work as work but as a provision of service, and their service is not a job description as is done in workplaces. But an expression of joy in their talents and skills.

·       Their passion steers the deep respect they have for themselves and what they can provide as individuals, not in a company.

·       They believe in working in a creative way where company policies and protocols do not stifle their creativity, talents, and skills.

·       They are enthusiastic and committed to whatever service they choose to provide.


·   Purpose makes most freelancers stay on top of anything they might conceive as hard, including bad clients.

·   Purpose is what makes them be able to set their work hours and keep track of what projects need immediate attention and how much attention they might need. Their purpose mindset has a strong desire to be of service.

·   They are guided by purpose to stay motivated. You hardly see an angry freelancer as usually seen with an angry employee in most companies

·   This is because they have already made up their mind to enjoy what they do and what they will spend the whole of their life doing and feel it is their lifestyle.

·   Purpose drives most freelancers to deliver any assigned work intentionally to fulfil business goals.


·   Freelancers are value-centered when it comes to the execution of assigned projects.

·   They understand the commercial value of every project they agree to create a solution for value appreciation.

·   They believe and have groomed themselves to be professionals in the industry they might choose to work and be a solution.

·   Most of them are experts and cultivate creative power in their industries. They believe in the value proposition as a strategy for beating competition, which enhances the intentional execution of any project for being different from the competition.

·   They perceive themselves to be of high value and swear by producing work of high value, not basically in monetary terms but its quality and relevance to the needs of their clients.


·   Most freelancers have good attributes in discipline and focus that most of their employed full-time rivals lack.

·   They are disciplined and very focused due to the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves, that even busy times always see them through tight deadlines.

·   Once they get an order, they ensure it is done and finished in time to give room for handling other incoming.

·   Focus is the game as they need to articulate the assigned project work without missing its commercial sense and value.

·   Every project handled must satisfy the client’s expectations.

·   Unlike their employed counterparts, who can always consult, freelancers need to figure out other stuff making them very creative and dependable.

·   They need to be proactive and resourceful and supply the missing parts for completing assignments. That enables them to fulfil their promises and resolutions. 


·   Unlike their full-time counterparts, freelancers are highly self-motivated.

·   They know this is their survival game and should win the game, or they might as well join the bandwagon of full-time employees who cry on the job.

·   Freelancers can never cry on the job because they choose assignments and projects, they know they have the intellectual capacity to execute.

·   They can choose what industries they are interested in and what kind of work they want to do and comfortably provide.

·   For them, whatever job they do and accept is not just a job or work, but something they enjoy doing to the best of their abilities and fulfilling the needs of both parties concerned.

·   They do not do their work to impress anyone. But to satisfy the hunger for fulfilment and joy. In doing what they have chosen as their career in that industry. 

General Benefits for Outsourcing

·   Outsourced freelance content creators and writers make the greatest teams for producing high-value content.

·   Outsourced content creators have been found to create content that brings positive results in their content marketing.

·   Outsourced freelance content creators have clear content marketing goals with well-defined content marketing efforts on traffic engagements and conversions.

·   It takes off the administrative duty of managing your business content creation needs and requirements.

·   You won’t need to edit your content, for freelancers always produce final pieces of writing that are ready for publishing.

·   It can be more affordable and worth every cent for most freelancers’ charges are based on the quality of their service provision, not on their qualifications like full-time employees.

So, still doubting whether you should hire freelancers and outsource services like content creation and writing for your business processes and operations, specifically for content marketing?  

As explored and clarified in this blog, outsourcing freelance content creators and copywriters has a competitive advantage in content creation and writing for your business.


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