How Blog Marketing Beats Competition in the Market:


Competing for attention in the market is an awful brand marketing strategy. For it is based on fear, and it isn't professional. Blog marketing for brand building is a fearless marketing strategy based on boldness and is professional. There actually shouldn't be such a thing as competition in business. But just solid brand building based on the purpose and value of your business through blog marketing. Every business needs to be branded based on its unique idea and value in the market, which should be its main competitive advantage.

The Saturated Global Economy

The Global Market is saturated and continuously evolving with constant change challenging stability and focus in business. That can be scary and steal your imagination and creative power to penetrate the market for your brand. Most millennial entrepreneurs are constantly distracted by automatic strategies that neutralize the creative and critical approach they are supposed to exercise and enjoy in their journey of establishing brands of a lifetime. Most of these automated brand marketing tools fast come and go due to the fierce competition in digital marketing. 

They hardly last the lifetime of your brand vision and goals due to fast-evolving technology. That way, neutralize long-term plans and strategies for your brand-building efforts in the market. I remember trying one writing tool for some time. But by the end of the day, I realized that is not the best way to critically thinking and put my ideas across in building a unique brand voice in the market.

Resisting Distractions in the Market

That experience and seeing how some of these tools come and disappear fast from the market made me realize that the creative and critical approach to brand building is the best. I also never get attracted to shiny objects and deals of making money fast and compromising the purpose and value of your business in the market. I remember receiving invitations that I hardly defined what role I would be doing in that money-making investment process. 

It was like it was going to be passive. Passive in what sense? I would ask. I realized that is not how I would want to build my brand. I would better put in some work first and wait. Building and turning a business into a brand is a long-term game. And once you establish it that way, it is for a lifetime.

 Fast deals in making money without professional business strategies do not boost solid brand building that lasts a lifetime for the business venture. Yet true success in business needs patience, investment in time, and strategizing. That way, no fear of competition, but being your competition in establishing a solid brand and being your competition in the market.

Here are five aspects that will help to navigate the saturated market without fear in building a solid brand of a lifetime. Let’s dig in;

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is thinking out of the box. It is envisioning out of the sealed and limiting parameters of your creativity. With boldness in believing in who you are and what you are up to in your brand-building efforts. It is creating a business with a broad mindset of positioning it on a global market. It is the application of creative digital strategies and solutions like social media marketing, blog marketing, and networking on well-chosen platforms that don’t compromise the credibility of your vision, mission, purpose, and value in the market. 

It will help you to take calculated risks and appropriate steps in your brand building, like coming out with an enticing business name or domain name with a simple well-laid website and choosing simple platforms for establishing yourself as a solid brand without being overwhelmed with systems, programs, and tech layouts flooding the market. Creative thinking sets the pace and pulse of your brand. You won’t listen to naysayers but create avenues to shape your brand and its goals in the market.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking limits copycatting in your niche and industry unless you want to create a nameless brand operating at the corner of your house. Indeed, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, for copying and pasting other people’s ideas and approaches is like showing the world that your faculties are below the reasoning capacity of a creative being. And the world is a closed box that you have no creative power to explore for new ideas.

However, even a corner shop needs common sense on how best you can make it different from others around, like changing the display style of its wares or products to attract and capture passersby’s attention. The kind of brand we are addressing in this post needs recognition in the creative global economy. Critical Thinking enables you to think big, analyze, and understand what works and does not work in your brand marketing efforts.

It is a critical approach to staying ahead in the market, not staying ahead of the competition but providing the best products and services. And not miss the latest updates in the market and see whether you need any upgrades to stay on top of your production and marketing game. Marketing in the creative economy doesn’t require thinking like a traditional academic but a modern creative practitioner. Most academic-minded people read stuff from page to page for memorization and presentation. Creatives read through to identify practical and relevant ideas with a critical mind for practical solutions to the problem at hand.

I remember practicing the same mindset in my studies. In the examinations, I would only choose to answer questions that needed me to apply common sense and application of the concepts I had studied, not memorized. That way, I survived academically by using the creative and critical approach in life and business. Like here, in brand marketing and building.

Brand Analysis

That starts with analyzing the business idea and whether and how it is brandable. Brand analysis is looking into the business idea and the context of your business venture. And how to build it into a solid brand based on its purpose and value in the market. The solution that you are providing is the basis of your brand. That solution you provide is the ‘why’ of your business which is the purpose and value of your business. That empowers it to provide value in the market and the benefit your clients get from your services or products. 

That will make your brand recognized and identifiable in the market. So, analysis of your brand starts with a clear business idea that provides clear solutions in the market with clear benefits to its target audience. That will keep it exciting to create a solid brand that does not lose focus on its initial vision, mission, purpose, and value on the market.


The business idea and the vision create the on-brand context of your business, as explored above. The context is diving deeper into the industry and niche of your business idea. And positioning your brand appropriately to its rhythm and pulse in the market, you need to build it in the context of its industry. That means you; think, reason, speak, and write to reflect the values, culture, and style of that industry and niche that you are vying to stay on-brand in your services and product provision.

Establishing the on-brand context of your business will inspire and empower you to know how you need the market to perceive you. And design strategies you are supposed to put in place to differentiate yourself differently, but not irrelevantly from what is happening in your niche and industry. 

Like in marketing right now. Most people struggle with how best to stand out from the saturated market without compromising their sanity and integrity, as commonly seen on social media platforms like Tik Tok and many other exhausting ones that hardly help to establish authority, professionalism, and integrity on the market. Let’s dig in and see how this makes it even more exciting and decent brand-building in the marketing game.

 On- Brand Content Creation

After establishing a relevant context for your business venture, you will speak the language of your brand to fit in the industry and niche. And know how to craft better content messages that make you stand out from the crowd. Content creation won’t be haphazard with the competitive mindset of wanting to outdo other brands. It would be well-crafted content with relevant categories that enhance your brand marketing effort for solid brand building. 

The on-brand content creation approach ensures relevance, consistency, and coherence in your brand-building through blog marketing as a strategy and blogging as a marketing tool. Your brand marketing and the building would be like a walk-through on the red carpet through blogging for blog marketing.

You can never find yourself humming a different song that is far from the truth of your brand with on-brand content creation. And your brand marketing through blogging becomes a walk-through exercise that never loses its focus on brand building in that industry and niche. That way claims authority and a long-term digital presence on the global market.

Are you ready to test your feet in the deep oceans of blog marketing? We are here for you and will ensure you have the right life jacket buckled up before you dive in with us. And our tool as the starting point will never let you down in this exciting journey. Check it from here.


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