How To Embrace AI Tech Changes in Brand Building

Change is inevitable. The only thing constant is change. In volatile economic times dominated by technology and Artificial Intelligence, embracing change with a growth mindset can open great opportunities for your brand to adopt change, innovate, adapt, evolve, and transition into the new AI chatbots and machine learning era. Being threatened by change can compromise your brand-building efforts. When you accept and embrace change, you open your mind to make more informed decisions about what to adopt, innovate, adapt to, and how to transition into new systems or programs provided for the evolution of your business for solid brand building.

Reflection on the Brand Building Calendar

Reflecting on our 2023 Brand Building Tips Calendar, you will realize that January was for dreaming and creating your brand. Though, creators seem to argue that businesses do not create and build brands. It is society, or should I say consumers, who build brands. That is debatable and sort of a fallacy that needs crushing. For me, it is the creator who creates a brand. That is why personal branding is a marketing strategy in brand building. Everything your brand will ever be in the market starts with your dream as a founder and how you receive and react to all factors that make a business recognizable as a brand in the market and globally online. 

Scrolling down on the calendar, February was for exercising consistency, constancy, and persistence to develop a strong muscle in your brand-building process and journey. And March was for getting deeper into your marketing strategies to boost and consolidate your brand presence and positioning. Now let's see what April has in store for you. 

The Chat GPT Threats

Now here we are in April, which is proving fraught with economic stability due to new AI chatbots and other new tech apps with recessions and questionable integrity in the tech industry reflected by the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. Based on the heartbeat and AI and Tech headquarters of a nation that most people understand as the economic gold basket of the whole world. The question is, was it ever the main breadbasket of the global world? I beg to differ based on its brand-building approach in most of its industries. 

Here is the thing, one major factor that can shake a brand and test the founder’s entrepreneurial business mindset is change, especially in the present AI tech-dominated business landscape. How can you navigate change as the only constant in the digital economy? Here we explore five stages of accepting and embracing change for seamless integration into your brand-building strategies for solid brand-building with limited trauma in your brand-building process and journey. Let’s dig in;


Never feel threatened by change. Embrace and adopt it. If you avoid any change, you can never establish whether it can help. Be open-minded and try it, like most people did with ChatGPT and how they realized its shortcomings. Needs in business change. And in the present day, creators are always ready to create solutions to those new needs and pain points you might experience in your business endeavors. In the modern creative and entrepreneurial economy, either you choose to adopt or perish and suffer extinction in your brand presence and positioning in the market. So, the adoption of any new tech app, program, or system is the best way to survive and thrive in your brand-building process and journey. Adoption is when you make some effort to understand something new, choose to use it, accept its benefits and value, and approve its inclusion in whatever you are doing in building your brand.

So, the best way to adopt any new change is to be positive, embrace and prepare yourself for its impact on what you are doing in your venture. Set new goals that suit the adopted change introduced to maintain relevance and standards in your chosen industry and niche. For example, if you are a content creator for your organization and a copywriter, will using a generative chatbot boost your creativity and the uniqueness of your brand content? If not, how best will you use it in your content creation efforts for solid brand building? So, adopt, but stay relevant to your vision, purpose, and value in the market.


Cutting and pasting content ideas that do not boost your brand presence and positioning in the market is like downloading and listening to music that does not uplift you but demotivates your brand-building efforts. Innovating any change, whether an idea, app, system, or program introduced in your industry, means you have time to modify, experiment, and observe whether it is compatible, user-friendly, and a good fit for your projects. That gives you the power to make wise decisions on how it is a good fit for what you are doing in your business. So, innovation makes you put people first before the change. You consider innovation first before the implementation of the change.

 That needs time, which most startup entrepreneurs always claim not to have. Yet hasty implementation of new changes has caused some organizations a fortune that could have saved them a million without implementing the introduced change. Here we are just talking about monetary costs. But also, the emotional and psychological costs that come with accepting the change that will never boost the productivity and growth of your business. So, innovation is the best strategy for navigating any change introduced in your industry and niche.


Change brings with it uncertainties. The faster its introduction, the more emotional turmoil it is on you, your stakeholders, your clients, and your business operations, procedures, and goal direction. Being willing to adapt will put you in a better position to be ready to make necessary changes in your business operations and processes that do not sideline your already established style in your brand-building efforts. Adapting means less emotional and psychological turmoil in accepting, adopting, and innovating the change. It means you have time to absorb and think about it to prepare for the change it brings. Whether positive or negative, you will be ready to accept the worst-case scenario of the change.

For example, since the beginning of this year, many businesses have experimented with generative AI chatbots, getting ready to adapt and see how they can help them in doing work. Whether they will take other people’s jobs or not, everyone had their ears on the ground to get ready for any worst-case scenario in their career paths and business growth and development. Adaptation, therefore, means accepting change, remaining positive, mindset change, and changing the perspective of your goals in the execution of your plans so that you can relax about innovation. And assimilate the introduced change that promotes seamless transitions for limiting friction with your set goals and strategies for your brand-building efforts. 


There is no better time than this AI tech period when entrepreneurs, creators, solopreneurs, startups, and business owners need the psychological muscle to accept adoption, innovate, adapt, and transition into the new situation of machine learning for evolving in the whole digitized economy that has left many businesses in extinction like dinosaurs. Transitioning is a smooth movement from the old way of doing stuff to the new. So, accepting change when introduced and learning about it means you won’t feel its pressure. But its revolutionary and visionary effects. That might catch you unaware, but familiarity with its benefits and value. That will make clear where to go now with your strategies and where you need to adjust and assimilate change without compromising your already set-up blueprint in your industry and niche.

Transition is the best strategy for adopting, adapting, innovating, and implementing any introduced change that may affect how things are done or should be in your business execution, processes, operations, and procedures. It is not a radical change but carefully planned for infusion with the old system with no friction from already established systems. It is the process of smoothly moving from the old to the new and assimilating yourself into the change to avoid disruption and panic. But gradual acceptance, adoption, adaptation, and innovation for evolution. That limits trauma by accepting and assimilating into the new systems and ideas introduced. That way, you will be prepared to zone in for growth and development or a new beginning in your business for solid brand building in the market.


Evolving is where the whole magic game of change becomes more exciting. Here, you would have already accepted the change for adoption, innovation, adaption, and transition into the change. That involves neutrally zeroing in on the change. Evolving is a sign of growth and development of your business and brand. Change is the engineer for business development in any industry and your brand marketing and building strategies. No change means no evolvement. So, the best is to evolve and honor the change and what it will bring for growth and development. You would have seen that change is needed and necessary.

That will make you learn about the change and not avoid it. Like in the case of AI chatbots and Machine Learning, most people felt it was fast overtaking human capabilities. And a threat to their jobs and their business settings. Instead of learning about its benefits and identifying its shortcomings from relevant sources. Evolvement with change means being honest and authentic with the nature of the change and how it is a good fit for the growth and development of your business for solid brand building.

 Like the ChatGPT, you can assimilate into your content creation tasks and be aware that its content generation capabilities solely rely on uploaded, published, and prompted content. That way, you miss the creative power of your brand identity and positioning strategy on brand content creation in blog marketing. And compromise the competitive advantage and growth of your business. However, most change targets bringing new ways of doing things in a better and more effective way for the evolution of your business. If well assimilated and seamlessly integrated can help in boosting your brand-building efforts.


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