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Blog Marketing is gaining an unbeatable position in brand-building efforts in business against short-form social media marketing strategies. Branding does not end with just visual elements of your business. Branding is not just a logo or color palette. Visual elements say little about your purpose, which is the impact you want to have in the world. They do not define and clarify your brand purpose and values that will guide you to deliver your brand promise. 

Your brand promise is that unique value proposition that makes you different from others in your industry. That is the purpose and value of your business. And the benefit of your brand that makes you stand out in the market. Here are the five text-based elements for branding your business through blogging.

 Purpose and Value

Defining and clarifying your brand purpose and value in your business is the most aspect that sets the foundation and focus of all your branding-building efforts through blog marketing. Your brand can only grow when you have found your purpose and value in business. So, never try to look for a business idea. You must search deep for a purpose that will help you express your brand value in business through your business offers. You can only clarify the benefits of those offers through bogging as a brand marketing strategy.

 There is no branding without a clear brand purpose and value of your business. That might confuse to understand, but to most creators, freelancers and solopreneurs, startups, and lifestyle entrepreneurs, it is how they have come to understand the game. In short, the game is blog marketing. This long-form content marketing strategy is fast finding an unbeatable position in digital marketing. Here are the elements that make it a strong brand marketing strategy.

Brand Personality

Blog Marketing is a written blog presentation of your brand for attention and consideration in the marketplace. So, your personality should shine. It is clarified and understood by your clients through the articles, and stories you write and matters of their hearts that will warm their connection with your brand. Blog marketing allows in-depth insights into your brand promise on the market. You can also include product or service images to enhance your articles and stories. Here is it helps you dig in for brand building on the market;

·       How deep do you present your knowledge and understanding of the industry and niche you are promising them to consider you for their needs and pain points?

·       Are your blog posts covering what they expect from their connection with you and your brand?

·       Does it fulfill the gaps they're having in their lives?

·        Is your blog enhancing your brand promise, the unique value proposition?

·        How does it highlight the benefits of your brand in their lives?

Brand Tone

Your word choice and writing style will determine the emotions and mood it evokes on the market. From my experience of marketing my writings, I have realized that people do not care about you as an entrepreneur and marketer. So, do not beg, don’t use a begging tone for your clients to feel your desperation to sell. Don’t sell, market. Have confidence in your brand and its offers. Instead of them feeling sympathy for you, you are the one who should sympathize with them for their pain points and problems. Your tone must be emphatic with some compassion to help your clients in an inspirational and empowering way.

You must realize that clients and prospects are vulnerable. Most of the people you seek to serve do not know anything about the value of what you are doing. Some might even see you as desperate and crazy. So, show them by being emphatic and cultivate the spirit of compassion towards their lack of knowledge. Use an inspirational and empowering tone.

Brand Voice

Your brand voice is just as near as your brand tone. Most entrepreneurs believe marketing is like romance. You have to woo the customers. Blog marketing allows you to define your brand voice relatable to your target audience. The brand voice should not be as expressively humble as a marriage proposal, where you need to go down on your knees. It should be aggressively romantic to arouse and entice interest in your brand. That will keep your customers hooked on your brand. Here is how blog marketing helps your brand voice through blog marketing.

·       Being clear and readable: That avoids frustrating your target audience with the jargon of your industry.

·       Making it simple and relevant: Relevance helps your customers find value in your blog posts.

·       Marketing, not selling: Avoid being salesy. People hate sales language, and being pushed to buy.

·       Thinking like your customer: This will allow you to use the same language and voice relatable to your target audience.

·       Writing the way, you speak: People want to know who they are doing business with for relatability, trust, and credibility. Blogging captures that attention through your voice projection.  

Brand Consistency 

Consistency is the key to brand-building success. Blogging, like any other social media marketing strategy, needs consistency and manageable frequency in posting. Do not be overzealous. I have witnessed many bloggers and vloggers who always start at a high frequency, only to suffer burnout and decide to stop and quit forever. Enjoy the exercise and do the best you can to maintain a comfortable way of consistency and frequency. Most online entrepreneurs seem to be sticking to the weekly schedule, which I also find comfortable and practical, especially for freelancers and solopreneurs who do everything themselves.

 Consistency in all elements above will solidify your brand through the blog marketing strategy. The purpose and value of your business should be the axis of personality, tone, and voice to maintain consistency in brand presentation and how your target audience perceives and receives it on the market through consistent interaction with your blog posts.

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