Business Name as a Foundation for Solid Brand Building:

With everyone back on their brand-building desk, it’s time to reflect again on your last year’s milestones. And as you think of either rebranding or starting a new business line, the name you choose is the first identifier of its industry, niche market, and what you will offer as a product or service. So, solid brand building starts with a name, just like your name as your first and foremost identity. Also, in my previous blog post, I explored personal branding aspects. That can limit traumatization for monetization in the digital economy. You should have noted in that blog that everything in brand building starts with you as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator, and business owner. What you put out there in the market is what you get back. So, the first thing you put into the world is your name for identity and positioning as your brand. The same goes for creating and building a business. Let’s dive deep into a business name as a foundation for solid brand building.

Why a Business Name?

Any business starts with a name that you should carefully choose based on your vision, mission, purpose, and value. The name is the first identity of your business in your industry, niche, and market. A well-chosen business name would be easy to brand and market with no chance of getting mixed up and confused with other businesses in the market. Just like your brand is never confused with any other personal brand.  Solid brand building in the creative and digital economy revolves around a well-chosen unique business name and its relevance to the industry and niche. Your business name, usually the company name, should reflect what you do in your business projects and the products or services you provide in your industry and niche. It must spell out what business activities and strategies it will integrate to build a brand that will fulfill your vision, mission, purpose, and value. The name you choose must clarify and align with the purpose and value statement of the business.


Giving yourself time to think of a suitable business name is the starting point of inspiring and empowering yourself to be creative and innovative. It empowers you to dream of a better life for yourself and others. All this starts with a business name. The business name you choose must spell out your passion for life, business, creativity, innovation, honesty, and integrity in what you will do. It must awaken your sense of purpose and value in the business world and empower you to pursue your vision and mission.

Like The Joyful Copywriter, a free blog to inspire brands to adopt blog marketing for organic brand building. And use our blog to expose themselves to the world through the joy and passion we have in content creation and copywriting. And our passion and drive to be part of the digital marketing industry and help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, creators and business owners appreciate websites as the main platform for their digital marketing strategies through blogging, and blog marketing for solid brand building and sustainable longevity in the market.

So how best can you create a brandable business name that guides you in your brand-building process? Here are the five descriptive terms to bring into the process of choosing an inspiring and empowering business name.


Being classic is always classy, timeless, and stylish. It is evergreen in the market. And therefore, brandable and sustainable in people’s memories. It is easy to promote. And always in the style and context of your business industry and always easy to niche down. Classic is simple but pregnant with meaning and significance in business. It suggests timeless products and services that will promote its longevity and sustainability in the market.

Think of any business names that relate closely to you and see how they have survived in the market. Most of these companies, like Google, Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft, have that classic simplicity that makes the names easy to relate to the substance they carry and the impact they have brought in the world through smooth operation without noise or disruption. Except for their classic and sophisticated approach to providing value in the market.


Relevance to what you want to do is the first step in building a brand that helps people anytime without confusing them with what you do. It must be relevant to what you are going to do in your business. And what you are going to do in your business should be reflected in your vision, mission, purpose, and value guided by your passion and interests. A relevant business name will ensure a clear roadmap for all your business projects and the direction it should take in expanding its purpose and value for positioning and brand building. The business name is the driving force to connect to your target market and the axis of your business activities, processes, and operations. The business name should embody everything you are up to in the market without second-guessing your prospects and clients. It will avoid having one foot in and one foot out of what you are pursuing in your business. The business name will create boundaries and a roadmap for solid brand building.  

Idealistic concept

Any business starts with a conceptual idea. Your business name should translate that idea into ideals that draw people’s attention and arouse their curiosity. Ideas can change the world and have changed the world. The impact of change in any business starts with a name that describes an idea that is an idealistic concept. That is a solution in the market. A glance at your business name by anyone online or offline must convey a meaningful idea or ideals you are to contribute to your industry, niche, and the world.

 It must suggest positive and progressive concepts as solutions to the world. With an idealistic and conceptual business name, as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator, and business owner, it will be easier for you to think of content ideas and marketing strategies to bring into your brand-building process. You will not run short of ideas to define and clarify what you are bringing into the market and how to position it without getting mixed up in your solid brand-building strategies for growth and development.


An imaginative business name makes brand building exciting and adventurous like imagining yourself swimming through the Amazon river. It spells out the big picture of your romantic brand building dreams. Nothing is as inspiring as imagining your business taking the whole world, industry, or niche by storm. Without imagination, most entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups, freelancers and creators limit their horizons and even get distracted from their business names and what they should represent in the industry, niche, and market. An imaginative business name will stretch your mind to possibilities around the business name. It will create opportunities for diversifying your business without missing the focus of your brand. That will enable the creation of exciting avenues and strategies to build a solid brand that is sustainable and interesting to manage for longevity in the market.


A unique business name means you are not like any other business. You can easily stand out and easy to find online and offline. Uniqueness has always been a guiding principle in the creative economy. Your business name should reflect that uniqueness that avoids copying other businesses in the same market. Copycatting is no game in the creative digital economy unless you want to devalue your creative and innovative capabilities in the market. Never think of a business name that makes it easy for other people to copy your business ideas or you to copy other people’s business ideas. Be creative and innovative in your outlook and research gaps in the market

That approach would enable floodgates of adventurous business opportunities to explore and create a solid brand-building platform. It will make you never run out of novel ideas to bring to life in your branding process and make you stand out in the market. A unique business name will be creative and innovative in the products or services you offer in your industry and niche market. That will boost uniqueness and solid brand building in your industry and niche. Your clients will never confuse your brand with any other in the market.

Interested in rebranding or starting afresh with your name this year. Don’t hesitate to consult us for creative, innovative, and inspiring business names in the creative digital economy. However, before you consider our help in choosing a name for your business, you can access our information-collecting tool here. That will help you envision the whole brand-building process and how we usually help our clients in content creation based on the purpose and value of your business. If; you are stuck in your creative and innovative thinking and approach, you can consider business name generators like GoDaddy. Bye, see you in the   next blog post about the Domain name for your business.


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