Adopting the Brand Building Mindset for Thriving in Marketing:

If you are in the know of today’s business landscape, you can never deny the fact that it has become dominated by technology. As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, creator, startup, business owner, and marketer, you cannot ignore that naked truth and its reality glaring at you and everything you do in marketing your business. The digitalized state of the business landscape is what has come to make it solely internet based and an information-based economy. And it is continuously disrupted by AI tech apps and inventions.   So, from those observations, you should have realized that the traditional business marketing strategy is fast evolving into the brand-building model approach, where lifelong learning is a prerequisite for survival, sustenance, and success in the market. That involves opening your mind to creativity, innovation, community building, leveraging technology, and building systems. And seamless integration of all these aspects is the key to streamlining your brand-building processes for effective revenue generation and wealth creation. That will boost the longevity and sustainability of your brand in the global digital market. For Brand-building mindset in marketing promotes sustainability and longevity of your brand in the market. 

Traditional Business Marketing 

The traditional business marketing strategy is greedy and short-term. It targets fast profits turnover sales. And that is fast being disrupted by the human-centric and customer-centric approach that is long-term. That makes most people develop an entrepreneurial mindset of creating inroads into the market with more human-centric and customer-centric marketing strategies for positioning their passive income streams. They are skill and talent-based, with a high demand for lifetime learning online. And the strong desire and drive to continuously recreate oneself for income generation and wealth creation through brand building mindset in marketing.

That has become a disturbing challenge to the corporate business mindset that insists on the traditional marketing strategy based on selling with tight budgets due to economic uncertainties. And the new concept of work-life balance hardly allows the door-to-door marketing strategies that are only possible with the nine-to-five job system that most marketers in these organizations have to fulfill. That means they don't have time for self-development and self-recreation to learn, appreciate, and adopt new human-centric strategies in marketing like blog marketing. That has become a discouraging factor to most millennials with an entrepreneurial mindset to be part of such traditional corporate business setups. And as such fast being threatened by extinction like dinosaurs.

Traditional Business Marketing or Brand Building Approach?

The question is, should you practice traditional business marketing or a brand-building approach to marketing? The decision starts with clarity on what a brand is. And what a business is in the present digital economy. A business involves selling using traditional marketing methods of direct selling. And a brand involves building systems for brand marketing using digital marketing strategies. I can hear someone shouting; bravo! And aha! So, what? Well, the brand-building model mindset is taking the world by storm. So, what does it mean, and what skills do you need to develop to adopt the brand-building approach to marketing and be part of the creative digital economy that believes in longevity and sustainability in the global digital market? Let’s dive in and see what brand building mindset in marketing involves.

Brand Building Mindset Approach in Marketing 

Brand building mindset approach to marketing is about being visionary and proactive with a bold conviction of wanting your brand to make it on the global market. It enables all your marketing strategies to revolve around the purpose and value of your business idea and its power to contribute to making the world a better place to do business through creativity and innovation of long-practiced methods and approaches, but making them more holistic and humane to answer people’s questions and solve their burning problems for healing their pain points in life and business. That is thinking of the customer first before revenue generation. That is just as good as providing value first before sales. Like, a blog as a tool for brand building, through blog marketing as a channel, you provide value through blogging on helpful ideas that inspire, inform, educate, and entertain your target market. That way, winning their heart for loyalty and dedication to your brand and your cause in that particular industry and niche. Here is the thing, most successful founders are entrepreneurs who believe in themselves with a strong mindset and conviction in setting an example and the pace of what the world could be with their ventures. Now, let’s get into it and explore what it takes to develop a brand-building mindset in marketing and drop the traditional business marketing model.


 Develop a visionary mindset in your marketing efforts. Never limit yourself by thinking small. Think big and adopt a global brand-building mindset n business, entrepreneurship, and brand-building. Remember, technology has broken national boundaries already by technology. So, why still think and understand the business landscape like an illiterate being who does not know the significance of boundaries and why they exist? It was to limit other people’s dreams of exploring possibilities beyond borders which was a traditional inhuman mindset. So, wake up and adopt a visionary global mindset, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Brian Chesky, Travis Kalanick, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and many more who have created products and services beyond borders and commercial boundaries. For the world is one and global on the globe. They used marketing strategies that broke boundaries and positioned their businesses as brands of world recognition and reputation.

So, you should develop your brand with that mindset of seeking to help everyone in the global market. It is not about money. It is about creating a massive solution so that everyone can come and quench themselves by alleviating their pain points in their initiatives. You can witness that on The Joyful Copywriter blog that has just realized that their blog is massive and is helping brands to feel comfortable with their advertising needs and inspired to stay on brand in whatever they do to level up their brand-building process.


Learning, just like reading, opens your mind to new ways of doing things. A learned mind is an educated mind that can easily understand new systems and how to leverage them to the advantage of its brand-building process. You can do that by following instructions on any new product or service. And that lessens frustrations in implementation and execution. So, never stop learning. Learning does not end. It is the springboard for self-development and self-belief in making it in the world without fear of disruptions and competition.

 A successful entrepreneur, solopreneur, creator, freelancer, or business owner cultivates a beginner mindset that accepts lifelong learning. In today’s world, new ideas and concepts are introduced continuously in the market. Technology is forever changing with faster and more functional applications. So, if you are not open to learning new stuff, you will remain stuck and static and most likely to suffer extinction like dinosaurs. Learning opens your mind to accepting and embracing change for progress and development in your brand-building efforts.

 Learning opens your mind to new ideas and ways of doing things, like the Chatbots that are now the talk of the AI industry and the most likely disruptions it is making in the business landscape. Though its impact is not as massive as how people present it, you can only understand its little effect when you open your heart to read and learn what it is all about and how best you can embrace it in your projects and see whether it has room in your branding building space. Learning makes you open-minded enough to make wise and learned choices and decisions in your brand marketing and building process. You will be adequately prepared and equipped to choose tools and applications that help to level up your brand positioning and presence without compromising your brand purpose and value in the market.

Recreating Yourself

Recreating yourself is transformational. Whether it is personal development or exercising, it is the number one skill in making yourself an asset of value as an entrepreneur or intrapreneurial marketer in any company. The power of recreating yourself can never be understated. It is like learning to market yourself to yourself with pride and knowing that you are of value and have value in your target market. That transforms you from the traditional mindset of wanting to die on the job without cultivating the spirit of change and evolving yourself for exciting exposure to different ways of thinking and doing more interesting things with your marketing.

 Be resourceful to improve yourself. If you dream, you are bound to have the spirit of advancement in your marketing strategies. That empowers you to be an evergreen founder and marketer with some intrinsic power to create an evergreen business that is forever generating revenue creatively and innovatively than shoddy deals and scams that most people opt for to the peril of their brand-building reputation in the market.

Recreating yourself means you know the business marketing models that suit today’s business landscape and how to cultivate an inspiring mindset that is a good fit for you in that business marketing model and go with the flow. Resistance to new marketing strategies will not help in making you realize opportunities for enhancing yourself and enriching yourself intellectually, physically, and socially. That points to the fact that recreation of yourself should be holistic to increase your value in how you present yourself, your language style in marketing, and the skillset you need to master and bring to the brand marketing table without being mauled by the crowd and noisy bells in the market.

Leveraging Technology

Gone are days of knocking from door to door and risking your life to bulldogs in people’s yards. That has evolved into door-to-door delivery from online purchases and services. Traditional marketing is like begging for attention from prospects and customers. The business pioneers created it to make money out of unwilling buyers, who will buy to rid of miserable sellers who would have become a nuisance by dangling products in their faces and trying to convince them to buy. The new brand-building mindset in marketing is not selling as such. It is more than selling because your drive is to build a mutual agreement of purpose and value of what you are selling through blog marketing. It lures attention and is a pulling factor in your business for optimizing sales and revenue.

That way, it needs systems and tools, not just your physical presence with customers and some running away each time they see you coming to them. So, in brand marketing for brand building, you must have a relevant skillset and competence. That sets you up to leverage technology and be ready to choose appropriate tech apps, systems, programs, and platforms for revenue generation and optimize sales by leveraging what you can incorporate into your venture.


A rolling stone gathers no moss. Jumping from one industry, niche, product, service, and marketing strategy to another is like a rolling stone. It can never help your customers realize the value of what you do for optimizing the generation of sales. A jittery marketer never establishes a network system for brand building. Experimenting with many marketing strategies is always confusing. That is as bad as some entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, creators, and business owners who end up sinking into the confusion of having more than three social media platforms. And end up not posting anything valuable that adds your value to any single of them.

That is a good sign of still having a hangover of the traditional marketing mindset, based on being greedy and hijacking opportunities with competitive and inhuman marketing strategies. That confuses the consumption of content and the creation of content as a marketing strategy. You don’t network by consuming and duplicating other people’s content. You need to also create and establish yourself as an authority. Creative entrepreneurship is about seeking yourself and making yourself visible through brand building based on the purpose and value of your brand. And establishing yourself as an expert and influencing what your brand should be and not be.

You can see in the entertainment industry how many creators lose their identity because most of them expose their natural talent to the greedy. These always tell them what works, what does not, and what would not sell. Be your talent and be yourself, brand yourself and what you want to be and what you believe in. And that will be your legacy for generations. And brand-building mindset in marketing will never let you down in your brand-building process and journey.


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