How Blogging Boosts Your Brand Value in The Market:


Many traditional business owners and some entrepreneurs do not understand the significance of blogging on a business website and its potential to make your brand appreciates high value on the market. As a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, or startup company, I would not like you to fall into the same trap of ignoring the significance of blogging on your website in all your marketing efforts. So let your quest and hunger to create wealth for generational blessing and achievement be financially fulfilled for peaceful nights knowing that your brand is being marketed and claiming your authoritative presence 24/7 on your business website through blogging.

What is Blogging?


 Blogging is writing a series of categorized web content blog posts that are systematically published. In our case here for blog marketing, I can say they are published with the commercial purpose and intent of brand building and raising awareness of your business to attract quality clients that can boost your brand value on the market. The whole picture of blogging is that blogs are a long-term content creation investment, for they are assets and cost-effective in brand building.

Branding without an active website is like hunting without a bow and arrows. You also need a batting space for your target animals. Your batting space is the website. The blog on your business website is the bow, and the blog posts with keywords are the arrows. Wildlife hunting is like brand marketing. It seeks some value in the forest, as branding seeks value from the market. An active website with a blog is how you can attract high value from the crowded market, both from your readers and your products or services, which we will discuss in other coming posts. For now, let’s jump into the five ways blogging makes your brand appreciate the value on the market.

Standing Out

Your blog posts are brand marketing tools that reflect who you are, based on your already established personal brand. So, there is no chance of getting mixed up with the crowd. Unless you tell me that you haven’t spelled out your brand as taught and instructed by this renowned Personal Branding instructor Ronny Hermosa on his Udemy course and our Personal Branding Guide here. Blogging allows your brand to establish its unique voice and tone that can connect with its target’s feelings and emotions, specifically for your products or services and how they find value in what your brand provides.

Blogging has the power to bring your products or services closer to the heart and mind of your target audience. When your products or services stand out in the minds of your target audience, they will see your brand as of superior value on the market, and that way will attract the attention of high-value clients willing to pay high prices. That will boost the value of your brand on the market. That is how we play and should play the game in blog marketing.

Targets Your Audience

Blogging allows you to write content ideas that you know are of value to yourself as a brand and your audience. There is no wastage of resources targeting everyone with your brand and how it supports your niche and industry to bring value to them as entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, or solopreneurs. If dealing with startup companies, you know what drives their emotions and react the way you want them to. It would also be easier for you with what products and services of value to bring forward in your presentation that make these entrepreneurs in that category or industry find their work and efforts more viable and appreciate value for themselves.

Like here, I am encouraging you as an entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, or startup to consider blogging as a magnate to value creation for your brand. Blogging adds value to your brand to establish itself in the face of its specific target audience. And to be a go-to solution provider through what you have promised in your unique value proposition statement based on the purpose and value of your business on the market.

 No other digital and content marketing strategy does it better and more effectively than blogging. It provides an opportunity to be specific with its content message for that particular audience in the crowded market. That carves into their heart and mind for a close emotional connection to build loyalty and dedication to your brand. That way, continuously pull them to buy from you and consistently come back for your solution or your products. That is long-term value creation for your brand growth and sustainability on the market. So, let's blog on your website.

Builds Loyalty and Dedication

 Blogging allows your brand to inspire and empower your clients. Jack Ma; with his achievement of building an iconic brand, believed and always said, “You can never buy Loyalty, but you can inspire it.” He believed in loyalty and motivation. Nothing is more inspirational than reading blogs that empower and motivate you to appreciate your niche and industry and how you are contributing to making it even more vibrant and exciting in the industry. Your target audience loves that kind of inspiration. Your blogging creates value by enriching your audience with ideas and information that makes them better-informed buyers of your brand or any other brands in the same industry as yours.

Who in this day and age wants to deal with a client who hardly understands the value they are offering them? Let alone marketing a product or service that the client hardly appreciates, and neither understands its worthiness for the value of the money they pay. Your brand appreciates more value by attracting clients with a genuine appreciation of its value in their life and business. And using it with the sense of its importance to them. Like me here, imagine dealing with someone who hasn’t even started developing an open mindset of seeing the value of a website and how blogging adds value to all their business endeavors. You can never build loyalty and dedication on sketchy brief marketing messages on social media platforms but on long-form content.

 Blog style content is fast proving to be more purpose and value-driven for brand building and awareness on the market. It is proving to be more holistic and human engaging at all levels of your clients' psychological connection with your brand. It gives room for educating, advising, informing, and counseling your target audience in your industry. That way, establish long-term business relationships with your clients. So, let's create a blog for your brand.

Product & Service Platform

Blogging on your website adds value through the pictorial presentation of the products on your website. You can use text, infographics, graphics, images, and gifs. There is no limitation on how you can present your products or services on your website. So, you can be as creative as possible with your storytelling around your products or services. And your product or service descriptions become your value and purpose expression without biases from any third party or middleman. Blog marketing is powerful. It provides an in-depth presentation, insights, and coverage of your brand products and services.

That way, digging deeper into their value and benefits to the clients. There is room for a two-way conversation as readers or prospects, and clients interact through comments on the blog posts. That increases brand awareness, appreciating products or services by reading what other clients say about the brand and its services. Sensitive and scary as it might be on the global market. The bottom line is to provide undebatable and unquestionable value.

That is the holistic and humane aspect of the bog marketing game that creates highly valued brands. It would be interesting to read what you say about this blog post in the comments box below. We are all in this game together. Blogging creates value for your business website. Let’s do it for you by initial diagnosing and dissecting your business purpose and value proposition on the market through this Content Creation Data Collection Tool of your business here.

Unique Brand Voice Projection:

 No one should sound like you and your brand. Unique brands attract high-value attention. That is why graphic designers create logos that look different on the market. It is a legal offense to have a logo that looks the same as one of many well-known brands. That is because it has already established its high value on the market. Using it would be like stealing its highly valued reputation, products, services, brand identity, personality, voice, and tone. So, blogging is the best strategy for establishing a unique identity through a unique voice based on the in-depth presentation and insights into the purpose and value of your business. 

No one will tell you how best you should present your ideas. Your blogging is solely personal to your brand voice and tone. So, it must be as powerful as the value you are pursuing and the value you want to create on the market. The more powerful the personal brand voice, the more memorable the voice and tone of your brand would accrue.

As Ronny puts it in his branding lesson presentations, a powerful personal brand makes more money. It will allow you to charge more and will make you receive more attention for valuable partnerships and better-quality clients. So, your voice and tone through blogging is the only best way you can sound different and be an influential brand of high value on the market. Need our help in blog marketing? Check our tool here for how we start building that insightful relationship with you to carve and write blogs of high value that will boost value creation for your brand for years on the market. Thank you for reading. Get in touch here.


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