Five Elements for Practical Steps in Brand Building


Business brands are not built out of bricks but created and built out of visionary ideas and solutions. So, there are solid elements for practical and functional steps that will never let you down in your brand-building process and journey. Most successful entrepreneurs believe in enjoying both the process and journey for successful brand building and longevity in the market. That will boost your income and revenue-generating activities for solid brand-building. Your blueprint mapping makes the whole process a walk into the park with conviction and determination to see it working in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations in your creative journey as an entrepreneur, freelancer, creator, tech startup, and business owner. Here are the blueprint elements that will level up your steps in brand building process and journey.


Without vision, you have nothing to envision and visualize for brand building, and you are likely going to fumble in the dark in your brand-building process and journey. There is no branding without visualizing the big picture of your business and the relevant brand-building strategies. For a brand is a vision translated into a goal, plan, action, and success through bold and visionary thinking. Thinking bigger and pushing boundaries of possibilities gives you the power to imagine and set ambitious goals. Vision is the big picture of what you want to become woven into the big picture of the brand you want to create and build.

You should align the vision with your imagination of what the world can be through your vision. You can never pursue something you can hardly visualize. That is why most entrepreneurs and creators believe in vision boards. If you infuse it with passion and desire, your vision will fuel inspiration and drive to make your brand-building strategies breathe life and existence into your brand and become alive. Your vision is a powerful tool for inspiring and empowering you in your brand-building process. It enables you to design relevant brand-building strategies that will level up your brand identity, positioning, personality, and influence in the market without losing focus on the big picture of your brand. The best way to be clear with your vision is to create and craft a solid vision statement that will describe the big picture of your vision for everyone to have the big picture of your business brand and how relevant it is to their needs and problems.

It is your dream and how you dream about creating a solution for a problem you are passionate and painful about in the business landscape or life. A vision is usually long-term and points to the future of five to ten years. Therefore, it needs long-term branding strategies, not a popcorn and short-term approach. That enables you time to strategize and make amendments along the way for survival and sustainability in the market, directed and controlled by the vision of not losing focus in your brand-building efforts.


The biggest secret for solid brand building is to have a long-term goal and stick to it, come hail and thunderstorms. A goal is the destination of your vision, plan, action, and desire to succeed. It must be an ambitious goal that does not limit your brand outreach to other industries for impact and value. That only can happen if you are open-minded, creative, and innovative. Most entrepreneurs have come to believe that a clearly defined vision becomes a goal, a well-defined goal becomes a plan, and a well-defined plan becomes an action. And a planned action, well executed becomes a success story. That is where these elements become enlightening in your brand-building process and journey.

A goal is what you want to achieve, and this has a set period, usually long term, that allows strategic planning and execution for achieving the goals. In brand building, it is usually goals, not just one goal, that drives fulfillment of the vision to achieve success in value creation in the market. You have to divide these into short- and long-term goals. Like in brand building, the main goal in any business is boosting sales and profit. But that cannot happen without marketing strategies that involve long-term and short-term goals.

However, to enable constant metrics and reviews your brand must have clear objectives in its short-term goals. And these must be measurable enough to see whether they align with the long-term goal and what you need to revise along the way to make them maximize the long-term goals that are usually how the brand will survive, sustain itself, and succeed in the market. So, in brand building, the starting point is the survival of your brand, then sustainability, success, and longevity in the market. How can that be done? Let’s dig into the next element.


Any successful execution of business needs a solid plan. A plan is the roadmap of your vision, goal, action, and success. Anything long-term in business needs a plan. Maybe scams and shoddy deals do not need one, but tricky and cunning strategies. In brand building, tricks, and shot cuts do not work, but strategic planning and well-defined tactics do. Prioritize your objectives. That will maximize the strategic plan for execution, management, and reviewing what is working and what is not. Have a good evaluated strategic plan written down as a framework for execution and assessment of progress.

Building a brand without a plan is like preparing a special dinner without specialty dishes that would wow your guests with that special touch and connection to yourself and the whole purpose of the occasion. You might have all the apps and software programs at hand. But without a proper strategic plan in integrating them for seamless and timely execution of your vision, goals, and actions for success, you are more likely to end up with a messy brand-building process and journey and not quite sure of where you are going with your brand and what you need to improve in the process and journey. As an entrepreneur, like a solopreneur, creator, or freelancer, remember you might find yourself wearing many hats with a lot at your fingertips. And without a solid execution plan, things might end up overwhelming you to zero performance and achievement of goals.

So, ensure that your plan is productive, adaptable, and relevant to your vision, goals, action, and success in your brand-building process and journey. That will boost your confidence for the practical and functional execution of your plan and be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market. That way, you will review and change what is not working. And enhance what is working and bring results to the brand-building table. When you are clear and happy with your strategic plan, it's time to jump into action for the sustainability of your brand in the market. And that becomes more meaningful when you put it into action. Here is how and why.


Action is the execution of your vision, goals, plan, and desire to succeed. Domain knowledge here plays a role in knowing how best you can execute for impressive results. Be obsessed with the details of the execution. If you, the founder, do not care about making it what it should be, whether it is a product or service in the market. No one will ensure that. And your brand is bound to suffer reputation.

That makes me think of the tech industry and engineers and how technical they need to be to ensure that any product sent into the market is perfect and error-free for incident and accident-free for human consumption to take its products to a higher reputation in the market. You can see how that needs attention to detail and how sensitive it is without the underlying technical and scientific principles of how these tech apps, software programs, and gadgets will solve a problem and be a solution in the market. Some mentors even warn you never to start a business in an industry where you have zero knowledge and experience and expect people to do everything without getting involved. Gone are the days of being a boss who wears Prada.

It is now a boss creator who gets deep into the game and is a game changer, a pioneer in the entrepreneurial creator economy like Elon Musk. If you are still the boss who wears Prada as in the film; 'The Devil Wears Prada.' Then being human with your employees and keeping them a top priority will help them be an extension of yourself for promoting your brand the way you need it to be in executing all the goals and plans. The way you envisioned it to be. Though it is tough, you can do it like Steve Jobs did, and Elon Musk is doing it because of his depth of knowledge and experience in the domain industry he is dominating.

There is no solid brand building in the brand with a founder or creator who sleeps on the boardroom table and expects everything to be designed and modified by employers. If things have become tough like that, I hear someone asking, ‘What will America do? I don’t know. It is kind of scary, especially if learners are encouraged to rely on chatbots for writing creative essays in the classroom. That is execution at its worst, starting from the classroom, college, and finally taken into a tech laboratory and workshop where creativity and innovation are the basis of tech production. That is where the whole game of executing starts getting overwhelming, chaotic, and very experimental in the business industry and the global economy.


Success in business and entrepreneurship does not happen in a vacuum but in the context of your vision, goals, plan, and action. In brand building, success is not money. It is longevity in the market for revenue generation through the successful execution of your vision, goal, plan, and action. These are the seeds of investment in the growth and development of your business. Success in brand building is an infusion of your vision, goals, plan, and action. It is like planting a fruit tree. It takes patience, focus, hard work, and nurturing based on a clear vision, goals, planning, and consistency in execution.

The foundation of succeeding in your brand building starts with investing in your brand. It needs time, effort, and resources to grow and patience in marketing, advertising, and building relationships with customers, stakeholders, collaborators, promoters, or cheerleaders of the brand and its impact on the industry and the world. We have already seen vision as the starting point for pushing the needle for branding success in the market.

 So, you have to be purpose and value-driven for methodical step-by-step execution of your goals, plan, and action to drive success in the context of your business guided by your vision, goals, planning, and action aligned to the standards, principles, and expectations of your industry and niche. Never go against any parameters for professional positioning and credibility of your brand in the market. Your brand needs to stay relevant to changing business landscapes, seasons, needs, and preferences of your target audience.

Adapt wherever is necessary to suit new technologies for maximum execution with limited disruptions due to resistance to necessary changes, especially in today’s AI Tech gold rush. Only consider tech apps that level up and boost your business goals and execution for solid brand building. That will ensure you do not lose sight of your vision, goals, plan, and action of the big picture of your business for relevance in the industry and solid brand building in the niche market. That way, you will be planting seeds and cultivating to build a lasting legacy brand that will bear fruit for years.


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