How to Limit Trauma in Digital Marketing for Human-Centric Brand Building:

The beginning of a new year in business as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, and business owner, can be traumatizing when it comes to figuring out your brand-building process. And taking it off from where you left it last year is always a mixture of doubt and confusion. Most of all, figuring out how best to do it without traumatizing yourself or being traumatized in the marketing industry. The best way to avoid being traumatized in your brand-building process is to understand that digital marketing embodies content marketing and should be customer-centric with human principles at its core of being a solution of value to your target persona in the market.

No Traumatization for Monetization in Brand Marketing

There should be no trauma and drama in digital marketing for brand building. Be it for personal branding or business branding. There should be no such thing as traumatization for monetization. Be it in influencer marketing, where you have heard influencers being traumatized or traumatizing themselves for monetization. Some opt for extreme body transformations for better looks through cosmetic surgeries demanded of them by their sponsors. You can imagine the trauma and have already read horror stories of such traumatization.

Email marketing, where you have witnessed consumers complaining about being traumatized. By the high frequency of newsletters flooding their email boxes. Social media marketing is where most brand marketers get distracted and lose focus on their brand-building objectives and purpose. That results in losing the sense of brand marketing strategies and compromises the credibility and value of the brand in the market.

And some are traumatized by trolls who hardly support good causes on social media platforms. But good at distractions and disruptions with mean comments or choose not to comment on anything meaningful. And hardly contribute any enlightening posts to inspire people to be more aggressive with their lives and businesses. But good at posting negative comments as a strategy for sabotaging and discouraging the global mindset in the market and fear of competition from other parts of the world.

If your brand or business brand still fears competition in the digital creative economy and the digital marketing industry or focuses more on competition and disruption. You are missing the point of the creative economy in which you are supposed to compete with yourself by creating value through exploring your passion and purpose in your industry and niche market.

That is basically about being purpose-driven to create value to fulfill the vision and mission of your business. And having an impact in making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business for everyone capable of doing so. Never traumatize yourself or your brand for monetization. Here are ways to build a trauma-free solid brand with zero tolerance for traumatizing situations in your brand-building efforts.

Believe in Yourself

Be you, and do you. You are who you are, and believe in what you are and who you are. Thrive to create a brand that fulfills your dreams, passion, vision, mission, purpose, and value in the market. That way, you won’t experience any trauma and feel you are doing work. But to follow your passion and share your talents, skills, and experience with the world. That adds value to yourself and being the best of yourself in your brand creation and building. That is empowering in contributing to creating a better business world.

What you believe in yourself and how you portray yourself in your industry and niche is how the market will receive you. So, believe in yourself and brand yourself the way you want the market to perceive you as a brand. Especially in the industry and niche, you want to dive in and swim for brand building and monetization with no traumatization. If you believe in yourself as a brand, no one will have room to traumatize you for monetization.

Develop Yourself

It has now become an adage in the present digital economy that ignorance will be the number one source or cause of poverty in the decades ahead. The world has become a digital oyster for digital marketers and revolves around the internet, information technology, and the digital knowledge economy. So, the way forward is to keep yourself updated with this development to educate, develop, and upgrade yourself in any digital technological areas you are passionate about and in line with your talent and skills. A long-term growth mindset will help focus on human-centric marketing strategies that limit trauma in monetizing for solid brand building.

Do not wait to be fired from your job or rely on your college degree or the present state of the brand you created last year. Personal development to upgrade yourself through lifelong learning courses online enhances your formal training, qualifications, experience, and exposure. There is nothing as powerful and empowering as self-education. It exercises and opens your mind to manage challenging situations and develops an independent mindset to explore opportunities and possibilities on the internet for a solid brand-building process based on your areas of development and interests.

Market Yourself

Personal branding and self promotion is the way to go and key in solid brand building. There is no trauma for monetization in personal branding for marketing yourself. Whether you are looking for a job or you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or freelancer, marketing yourself is what you should learn to do without exposing yourself to traumatizing social media platforms that promote inhuman-centric strategies to personal branding and self-promotion. Your marketing strategies should enhance the passion you have already cultivated for being you and being the best of yourself in everything you are going to do in your brand-building process.

 You should base marketing of yourself on personal branding, with no sugar coating but a personality of value that believes in yourself as an object and substance of value in your industry and niche. That way, no one should traumatize you for any monetization that reduces you into an object or subject of abuse. But a substance of solid brand building in your industry and niche. 

Brand Yourself

Social media platforms are the best common channels for personal branding. Though that is where the magic of personal branding happens, they have become crowded, congested, and saturated. So, you need to be careful with your choices of social media platforms. You must be clear with what you will do with those you choose to use, or they can fire back on your reputation and integrity.

The secret is to remain focused to avoid distractions from who you are and what you stand for as a brand. Whether people react or not on your status posts or home feed, never get overwhelmed by wanting to be liked or alluded to for what you are doing, especially if it is for honest brand building with zero manipulation of the algorithm and buying subscribers.

I heard stories like that and received invitations to buy subscribers when I started my YouTube channel. I always brushed such suggestions as greedy strategies that corrupt creators and compromise entrepreneurial ventures for solid brand building. So, stick to your purpose and value in providing valuable information and knowledge in your threads and social media posts. Luring fans should be based on integrity, relevance, and relatability of the value you provide.

Whether people react or not, the mindset in the brand building should take it or leave it, for you will be doing it to fulfill your purpose in sharing value and your value in information and knowledge sharing. Those who find the value in you and what you share won’t need trumpets, whistles, and bells to realize what they are missing in you and what you share. Let your brand speak for itself without whistles, trumpets, or bells.

 Be creative and unique, and stick to what you stand for as a brand in all your brand-building strategies. Self-promotion based on the aesthetic and visual appeal of your looks to the eye and camera is fast being overtaken by personal branding based on your purpose and value in the industry and niche you want to be an influencer.

Monetize Yourself

Don’t mutilate yourself for monetization. Brand yourself based on your purpose and value in the market. Then monetize the value of your knowledge, skills, talent, and passion in your industry and niche. The present creative economy is no longer about relying much on other people. The best you have seen is to be yourself, believe in yourself, and develop yourself, your skills, and your talents. Your skills, talents, knowledge, and experience should be the basis of your brand-building process.

That should open opportunities for monetization with no fear of being traumatized by anyone or any marketing software system, platform, program, or strategy. Monetizing yourself based on what you know and what you are capable of in your industry and niche should be naturally based on your passion, purpose, and value. That way, you can never experience traumatization, but the value of the brand you are creating and what you are providing to your target audience in the market. So, marketing for brand-building based on traumatization for monetization limits fulfillment. That comes with brand-building through blog marketing based on your passion, purpose, and value in your industry and niche market.

Interested in knowing how best you can go about this? You can shop around for all our inspiring and empowering tools for guidance and exposure to develop a solid brand-building mindset in the creative digital and knowledge-based economy as you start or enhance your brand-building process journey this year.  


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